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As you all know I am a huge fan of eBay, I’m obsessed with it! I have some searches which I have to check every single day for updates, those long lost designer shoes, that never forgotten vintage jacket, kitsch paraphernalia you name it. So us eBay obsessives can share this crazy behaviour with you all, they created ‘eBay collections’ which is a bit like Pinterest but on eBay. You can create boards with all of your favourite things on the site, themed in any way you like by colour, by size, by object… absolutely anything.


This is a screen shot of some of  my Fashion Pearls of Wisdom blog eBay collections

Things I am hunting out and watching for spring / summer. I adore colourful vintage handbags, the quirkier the better and if it can feature a nice bit of parrot embroidery well then its a winner. My staple for this spring is a gorgeous pastel coat in candy pink, blue, mint and lemon. They are all over the high street but can be pricey so I have been prowling eBay for a cheaper option. Something I am always looking for is a new piece of jewellery, currently vintage brooches and strands of pearls are my favourite. That’s one of my other eBay-loves, the fact you can easily hunt vintage without having to trawl the shops, you can just search directly for what you want be it 50s dress or striped t-shirts. You can also find high end designer pieces at bargain prices on eBay so I use it to keep track of my favourite designers, half my wardrobe must have come from the site I am sure.

The collections are easy to use, all you have to do is sign up to eBay, if you don’t already have an account then start creating by clicking the ‘add to collections’ button on an item page you wish to add. This can be found just below the ‘watch item’ button. You then get the option to choose a title for the collection and you can describe a little about it, why you are ┬áinspired by it, what you are collecting etc. You can also add a description to each item. It is super fun, especially for those of us with ‘Watched’ lists longer than our arms!

It’s also fun to share the hunt with others, you can follow friends and like minded people’s collections too. I am enjoying finding fellow vintage fans. I would love to follow all your collections so do send me your links either in the comments below, via Twitter or Facebook, can’t wait to see what you all create!

eBay have got many famous faces such as Dannii Minogue and Kelly Hoppen to create collections too, explore and see who you can find sharing your obsessions. 

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