A Vivienne Westwood Country Gent


Vivienne Westwood ‘Savile’ jacket in tartan tweed,┬á with wool trousers and waistcoat. Velvet smoking slipper ‘Rocking Horse’ shoes, 1996. Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

A striking ensemble in the V&A fashion gallery. Classic Westwood tailoring featuring a ‘drunken’ tailored waistcoat and ‘Teddy Boy’ structured jacket. The tartan and velvet slippers for a real country gent look -with a twist!

This outfit always reminds me of my fabulous friend Chris as I could just see him wearing it. I also like seeing continued use of traditional tartans in Westwood work, the dark green, blues and greys have been a firm favourite Even this season the Menswear featured a stunning selection of suiting in the Black Watch tartan. The Smoking Slipper Rocking Horse shoe is not longer produced however the slipper style has been back with a bang this past year thanks to Mr Louboutin’s ‘Rollerball’ studded slipper. Westwood have produced the most stunning Union Jack printed slipper which would be the perfect finish to a dark tartan suit. I admit if they had come in smaller sizes I would have bought myself a pair. Good job I have so many male friends I can play dress up with!


Do you ever dress up your friends in your mind? Or imagine who might have worn the clothes on display?

Street Style: Men in Knits

Couldn’t resist sharing these two fabulous young men looking super stylish in Knitwear. I often find knits get bad press, boring old jumpers worn out of necessity rather than for sartorial pleasure. Especially with menswear there isn’t always too much choice, either plain black or novelty Christmas fun. All good in their own way but why not make a splash, be a little daring? Vivienne Westwood is the Queen of edgy knitwear, her Gold Label collection show casing deconstruction, raw edging and asymmetry. The guys above are both wearing pieces of Gold Label. If you want something a little more classic the Vivienne Westwood MAN collection offers fine tailoring and very wearable pieces. Gary Barlow, voted one of GQ’s best dressed men is a fan amongst others.

Vivienne Westwood MAN, wool tweed jacket, burgundy sweater, orb logo beanie hat all available from Jules B

The MAN collection is designed by Andreas Kronthaler, Vivienne Westwood’s husband of 19 years. Just like his wife, Andreas is the perfect person to advertise his wears. The poster boy wears traditional suiting just as well as he rocks a kilt, it is all about having fun as much as looking good.

Andreas Kronthaler

Street Style: All Vivienne’s Men

Ok well perhaps not all of them just two! Chris you have met before, one of the Managers┬á and Dean both at Vivienne Westwood Manchester. Showing how to wear my favourite men’s accessories scarves and braces, super stylish and suave.┬á If you need a style update these are the guys to go and see!

Street Style: Easter Bunny

Not quite the Easter Bunny, but since it is Easter and well it is a bunny! The bunny and the rest of the outfit belong to Lawrence, who is wearing Zara trousers – and bunny umbrella case, Luelle shoes and vintage Biba trench. I took this photo of him on a very windy day last week.

I have total shoe envy over his achingly cool smart shoes, I really do like a pointy toe. The ‘Dave‘ by Brett & Sons offers a similar style in a gloss black patent, or the ‘Gauwyn‘ with an embroidered toe detail.

Happy Easter!

Vivienne Westwood MAN Menswear AW12

I though the make-up and styling for the frozen explorers of the MAN AW12 collection wear absolutely wonderful. The models took the runway with icicles dripping from their snow dusted hair and beards. With pale circles around the eyes where their goggles have been and frost bitten lips. It was also a pleasure to see one of Westwood’s most iconic designs return, the ‘Clint Eastwood’ jacket (runway image 1), which is actually a unisex piece. Beautiful suiting as always this seasons maroon paired with crimson and wonderful patchwork tartan were strong.┬á The collection wasn’t without a serious message however, hear is what Dame Vivienne had to say:

Vivienne Westwood MAN AW12

“Our collection is in support of David AttenboroughÔÇÖs documentary series ÔÇÿThe Frozen PlanetÔÇÖ,┬áwhich will go to America but unfortunately without the final episode where he explains that we humans are responsible for the ice melt. So we took the polar explorers as our heroes and we love polar bears. Barack Obama never mentions the words climate change.┬á

If our leaders would admit the fact of climate change and conduct their politics from that perspective then we might have a chance ÔÇô we have 10 years at the most to stop it.┬á

How impossible it is for us to imagine ourselves victims of disaster. We suffer for the poor people who were thrown into the sea from their cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany, some losing their lives. Imagine a world of accelerating natural disasters, one after the other so that nobody can help anyone else. 

Public opinion is the only thing that will save us.” Vivienne Westwood

GreenUp! Europe Campaign

I was approached by the United Nation Environmental Programme to design a t-shirt for their GreenUp! campaign ÔÇô when you start doing things you find people come to you. TheyÔÇÖre starting with a terrific idea which is to plant corridors of trees to link EuropeÔÇÖs forests. This new initiative is about triggering new habits for a greener Europe and for greener economies. I have created a design for UNEP in support of the project. ItÔÇÖs a really practical idea and it raises public awareness ÔÇô itÔÇÖs great for the environment, great for people, great for animals.

My design has been printed on a t-shirt provided by sustainable manufacturers, ANVIL. The ÔÇÿTree-shirtsÔÇÖ will be sold exclusively through YOOX.com on a worldwide level and in our Milan shop during menswear fashion week with all proceeds to be donated to the GreenUp! fund, helping to re-plant trees in EuropeÔÇÖs worst affected regions.

Street Style: Vivienne Westwood Obsessive (and its not me)

As you all know far too well by now I like to walk around looking like Dame Vivienne Westwood vomited her Gold Label collection all over me, in fact so do some of my friends. What I wasn’t all that sure about was whether anyone else was quite as obsessed as us. My question was answered when I spotted my Gage shirt from S/S11 walking down the road. I know these shirts weren’t made in any great number and I also know that that it wasn’t going to be any kind of wall flower to choose the bold tartan version. In all this over excitement I forgot to ask this stylish chaps name hopefully he might see this and let me know or you know him perhaps? Either way he pairs his Gage shirt perfectly with a cherry red VW Worlds End John Bull hat, a fantastic neon perspex clutch (by Simone Rocha) and luminous yellow sneakers, my kinda guy!

UPDATE: This is Jason, he is a mutual friend of a couple of my friends, isn’t it a small world, you can also check out his blog.

Street Style: Behind the Lens – Photographers Special #2

The guys…

From textured mohair, tartan kilts and statement trousers the guys behind the lens had a real eye for style. The were my favourite looks.


FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW

The Gold Label price drop sale is happening on Monday 14th Nov from 10 am on TK Maxx.com, certain items will have their price slashed every hour, but don’t leave it too long or that item will be gone!