STYLEetc Magazine Spring Issue Launch


Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Gigot dress, union jack tights and Animal toe courts, fabulous Designer Earrings I got years ago at H Samuel which you can’t see due to my wild mane and my stunning Wendy Brandes ‘little woolfe’ necklace which you can just see as a tiny blip.

No I did not wear this for St Georges day. Yes I did think I was cool until I got into town and saw armies of drunken men wearing flags #fail. But it’s Vivienne Westwood and it’s fabulous lol.

Anyway I was out to celebrate the launch of STYLEetc’s Spring issue at Harvey Nichols, big pat on the back to Anna-Louise, Gemma and the STYLE etc team for making it happen. You will have to excuse the iphone photos, but I will share some of the official shots when they are available.

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Big woop to @anna0louise, @carnabytwenty1, @elthecool, @riannaphillips, @katekinsey

If you haven’t picked up our latest issue you can read online over at the STYLEetc website

and you can check out Rianna Phillip’s clutches on her website too. I just bought my second clutch from her, the green one pictured here, hand made in Manchester and the perfect size for your STYLEetc!

LFW Street Style: Three Makes a Trend


   They say good things come in threes, that often seems the case in fashion, once, twice, three times makes it a trend. My favourite trend of the season has to be painted jackets, be in a hand painted leather or a quirky Elvis print, its one way to stand out from the crowd.

DSC_5785 DSC_5775 DSC_5773

The all out biggest trend spotted at LFW this season was the neon beanie. I am not joking when I say it was like a plague, one out of ten people were wearing them. Reminded me of that episode of Dr Who where the small boxes appeared all of a sudden. Its funny how things happen like that at LFW, you could walk around you home town in a bright pink beanie all you like and never see another soul wearing one, then bam, enter Somerset House and everyone is wearing it! By the end of the week I was seeing so many I had to wonder if people were hotfooting over to Convent Garden just to buy one? It was cold so nice to see a practical trend, however I was surprised to see some wearing them pulled up high, just perched on the head, – no ear warming here! Remember Brian Harvey from East 17, apparently he used to stuff a pair of socks under his beanie to get it so vertical!


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

Street Style: At the Vivienne Westwood AW13 Show


The beautiful people at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW13 show. I am sure you can spot a few faces, Lisa looking like a punk princess, Daniel Lismore, Philip Salon. Let me know if you see any other street style photos from the show, a few people took photo’s of me and my friend I’d like to see. There are a few other shots on my Facebook page which weren’t great quality but interesting all the same such as one of Peaches Geldoff and a lady in a vintage Heart jacket!


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW


LFW AW13: Day 4

Street Style

DSC_6798 DSC_6873DSC_6880 DSC_6885 DSC_6878 DSC_6849 DSC_6845 DSC_6844 DSC_6842 DSC_6839 DSC_6837 DSC_6828 DSC_6830 DSC_6834

What Pearl Wore


┬áToday I wore lots of fab finds from TK Maxx including this sleeveless trench dressed up with my furry Prada’s. You can see my Comic Relief T-shirt featuring Kate Moss, I also have the Tommy Cooper one which I will show soon. You can get your’s at TK Maxx, do something funny for money!

The Shows


One of my personal favourite shows is always Louise Gray, I can’t get enough of her luxe street wear aesthetic. Titled Hey Crazy bonkers accessories included brooches and rings made from toilet rolls- try explaining that fashion to your mum!


Osman, I shot most of this show from the back- why? Because this is where the detail of the collection lay, keeping the front simple and letting the drama be created when the model took her turn.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

LFW AW13: Day 3


It’s P’Trique!!!!! The best celeb I’ve spotted all Fashion Week, alas the pap’s were more excited over a member of One Direction. On the plus side it gave me some space to go snap P’Trique and tell him how much I love the YouTube Videos such as Sh*t Fashion Girls Say.

DSC_5557 - Copy

Fashion Scout Ones to Watch was technically yesterday but that post was already massive! Yeashin really hit my fashion spot with a spectacular collection featuring folkloric knitwear.

DSC_5681 - Copy

DSC_5684 - Copy

DSC_5686 - Copy

I went backstage at Fashion Scout with Sharon Ashton to see the amazing nails she created for the Dans la Vie show. The look was long talons in black and nude to compliment the dark smokey eye and sculpted cheeks.

Street Style

DSC_6118 - Copy DSC_6126 - Copy DSC_6440 - Copy DSC_6442 - Copy DSC_6445 - Copy DSC_6447 - Copy DSC_6454 - Copy DSC_6457 - Copy DSC_6461 - Copy DSC_6471 - Copy DSC_6475 - Copy DSC_6480 - Copy DSC_6493 - Copy DSC_6499 - Copy DSC_6528

What Pearl Wore



┬áToday I wore a bit of a mixed up outfit, due to the whole random weather issue and a mix up with a dress I’d ordered I didn’t really have anything to wear especially for the Westwood show so threw this lot on, all Vivienne Westwood like you needed to ask! I have also been wearing my Comic Relief t-shirts but it’s been a bit too chilly to show them off, must remember to get a shot.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

LW AW13: Day 2

The Shows



The most incredible colours and textures, next season it will be velvet boots with everything!


Dans la Vie

The prints, the prints always the most incredible prints! This season was no different with a serpent feel.




Orla Kiely

I joined the Bobbi Brown team backstage again, huge thanks to Irene, today at Orla Kiely. The look was a chic but laid back Bardot, smokey eye and subtle shimmer lip.

DSC_5447 DSC_5438


The show it’s self had a sexy-secretary cheeky nudge to it, one thing Kiely never fails to offer is a beautifully thought out show set. She put the girls to work 9-5, although in the most stylishly dressed office I have ever seen!


Bolzoni & Walsh

Tough biker girls, smouldering insouciantly in velvet and leathers, luxury basics at their best.

Street Style




A beautiful array of pretty prints and bold colours, enjoy!

What Pearl Wore

IMG_6735IMG_6760 IMG_6756 IMG_6777 IMG_6787 IMG_6785 IMG_6781

Keeping with the knitwear theme I wore Vivienne Westwood again, I also had these beautiful vintage sunglasses from TK Maxx for when the sun decided to put in an appearance! I was wearing my Comic Relief t-shirt although it was a bit to chilly to show it off.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

Street Stye: Rich in Cape



You will have to forgive these phone snaps but I thought they were too good not to share. We were just rolling up for an afternoon snuggled into the couches at the Richmond Tearooms, the snow was on the ground and well, sensible attire was winning over style on my account. Of course my ultra fabulous best friends turned up looking incredible and Rich wearing his ‘Vivienne’s Cape’. I was just hiding my scruffy old jumper and leggings under my huge coat, feet clad in Pirate boots, hat covering messy hair. Absolutely every stitch of everyones outfit is Vivienne Westwood, what can I say lol!



Street Style: Men in Knits

Couldn’t resist sharing these two fabulous young men looking super stylish in Knitwear. I often find knits get bad press, boring old jumpers worn out of necessity rather than for sartorial pleasure. Especially with menswear there isn’t always too much choice, either plain black or novelty Christmas fun. All good in their own way but why not make a splash, be a little daring? Vivienne Westwood is the Queen of edgy knitwear, her Gold Label collection show casing deconstruction, raw edging and asymmetry. The guys above are both wearing pieces of Gold Label. If you want something a little more classic the Vivienne Westwood MAN collection offers fine tailoring and very wearable pieces. Gary Barlow, voted one of GQ’s best dressed men is a fan amongst others.

Vivienne Westwood MAN, wool tweed jacket, burgundy sweater, orb logo beanie hat all available from Jules B

The MAN collection is designed by Andreas Kronthaler, Vivienne Westwood’s husband of 19 years. Just like his wife, Andreas is the perfect person to advertise his wears. The poster boy wears traditional suiting just as well as he rocks a kilt, it is all about having fun as much as looking good.

Andreas Kronthaler