Day 3: LFW AW14 – Do Your Thing, Street Style

  Style it, Be it

As I mentioned in my first post this LFW I have been working with TK Maxx, FBloggers UK and Laura from That’s so Yesterday blog. We created the hash tag #StyleItBeIt as we felt it reflected everything we look for in personal style. Anyone can wear something in fashion but its about how you take that trend and make it into something unique to you. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know the key place I shop and they kind of clothes I wear. Even when head-to-toe Viv I add something to personalise the look, styling it in my own way. TK Maxx is a unique kind of store, with a surprisingly different business model. They pride themselves on offering designers and brands at low prices but its much more than that. Its exciting, as you never know what you will find. Whilst they do stock lots of current trends they also aim towards classic pieces which will never date. So you can find the perfect black blazer and skinny jeans but also a luxury designer handbag or crazy runway coat. I really don’t know any other store you could shop at and create such a one-off look unless it was a vintage boutique. Tip: If you don’t have time for a huge rummage and just want to see things quick and easy then check out the TK Maxx online store. If it’s the high end and runway designer gear you are after head straight to the Gold Label collection both online and in store).

Don’t forget to tweet your favorite LFW and personal style looks with us using the tag #StyleItBeIt we’d love to see!┬á


Pastel and rainbow coloured hair has been a huge trend from the last few seasons and yet it is one that can really be made unique, adding other candy coloured accessories creates a sweet as pie look, whilst contrasting with monochrome and a popping fuchsia lip is super edgy.


Another trend I adore are the leaps and bounds glasses have come lately, no longer something to hide behind now they form a firm part of many peoples looks. You have to wear glasses? Then own it, embrace them and make them part of your look. A retro cat-eye frame gets me every time, Betty does it A class. Perfecting the perfect bitch face a la Bee Waits is totally optional 😉


One thing to always remember is that your hair is a big accessory, dying mine recently has made me realise this all the more. No matter if you are an up-do queen, have long bouncy waves or prefer to let your headscarf do the talking ┬áits a very personal part of your image – but one you can still have lots of fun with!


Subtle accessories can also become style signatures, simple tricks like swapping a necklace for a bow-tie something that always makes me think of Jodie now or clashing rings can add instant personalisation (especially if stolen off your friend like Bo here).


It’s a twin thing – twinning or wearing something to compliment your friends outfit is a trend that most of us can track back to junior school, who didn’t want to wear the exact same thing as their best friend? Twinning your look can be so much fun and what better accessory than your bestie, right!


These girls mix up different layers and prints but keep to a black and white base for twin perfection.


Whilst all the guys backstage at Vivienne Westwood chose to wear one of her amazing tartan suits, don’t be afraid to clash up suit patterns either.


If you really want to make a statement try twinning up contrasting colours of the same piece like designers 8Dix with their incredible dollar sign ‘Yee haa’ hats


Don’t be left out in the rain wearing main stream trends the same as everyone else, be unique. Style it, be it.

– Or at least make them stand ten paces behind you 😉


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom hearts TK Maxx for London Fashion Week

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