Vivienne Westwood MAN AW14 – Full Catwalk Collection

“Fracking is the Big Fight.”


“In England we must all challenge the irresponsible behaviour of our governments who are trying to force fracking upon us with no consideration of alternatives.

The public must be informed.

One thing is sure: At this point in time we must think before we rush into further action to fracture our Earth.”

This was the message behind the Vivienne Westwood MAN collection for AW14-15, no wonder the looks sent down the runway were made for fighting the Climate Revolution.

MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_001 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_002 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_003

MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_004 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_005 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_006 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_007 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_008 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_009 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_010 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_011 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_012 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_013 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_014 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_015 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_016 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_017 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_018 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_019 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_020 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_021 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_022 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_023 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_024 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_025 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_026 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_027 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_028 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_029 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_030 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_031 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_032 MAN_AW1415_catwalk_imagery_033

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