A Thought on Shoe Scuffs


I have the tendency to have one favourite pair of shoes, I wear them and wear them until they are close to falling to pieces. Here are my most recent favourites, the red ones my last victim. Sorting out shoes for a trip to the cobblers, I started thinking about all the nicks and scuffs on my shoes. Where I might have been, what I was doing when the wounds occurred. The stories they might tell. Some I remember, others unaware. My left shoe always needs reheeling before the right, as I carry my bag on that arm and it is always over stuffed and far too heavy. I think there is something so personal about shoes, the way they mould to your feet and can alter the way you walk, act, think. To end a wistful quote from a Vogue article I recently read ‘What would life have looked like had I walked in different shoes? Would I have fallen for different men?’ Rather intriguing, don’t you think.

One thought on “A Thought on Shoe Scuffs

  1. I used to really ‘wear’ my shoes, but these days between not being capable of walking very far at all, rarely going out and having a gazillion shoes to choose from, they all look rather unworn with no scuffs or tales to tell. I never thought about the heavy bag thing before. I’ve had shoes I’ve reheeled a ton of times because I just didn’t want to let go of them and I think it’s absolutely amazing how they come back all perfect, as if they’ve hardly been worn. As for the quote, my life probably would be a bit different without the shoes I wear…I was known as the ‘shoe girl’ at Uni and it’s been a conversation starter so many times over the years.

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