Outfit: Pencil Skirts



I have a thing for pencil skirts, I would say for sure that the majority of skirts I own are pencil. Perfect with a blouse or tshirt, dressed up or down. The argyle one above is the classic pencil shape, attributed to Christian Dior and his H-Line. Whilst the grey one below is the perfect example of Vivienne Westwood’s signature quirk with tucked up bustle effect.


Time as always is running away with me, I have a stack of wonderful things I want to shoot (properly not iPhone snaps). This cheeky Leopard chappy from Cleo Ferin Mercury is first on the list. Those following my Instagram will already have had a sneak-peek at how he looks draped around your neck but I am excited to show him off in full over Easter.


┬áWith the weather picking up a bit I’ve been able to pull out my Ann D’s, still truly the single most amazing boots in existence I have to say.


3 thoughts on “Outfit: Pencil Skirts

  1. Pencil skirts look great on chic, shapely women like yourself. On me, they emphasize my cylindrical shape and I look like a No. 2 pencil. I need skirts that flare to create the illusion of curves. Nice boots, too.

  2. This is the first time I am going to comment, but I have to say that I think you look amazing with your new hair color!!! And yes, I have been living under a rock…

  3. Adore that bustle skirt; sublime bit of design/cutting.
    Yeah, love those boots too, but having had a peek at your Instagram recently…oh my…those one-off Squiggle boots are a-maze-innnggg!
    Should I pop your Dictaphone in the post or are you scooting thru’ N’ton any time soon?
    Mr B is suffering from pirate boot cold turkey, so if you are passing thru’ and there’s room in your bag.

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