Review: Chanel Coloured Mascara + Video

One of the most talked about beauty products this summer are the coloured mascaras by Chanel. For the L’Ete Papillon Summer 2013 collection the Inimitable Waterproof mascara was recreated in four shocking colours:

Blue Note – vibrant blue, Zest – pollen yellow, Lime Light – mint green, Aqua Blue – shimmering pale blue

As a total Chanel beauty junkie I couldn’t resist going to try them out.

PicMonkey Collage

From top: Aqua Blue on nude lashes, Zest over black mascara, Blue Note over black mascara, all worn with Stylo eyeliner in True Blue


 Blue Note on naked lower lashes with Blue Bay Stylo Eyeshadow

I didn’t try the Lime Light but did try the other three. First up is Aqua Blue worn on upper and lower lashes, whilst the colour looks very pretty here as I am looking up head on it made me look like I had no eye lashes against the blue liner. I think it would look better with a contrasting liner and shadow.

Zest has been the most talked about colour, yellow mascara does sound shocking, however at Chanel they suggested using the colours on the tips o the lashes as a highlight over black mascara rather than full cover. I do like the yellow highlight but it was hard to see until you caught the light, far more subtle than I expected.

Blue Note was my favourite by far and the only mascara I actually purchase. Over black mascara it gives a deep, almost indigo flash. Alone it is a vivid sky blue, I have been wearing it just on my lower lashes which really opens up the eyes.

All in all I think the coloured mascaras are a fun product for summer, giving a fresh and colourful look. I would recommend going down to your local Chanel counter and giving them a try.

What do you think, love or loath?

Outfit: Little Chanel Jacket

(Wearing: Chanel, bag, jacket, shoes, necklace; Zara skirt; Cos t-shirt, vintage belt)

I am sure by now you have heard about Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘The Little Black Jacket‘ art project, in celebration of how iconic the boxy, boucle Chanel jacket has become. It involves photographing many famous, fashion faces styling the little black jacket in their own way, to show just how universal it is. What I would really have liked to have seen are photo’s of real people who actually own and wear the ‘LBJ’. You often get a glimpse of them, these wonderful women who just exude Chanel, when you visit the boutiques. Only on the quite days, usually in the mornings, it is a world away from the hustle of ‘Chanel tourists’ encountered on a Saturday afternoon. I can’t say I am interested in those who just want a huge entwined CC logo to brandish. What I find interesting are the quite ones, those who appreciate the luxury and often with true luxury comes subtly. I could watch these Chanel ladies all day. But of course Chanel appeals to all ages, even their own ad campaigns are featuring more and more young and hip girls such as Lily Allen and Alice Dellal. Which is cool, I like to see Chanel worn in a rough and ready way, I like the brash 80’s gold jewellery too. There are many faces to Chanel.

As for the jacket? Yes, it is true what they say there is nothing more comfortable. You could never imagine a tailored jacket being as easy to wear as a hoodie but it is, you could sleep in it! I chose gray rather than black and didn’t have the sleeves altered to traditional bracelet length either. I think it is the braiding that get me, I can’t tell you how much I like the braiding. Also knowing the braiding was woven by a little old lady out in rural France, the same lady who has always made the Chanel braiding bent over her heavy loom. I’ve had this jacket a good few years now and have worn it a fair but, it never seems to look any older. Coco designed the jacket to look good, but over all be practical. Chanel remain one of the only high fashion houses to weight the jackets so that they hang correctly, with a thin chain around the hem. Each jacket has enough fabric so it is able to be tailored up or down 3 sizes, something many women rely on through pregnancy. If you are looking for one of your own on a budget I would say stalk eBay and consignment stores.┬á What else can I say, yes, yes, yes it is all that it is hyped up to be.

Chanel also launch their new fragrance tomorrow. It has been kept under wraps, the name not even being released it’s so exclusive. I was lucky enough to receive a preview and all I can say is the name is very Chanel! The scent, is rich and warm with oriental notes. It will be my AW scent for sure. Do go see for yourselves if you are out and about tomorrow, it is very different from the other Chanel fragrances, but also instantly classic Chanel at the same time. The last Chanel scent I bought was Jersey from the Exclusive collection, which I absolutely adore. It is my favourite scent┬á lavender based which most people don’t seem to like from the reviews online. I have also worn No 5 eau Premiere since it’s launch a few years ago, which is a lighter version of the original No 5. I know we haven’t even had summer yet but it is things like this that are really getting me ready for Autumn.┬á A new scent, then new make up collection, along with the A/W fashions hitting the rails, makes me feel all warm inside.

Anyone else wear Chanel fragrance?

Beauty: Chanel Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre Long Wearing Eye Shadow Review

Chanel Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre Long Wearing Eye Shadow REVIEW

My gorgeous blogging buddy Rebecca brings you today’s post, she writes the fabulous ‘Be Beautiful’ beauty blog, I always envy how stunning Rebecca’s make up is and she has lots of great tips on her blog. We have both fallen in love with the new Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadow so here is Rebecca to give you the expert view.

Using Chanel Illusion D’Ombre to create a striking smokey eye (learn how to recreate the look)

IÔÇÖll hold my hands up. IÔÇÖm a little bit obsessed with Chanel make up. I say little bit, but I actually have a full on love affair with the brand at present. The beautiful Lisa Eldridge doesnÔÇÖt help matters. I hadnÔÇÖt ever delved into the world of luxury make up until I watched some of her tutorials where she showcases some of the beautiful products from the range. Most recently, I picked up the Coco Rogue En Shine Hydrating Lip Shine in En Vogue (an effortlessly gorgeous coral colour perfect for Summer) after watching one of her Summer tutorials but today IÔÇÖm here to talk about the divine Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre Long Wearing Eye Shadows.

Now although Chanel market these little pots of wonder as eye shadows IÔÇÖd say they are much more of an eye shadow/gel/cream hybrid. This means that once they are dry they donÔÇÖt really budge unless you want them to. IÔÇÖve found that with a primer they last pretty much all day without creasing making them perfect for hot weather (which we still seem to be waiting for) or for a night out.

I have to mention the colour pigmentation with these eye shadows. The colour translates on to the skin exactly how it looks in the pot. You can either use them lightly for a quick wash of colour or you can build them up for a more intense look. Also, they come with a handy little brush which is very useful!

ThereÔÇÖs just something about buying something from the Chanel counter that makes me feel extremely special. Their beautiful embossed double C on all their products in gorgeous chic, black packaging really does make them an indulgence.

When it comes to price, they come in at ┬ú23.00. They are expensive but I really believe that in this particular case, you get what you pay for. IÔÇÖve not found any high street alternative/dupe that comes even close to the colour pay off, intensity or durability of the Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre eye shadows.

Overall, I simply adore them and want the whole collection. Next on my list is Illusoire and with my birthday around the corner fingers crossed IÔÇÖll find it wrapped up for me on the 31st!

Written by: Rebecca of Be Beautiful ÔÇô a beauty blog focusing on product reviews, beauty news and tutorials.

My own Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Mirifique (black) and Illusoire (Lilac-grey)

Chanel takes over Harrods

During September Chanel took over Harrods. Gone were the trademark green flags and in their place the double C’s were flying high.

All the windows along Brompton Road were transformed into a little piece of Chanel heaven.

Showcasing the A/W collection.

Chanel also took root in the ground floor hall with a sumptuous beauty parlor. All the products displayed in huge glass jars, like shining boiled sweets.

For one very special day top make-up artist Marian Newman was there doing ‘Tweed Nails’, as a huge Chanel fan you can imagine my excitement and I booked my slot weeks in advance. Marian was absolutely lovely and my nails perfection. I only wish I had worn my tweed jackets so I could have had nails to match!

In the beauty parlor there was a photo-booth where I got to show off my new manicure.

Some special edition beauty products were created for the event too, my favourite was the Kensington lipstick in a Barbie pink.

Couture close up of intricate beading and sequins

Chanel also transformed part of Harrods into Chanel World, entering through a pearl curtain and finding yourself in a maze garden where the trees had Camellia flowers and even the watering can sported the double C’s. From the magical garden you could pass into a number of rooms each with a Chanel theme from Haute Couture, Coco’s play room, the perfume room, step into a giant 2.55 handbag and browse the books in the reading room. Unfortunately photos were not allowed so all I can show you are my sneaky ones taken on my phone.

Chanel clad Teddy’s in the toy room

Chanel dolls scale rue Cambon

Oversized Chanel 2.55 and jacket

Jovial Chanel mannequins

It truly was a wonderful experience, being in the world of Chanel.


Outfit: The Same But Different – Outfit Recycling

(Wearing: vintage dress, Chanel bag, belt, shoes)I don’t often post outfits which are pretty much identical, as I figure that is not really all that interesting. But since “recycling” your outfits is now in-vogue… I jest, I jest. Actually I wanted to post this outfit as I think it is interesting just how different a pair of shoes can make to a look. I posted this same outfit HERE worn with clogs which were switched today for courts and ankle socks. Creating a more lady-like as opposed to casual look.

I also found this photo of the same dress earlier in the year – must have been around February judging from the length of my hair, so glad it has grown out again now. Paired with knee boots for a 70’s vibe. Just goes to show the power of accessories and I guess I will be wearing those boots fairly soon since it is the last day of summer today. I have to admit I am really excited about the new season! I also really hate the term ‘recycling’ when referring to clothes, but we just can’t escape it at the moment! How about good old fashioned restyling? Or is that so last season?


(Worn with Jimmy Choo boots, vintage bag and vintage Mulberry belt)

Shoes: My Problem With Flats

I have a problem with flats, well maybe the problem is me. You have heard before that I only have one pair of flats at any given time. You have also heard ( in When you have a Pair of Chanel Ballet Flats, Why Would You Ever Need More Flats?) how this has cause me many dilemmas in the past when said flats have failed!

So I was really delighted to replace my old flats with a cute pair of Jazz shoes, but alas another pair of flats bite the dust for Pearl. In some freak flaw with my shoes the black dye ran into the white leather – as nobody else had returned the shoes we are guessing it was just a fault with my pair. Oh well I was sad to see them go to the big shoe graveyard in the sky, but happy that Chanel replaced them with these babies. They are black leather ballerinas with a gold toe, just the thing for the coming A/W and you know I can never resist a bit gold lame!


Outfit: The Lady Doctor

(Wearing: Chanel jacket and pearls, Vivienne Westwood dress, Prada shoes)Oh dear you can tell when the nights are drawing in, the grey sky’s do not make for good photo’s. Three days of August left and with it we can wave goodbye to the summer. I have already started to pull out warmer and wintery pieces such as this jacket and shoes. Whilst it is nice to revisit old favourites that have been stored away over the summer, I do find it stressful having to re-evaluate my wardrobe once again, summers fail-safes no longer suitable for the weather.
Taking influence from Chanel A/W 2011 

Other than torturing myself over how tight my leather leggings have got, I really enjoy finding fresh ways to wear things I already have stashed in my closet. This season I will be taking influence from Chanel, Largerfeld sent out lots of dark blacks and greys which are always my favourite colours. I can try wearing my classic jacket with turned up trousers and kitten heels, or dress it down with military boots and slouchy socks.

Chanel A/W 2011

Another thing I really like about A/W is the make up. I never wear much in summer but for winter I like to pile it on. Usually in the form of dark lipsticks but this year I couldn’t resist Chanel’s new eye collection Illusion d’ombre. They are little pots of cream to powder eye-shadow packed with shimmer. You can swipe them on sheer for day or build and layer them up for a dramatic evening look. The runway models wore Epatant a greeny-grey, whilst I chose Illusoire a mauve-grey and Mirifique which is black. As always the nail colours are amazing too I am wearing Graphite a silver-gold iron-filing-like colour, I also picked up Peridot which is a golden-green which shimmers like beetle wings and there is Quartz a champaige-browny-gold which is very pale. These are going to fly off the shelves so I would be quick to snap them up.

I am preparing for winter early I know but it is so cold up North, especially at night. I already bought a new coat and will share it with you soon, next on my list is a nice pair of boots, is it too early to put my fire on?


Outfit: Chanel Clogs Make an Appearance

(Wearing: Chanel clogs, belt, bag, vintage dress)

Just a quick little outfit post today since it has taken me all day to upload just one photo, bad blogger misbehaving again. I am now trying to figure out who these people on Celebrity Big Brother actually are?? This isn’t what I wore today, as it is absolutely freezing up here but

the other day when it wasn’t too chilly.

I actually wear these Chanel clogs (from S/S 2010) all the time but they never seem to end up in that many blog photo’s. They are so comfy, love ’em!! The dress was one intended for my Etsy shop but I decided to snaffle it back! It is one of those great dress which can be styled up for all seasons. Would love to show you another photo but blogger is just not complying!

So in the spirit of Big Brother, which bloggers would you like to see in the house if they ever did a Blogger BB?


N.B If you don’t know what BB is, it is a TV show where a bunch of “celebrities” are forced to live together in a house, erm yeah that’s it really!

Dolce & Gabbana Shop My Closet

When I was doing my undergrad degree my shoe obsession was with Irregular Choice shoes, I thought they had all long gone to the shoe heaven in the sky until I found a dusty old shoe box stuffed under my bed. I dusted it off and lifted off the top to find these shining brightly at me from the gloom, result!

I had only ever worn them once as part of a fairy outfit for Halloween so they are like new, I knew you would want to see such an outfit so here it is to give you all a smile!

This was taken about four years ago now, it was the first year I started my PhD. Yeah a boob-tube and hot pants the joys of being a size 8 and a student all rolled into one.

Anyway, I shan’t be recreating that look anytime soon but it did bring to mind this A/W Dolce & Gabbana collection. We haven’t been this excited about star prints since Chanel S/S 08!

Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2011

Chanel S/S 2008

You know I love a bit of heel-and-sock action, not to mention a good sequin jacket so I have to say those D&G boys have totally jacked my style. I will be getting my starry shoes out again this season that for sure.

Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign A/W 2011

Will you be getting starry eyed this season?


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