What to Wear on a First Date, with the Help of Vogue


lindsey-wixson-by-tim-walker-for-vogue-italia-fashion-dolls-chicquero-dollhouse-1 thegroundmag com

Lindsay Wixon ‘The doll house’ Vogue Italia

Kate-Moss-in-Vogue-US-April-2012-Couture-Editorial-9-645x500 fashionista

Kate Moss ‘Couture’ Vogue US

vogue australia in the mode uptowntwirl

┬á‘In the mode’ Vogue Australia


‘The sweetest thing’ Vogue Australia


‘Brief encounter’ Vogue UK

I always enjoy getting emails from readers, getting to chat with you all and helping where I can. Sometimes however I admit I am a bit mystified by some requests, but never wanting to let anyone down I give all questions my best shot. Tracking down vintage Chanel check, authenticating Westwood boots check, offering tips on dressing for petites check. Giving advise on what to wear for dates, um fail! I hold my hands up I really have no idea, I would say my own dress sense is well on the man-repelling side so I am not sure I’m qualified to answer this one. Never a quitter I turned to the two places that never let me down, Vogue and the internet! These are a selection of Vogue editorials which I think offer up a pretty nice selection of ┬ádate worthy outfits, pretty pastel, frills and florals with a little bit of quirky thrown in. Now you see the bit of quirky is where you might be going wrong date-wize but well I did say I couldn’t be trusted with these matters, however I think big clompy glitter Miu Miu boots are the perfect accompaniment to a candy cotton dress. After consulting the interwebs apparetnly there is a simple formula for finding your perfect first date, oh alright its a bit tongue in cheek but fun all the same. I discovered that my ideal date would like to eat fish and chips whilst bowling, works for me and with all that going on I’m sure I can get away with a crazy outfit, right?! Okay, okay if you came here looking for some sensible tips then you can’t go wrong with these five rules – keeping comfy and being yourself sounds good to me. Now smooch proof lipstick, that is something I do know about…

(Images via Trendhunter.com, thegroundmag.com, uptowntwirl.com)

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