Moving House

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We’ve been moving these past few weeks, all I can say is what a nightmare! Still surrounded by boxes but getting there, if slowly. First thing’s first, getting all the shoes out of their boxes and back on the new shoe wall.


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2 thoughts on “Moving House

  1. I can imagine, we’re still not right after our renovations and that’s without moving house. I swear we can’t find anything now!! We’ve booked the painter in, so I’m excited that my shoe room is coming together. I’m going to order Billy’s but think I’ll need doors as many of my shoes are suede or fabric and hard to keep dust free. Plus I don’t wear them often, so they’re just going to be sitting gathering dust really! I’m pleased to see you can fit 5 pairs in a row, I was thinking only 4…though I was going to have them either all facing forward or some (with the interesting heels) facing heel out, rather than splitting the pairs like you have, so maybe I would only fit 4 that way? We don’t have access to an Ikea here, so I’m ordering online and I need to work out how many extra shelves I need or if my boots taking up extra room will kinda even it out (think I’m going to have to take inventory of all my shoes to work it out)!

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