What to Wear with Nike Dunks?


┬áNow I know these aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I have to say I lurrrve me some Nike Dunks. I got this pair last year (the exact style has sold out but there are plenty of alternatives)┬áthe thing is I’ve not really worn them as much as I’d like. I struggle to find anything to go with them other than gym kit and they aren’t really practical for the gym, so what to do? Here are some ‘slebs look cool and all but they seem to all go for a Dunks-jeans combo and we all know I don’t do jeans, alas the woes of being 5.2”. Will let you know if I figure these out or if they start gathering dust!

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4 thoughts on “What to Wear with Nike Dunks?

  1. Love ’em!! I have a pair from a few years ago – silver and purple – I need to get them out of the closet again!!! I just ordered some Nike blazers too – can’t beat a great hi-top! x

  2. I don’t do ‘real’ shoes, so it’s trainers with EVERYTHING. Jeans, shorts, bodycon dresses (not prom ones unless you’re feeling your inner lily allen though). I’m on an airmax fix at the moment but dunks go with all the above too! x

  3. I really don’t “do” trainers – only in the gym – so I would definitely struggle with what o wear them with. I’d end up all Lily Allen, as I don’t wear trousers or jeans either so it would have to be a summery dress.

  4. Super cool! I can think of a million socks to pair them with… I like to be able to run around in my shoes too (though heels are fine when on the bike!)

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