Mega Shoes Post!

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Thought I would share all the shoes I’ve been wearing recently, as usual my current favourites are a bit obvious!! All Vivienne Westwood. I’ve been asked where I buy my shoes from mainly direct from Westwood or Worlds End, vintage from ebay and Melissa collaborations from Spartoo (who currently have the lush heart peeptoes on sale)

11 thoughts on “Mega Shoes Post!

  1. Recently came across your blog after trying to find others with a love for VW shoes. Absolutely love your collection, it’s amazing. Makes my 7 pairs look dinky in comparison lol (great for convincing my partner that I don’t have too many shoes though ;))

  2. OMG! What a collection. I am super jealous. I went to World’s End for the very first time this summer and I wanted everything. I bought the squiggle shirt and am super happy I did. You’re my new fav blogger 🙂


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