Lucy Locket: The Jewellery People Review


‘Lucy Locket lost her pocket

Kitty Fisher found it;

Not a penny was there in it,

Only ribbon round it’

I’ve always been totally enchanted by lockets, how they can conceal tiny secrets. I have a fondness for charms too, how they can tinkle with the shake of a wrist. The origins of the locket have now been lost but they have been popular all over the work, especially in England during the Victorian era. Is there anything more lovely than being able to keep a loved one so close to your heart be it a photo or lock of hair. So when The Jewellery People asked if I would like to review something I couldn’t resist choosing a locket. They have a wonder collection of sterling silver jewellery including some beautiful lockts from traditional, ornate styles to simple modern minimal ones. I was drawn in by this smooth oval style locket and a long 30″ snake chain. All I can say is that I was delighted with the locket when it arrived, the chain was so glimmery and the locket perfect for running your thumb over as I like to do. I can’t resist playing with my jewellery and wanted the locket to hang low, almost waist length so I could tuck it in my blouse or have it loose. The quality of the presentation box was lovely too, so I am more than happy to recommned. With Christmas coming up I have my eye on some gorgeous gifts for friends and family.

DSC_0542 DSC_0546

Had to include this beauful Lucy Locket illustration, reminds me of Kensington Palace.

lucy_locket_moffat mamalisa dot com

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