Fashion Trainers?!


┬áI’m still not entirely convinced about trainers as a fashion item. The gym yes, but that’s my general limit. So it came as a shock to myself when instead of doing the flats to heels shuffle on the first day of London Fashion Week I found myself saying sod it and kept the trainers on. With a suit. Do I think this looks better than with heels? Nope, but I don’t think it looks bad either. Besides it was utterly horrendous weather and trying to work in the rain and cold is quite enough drama let alone throwing the whole heels-and-cobbles-debacle into the mix. I chose the Nike Free Run for the spangly bronze laces, I think the metallics dress them up a bit more. Not sure if these will ever find a place in my wardrobe besides being commuting shoes, we shall see!


Trends: Give Good Coat

PicMonkey Collage

If there is one thing that can really make your outfit it’s a coat. Dressed up or down it’s the one item that can pull your look together like nothing else. I always find it hard to choose a new coat, do I go for the statement piece or the classic? Something so this season or one I know won’t date? I admire Victoria Beckham’s style, she always gives good coat. She knows how to make it a statement piece for her outfit as much as she knows how to dress it down. One of my favourite coat looks at the moment is a classic back or navy military a la Vicky B or┬á┬áa woman’s coat┬áwith faux fur collar like this one would see you through the seasons. I’ve had my long black militraty coat for years and am sorry to say my navy one bit the dust after a few years of constant wear. I also really am a fan of the new trend for coloured faux fur collars which you can detach allowing you to mix up your look, getting more life from one item. I currently have a bright pink and dark blue furry collar which I use to change up my outfit depending on my mood. I also think faux fur will stick around into spring, taken off coats and worn over sweaters and sleeveless waistcoats, so now is the time to invest. Mrs B would approve.

Images from Daily Mail, Fab sugar, Star Style

Trends: The Call of Carven

marie clare

I find it fascinating watching how a new designer comes along and breaths new life into an established house. Madame Marie-Louise Carven created the couture house back in 1945 working until she retired in 1993. Laying dormant until┬áGuillaume Henry breathed new life back into the label in 2010, from which it has gone from strength to strength. A big part of the new brand legacy has been its adoption on the street and the subsequent features on popular street style blogs, such as the snaps by Tommy Ton for In turn fashionistas know that a key piece of Carven (paired with model looks) is sure to set you in the sights of the photographers. This is something I see more and more attending London Fashion week, you can pick out those who are sure to be featured on the blogs. Picking up on the eye of Scott Shulman and Phil Oh you can see the trends which fit in with their blog aesthetic. Carven is notable for it’s wonderfully playful, yet chic tailored pieces. Adding one bold, statement piece to your staples makes fashion easy, a colourful printed skirt or pair of trousers can add a pop to simple trench coat or classic white shirt. If I had to pick out the key Carven pieces for summer I would go for the wonderfully cheerful embroidered face sweater and flippy neon orange skirt. Wonder if we will see them on the street this season? Paris fashion week isn’t long now, excited to see what Carven will bring out for autumn? Until then you can check out the current spring collection on along with the street style snaps from London and New York fashion weeks.

style com

Images via Marie and

Day 3: LFW AW14 – Do Your Thing, Street Style

  Style it, Be it

As I mentioned in my first post this LFW I have been working with TK Maxx, FBloggers UK and Laura from That’s so Yesterday blog. We created the hash tag #StyleItBeIt as we felt it reflected everything we look for in personal style. Anyone can wear something in fashion but its about how you take that trend and make it into something unique to you. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know the key place I shop and they kind of clothes I wear. Even when head-to-toe Viv I add something to personalise the look, styling it in my own way. TK Maxx is a unique kind of store, with a surprisingly different business model. They pride themselves on offering designers and brands at low prices but its much more than that. Its exciting, as you never know what you will find. Whilst they do stock lots of current trends they also aim towards classic pieces which will never date. So you can find the perfect black blazer and skinny jeans but also a luxury designer handbag or crazy runway coat. I really don’t know any other store you could shop at and create such a one-off look unless it was a vintage boutique. Tip: If you don’t have time for a huge rummage and just want to see things quick and easy then check out the TK Maxx online store. If it’s the high end and runway designer gear you are after head straight to the Gold Label collection both online and in store).

Don’t forget to tweet your favorite LFW and personal style looks with us using the tag #StyleItBeIt we’d love to see!┬á


Pastel and rainbow coloured hair has been a huge trend from the last few seasons and yet it is one that can really be made unique, adding other candy coloured accessories creates a sweet as pie look, whilst contrasting with monochrome and a popping fuchsia lip is super edgy.


Another trend I adore are the leaps and bounds glasses have come lately, no longer something to hide behind now they form a firm part of many peoples looks. You have to wear glasses? Then own it, embrace them and make them part of your look. A retro cat-eye frame gets me every time, Betty does it A class. Perfecting the perfect bitch face a la Bee Waits is totally optional 😉


One thing to always remember is that your hair is a big accessory, dying mine recently has made me realise this all the more. No matter if you are an up-do queen, have long bouncy waves or prefer to let your headscarf do the talking ┬áits a very personal part of your image – but one you can still have lots of fun with!


Subtle accessories can also become style signatures, simple tricks like swapping a necklace for a bow-tie something that always makes me think of Jodie now or clashing rings can add instant personalisation (especially if stolen off your friend like Bo here).


It’s a twin thing – twinning or wearing something to compliment your friends outfit is a trend that most of us can track back to junior school, who didn’t want to wear the exact same thing as their best friend? Twinning your look can be so much fun and what better accessory than your bestie, right!


These girls mix up different layers and prints but keep to a black and white base for twin perfection.


Whilst all the guys backstage at Vivienne Westwood chose to wear one of her amazing tartan suits, don’t be afraid to clash up suit patterns either.


If you really want to make a statement try twinning up contrasting colours of the same piece like designers 8Dix with their incredible dollar sign ‘Yee haa’ hats


Don’t be left out in the rain wearing main stream trends the same as everyone else, be unique. Style it, be it.

– Or at least make them stand ten paces behind you 😉


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom hearts TK Maxx for London Fashion Week

Day 2: LFW AW 14 – For Realz

Close up with Mich Dulce

DSC_1241DSC_1242DSC_1243 DSC_1246DSC_1249

┬áDepending on what part of the world you are from you might know Mich for a variety of reasons, artist, musician, actress, milliner. I know Mich as we share a love for Vivienne Westwood clothing and a ton of mutual friends, we first met over shoe admiration and have been buddies ever since. There are a lot of things I like about Mich, one is her combination of technical skill and creativity in her millinery designs, the other is that her fashion house is sustainable. All her hats are made from a banana fiber called T’nalak which is a traditional Filipino fibre which is hand woven by women who are part of a poverty alleviation community. The women receive training so they can learn skills and help support themselves. If you ever needed an excuse to invest in a new hat, I can see no better reason. I adore Mich’s designs from caps with kitten ears, huge bows and draped veils there is something from the most traditional of tastes to the more avant guarde.

Style it, Be it


    This is what Somerset House was basically reduced to over most of Friday and Saturday, not the best weather to be stood out in a queue nor snapping street style. Everyone trooped on though and made the most of it. Extra thanks to the lovelies who braved a brolly free minute for me to shoot them. Things I picked up on were accent pops of colour, be it a fab manicure, statement clutch or ring these little highlights can brighten up any outfit. A great way to introduce colour to a conservative working wardrobe too. These personal little styling touches are what really make an outfit your own and move it away from just a trend. DSC_1274DSC_1292DSC_1294

If  huge dollops of colour are more your thing then why not take some tips from these guys, matching hats and scarves, clashing pinks and reds, a smatter of leopard print and white with cobalt blue, all utterly lush.

DSC_1298DSC_1326 DSC_1350 DSC_1362 DSC_1370


As for me you saw this outfit yesterday as I sulked in the rain! I have to say I’ve not dared look at how the satin leopard courts held up 🙁

I have to say I utterly adore this coat from TK Maxx though, bonkers but brilliant. The huge bag is from there too, both part of the new season Gold Label collection. If you haven’t heard of the Gold Label collection it is a carefully edited range of high end designer clothes and accessories which included runway pieces – but at high street prices!! I dare you to go check it out (lists of stores with the collection are available on their website) and not be amazed.

Share your favorite LFW and personal style looks with us using the tag #StyleItBeIt we’d love to see!


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom hearts TK Maxx for London Fashion Week


Day 2: LFW AW14- ish

DSC_1285Wearing: Coat, bag, brolly from TK Maxx, Skirt and Jumper Vivienne Westwood, Shoes Guess

This photo makes me laugh as it pretty much sums up the mood of today. Wet, wet and more wet with a gale force wind or two, we wondered if the roof of the Show tent would stay on at one point! On the plus side I’m wearing this awesome gold coat trimmed with tassels – like couches in the 80s! I promise some more coherent content tomorrow but I’m cold, wet, tired and have a million photo’s to edit still, who was it that said fashion week was glam?


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom hearts TK Maxx for LFW

Day 1: LFW AW14 – Style It, Be It


Happy Valentines day and Happy first day of London Fashion Week!

Once again I will be teaming up with TK Maxx to report on all the gossip from LFW. This season Law from That’s So Yesterday blog will be reporting with me so you can get double the action! You can follow us for live updates on Twitter @PearlWestwood @Law1sFab @TKMaxx_UK @FBloggersUK and join in the fun with our unique hash tag #StyleItBeIt which we think sums up the perfect style ethos, style it how you want and wear it how you want! I will only be doing the weekend of LFW this time so lets cram a whole lot in!

Close up with Christopher Raeburn

DSC_1181 DSC_1183 DSC_1206 DSC_1200 DSC_1197 DSC_1187 DSC_1174DSC_1225

What could you desire most in this utterly vile, stormy weather? Why a Christopher Raeburn poncho of course! Sadly I did not happen to have such a glorious poncho to hand and spent the first day of London Fashion Week AW14 getting wet and wind swept. Mr Raeburn however had the right idea sending models out fit to tackle the hardiest of climates in Arctic prints, faux fur and polar patten woolly jumpers, who ever said fashion couldn’t be both practical and fabulous?
This season I have chosen to highlight designers who practice sustainability as it is a subject I have been working closely with in the past month. More about that after LFW but do have a read of the About page of Christopher Raeburn and his RE-Made ethos.

On the Street

DSC_1120 DSC_1101 DSC_1096DSC_1098 DSC_1092 DSC_1084DSC_1107

The rain poured but there was plenty of sunshine in the outfits of show-goers, not even the bad weather can stop a look that needs to be rocked. Eye catching pastels and pretty sorbet colours to brighten up any day. Striking head-wear was spotted too, those bunny ears showing no signs of going of favour and Piers Atkinson‘s fluffy puppy put a smile on everyone’s face.


What on earth am I wearing? I’ve really no idea, I give up. I can’t tell you if wearing trainers is now cool or if everyone just got so fed up with the weather than switching into heels has become too much effort. I confess it’s a case of the latter for me, see that huge bag? Yes I had heels in there, nope I had zero desire to put them on whilst battling gale force winds. Do I like the trainers? Yes, With this outfit? I’m undecided! What I do love is this rainbow umbrella keeping me dry and fighting off the rain clouds. I am also wearing this fabulous printed scarf, it has a shoe print! I must do a close up. The suit and coat are Vivienne Westwood as you have seen before and the scarf and bags are from TK Maxx, yes I have two bags, no that wasn’t necessary, but aren’t they fabulous! Luckily I Instagramed a selfie before stepping out in the rain before I got drenched and my new hair do still looked sleek. Apparently we might get snow tomorrow, fashion I give up!


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom hearts TK Maxx at LFW


Share your favorite LFW and personal style looks with us using the tag #StyleItBeIt we’d love to see!

Time for a Change!



Fancied a change so went for the chop and a colour change! Inspired by Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin and Karen Gillian. After spending my entire teens and early twenties with a rainbow variety of hair colours from bleach blond to pink I went back to my natural dark ┬áand have had it that way for the past ten years. Always a control freak and hair dresser phobe, freaking out if they chopped of more than a millimeter I have cut my own hair for the majority of that time too, only going for the odd visit when my fringe got too lop-sided from my own doings. I have been letting my fringe grown out since September but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it until yesterday when I ┬ádecided to go for it and just let the hair dresser do what she thought was best after I waved the below pictures at her. I had it done at Hair Kandi in Sheffield, my stylist was Loren and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I chose the salon as it had paintings of pin up girls on the wall, not sure if that’s the best way to go about choosing a salon but seems to have worked for me! The colour looks different depending on the light but its lovely and shine with lots of depth. I’m really happy with it!


Trends: Finding the Right Jeans

Jeans for Every Body Shape

ThereÔÇÖs no doubt about it; as one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in most womenÔÇÖs wardrobes, the humble pair of jeans will be a staple commodity for a long time to come. From skinny jeans that can be dressed up or down, to the funky 70s bell bottoms that can still look fabulous, there are plenty of styles of jeans for us to choose from so that our body shape can be complemented and our confidence can soar.
If youÔÇÖre hoping to add a new pair to your wardrobe┬ájeans from George┬áare a great option for value and variety, make sure that you know your body shape and the type of jeans that would suit you, before you go and splash the cash. Jeans when they are the perfect fit are the most amazing staple item, but badly fitting jeans are the worst?
The much-coveted hourglass figure is a fairly easy one to dress. With perfect curves in all the right places, all you have to do is choose a pair of jeans that will show off your fabulous curves while slimming down any lumps and bumps. A wide-leg jean with a mid-rise waist would look ideal, as would a pair of skinny jeans with a pair of gorgeous patent heels.
Women with curvier hips that are wider than their shoulders are considered to be pear-shaped, and should avoid any jeans that are tapered, because this will just draw attention to the hips even more. Instead, opt for a low-rise flare which will help you to balance out the hips and will make you look slimmer and well-balanced. Alternatively, a straight leg jean with a high waist would also create this streamlined effect.
Looking for a pair of jeans that you can sling on and feel fab in? DonÔÇÖt feel like skinny jeans are just for the skinnier ladies. Choose a pair that is at the straight-leg end of the skinny jean spectrum, rather than the super-skinny end and you will look and feel great, too. Choose a darker shade of denim, rather than greys or stonewash, because dark colours are automatically more slimming. The hem of skinny jeans stops at the ankle too, meaning you can show off some killer heels at the same time.
If you have super-long legs, you can definitely carry off the straight-legged jean styles. Or, opt for a little tribute to the 70s, with a pair of flares or bell bottoms. Your long legs will look even longer, so you can show off your fabulous pins in style. The joy of tall, long-legged ladies is they can carry off a plethora of jean cuts too, so if flares arenÔÇÖt your thing, perhaps bootcut or skinny jeans are?
If you have a bit of a boyish frame, i.e. straight up and down, you should choose a cut of jean that will add the illusion of curves, such as bootcut jeans or flares. Add a gorgeous pair of heels or boots and off you go!
Stick to a slim leg jean, or a skinny jean to show off your petite frame. Cropped skinnies would also look awesome.

Choose a pair of jeans that suits your body shape and youÔÇÖll be ready to go wherever your mood takes you!