That Vogue Debate


I was once a young girl who would rush out to buy Vogue each month and examine in detail every page. I was once a young student who was so desperate to be part of the fashion industry I set up this blog to share my love of fashion. I am now not so young, I have worked in the fashion industry and I understand how it works all too well. I am now not so young myself but am privilidged to teach those who will be the next generation of fashion. It has been a long time since I felt the need to update this blog, my time now taken up by academic persuits and freelance writing, however I wanted to share with you an article I was asked to write for The Conversation ‘Vogues Attack on Style Bloggers‘. I write this not as a young girl full of hopes and dreams, but as someone who is now charged with helping those who are and I have to say it is with extreme disapointment that a monolith such as Vogue would treat those with hopes and aspirations in disrespect. It is a sad day for fashion.

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