Trends: How to Wear the New Season Now

Its that awkward time in the season when our winter knits are feeling dull and the promise of sunnier climes is almost, just almost in the air. I swear I saw the first spring flowers peeping through the frosty grass this morning. Even though it is icy cold I find myself dreaming about summer, is there any better cure for a wet Monday morning than a little next season escapism? The trends I like best are those I can start wearing now, mixing up the seasons into a trans-seasonal wardrobe:


Celine’s and socks


Mules, Slides, Birkenstocks… are you sensing the theme? I’m not really sure who you can blame for this one from Celine’s fur-lined Birko-wanna-bes to Chloe Sevigny what were once the shoes your dad might wear regaling his time in the 70s are now gracing the feet of those at the hight of fashion. Even Adidas gave a new lease of life to their Slides (pool shoes to you and me), launching their ‘Socks and Slides campaign).┬áMules were a firm favourite, with closed toe, open toe and even platform options for those of us who shrink back at the sight of a flat, were all showcased on the SS14 runways. If you want to recreate this there are some great mule style shoes at┬á┬áand they all have the added practicality of giving you an excellent leg muscle work out at the same time apparently (Shakes head at all this sensibleness).


Adidas ‘Socks and Slides’


You canÔÇÖt help but feel fresh and happy in pastels, and there is a reason for that – in winter they are taken away, hidden, nay banned from every single shop floor. On the runways however over the last few seasons this distinct colour palette dictatorship has been blurred, baby pink was the coat colour for AW13 dontcha know and as it happens black velvet will be totes in fash for SS14. But stop thinking back to your teen 90’s crushes this is no goth revival instead think black mixed in with the pastels. Start now by introducing some pretty lemons, mints and pinks into your manicure Essie and Chanel have a fabulous choice.



Chloe wearing whatever the hell she wants 


How on earth can a humble shirt be a fashion item I hear you ask, well I have to question myself sometimes when I am writing these things. But a key look for SS14 will be teaming a shirt with wide leg pant over the usual summer staple floral frock (don’t worry floral frocks can stay too but only if you wear them with socks and slides right). Thats right this season summer goes androdgenous, in a deliciously chic, office friendly way. You can wear heels or if you really want go wild and team your pastel pedicure and mules with this look, you will ┬ásoon have Vogue knocking on the door!


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