Comfy Cons

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I’ve become utterly attached to my Cons this summer – before this pair I hadn’t worn any since I was a teenager and had forgotten my affection for them. As autumn draws in I’m sad they will have to be put away from the cold and rain that will surely come soon. There is hope however as Converse have introduced many new styles in darker colours, leather and harder wearing all terrain boots. If they are as comfy as the classic All Stars then they have me sold! Will let you know which ones I opt for but the leather Hiker are a firm favorite along with the Star Player. Let me know if you have tried the new styles and what you think of them?

4 thoughts on “Comfy Cons

  1. Only in the last year have I purchased my first ever pair (animal print too!) and I’ve still not worn them enough. Really must give them a proper go next year x

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