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‘Follow Pearl on her enviable style journey to achieve the perfect wardrobe: we love her fun sense of style and the way she puts together an outfit. It’s the perfect girl’s companion to shopping.’ Company Magazine

‘Pearl is a fashion journalist and editor of the fashion and style blog Fashion Pearls of Wisdom. Pearl writes about her own personal style journey and ridiculous obsessive behavior in the quest to have the perfect wardrobe. Enjoying all aspects of fashion Pearl offers her styling tips which have been seen in Grazia magazine and most recently she has worked with TK Maxx styling up their summer collection. It isnÔÇÖt just modern fashion either, you will find features on FPOW which delve into the history of fashion and tons of posts on vintage clothes too.’ Respect Bloggers


Who: Natalie nicknamed ‘Pearl’, Age 33

Where: Manchester / London, UK

What: This blog is about the style journeys I have been on and to share the lessons I have learnt. In the past it has covered all aspects of fashion from styling tips, Fashion Week runway reviews and the picks of the high street. More recently main themes are my personal style, current obsessions and general musings on fashion must haves. I adore shoes, tattoos and cups of tea.

What Else: I am a lecturer in Fashion Industry and also blog for Things & Ink magazine, musing on tattoo related issues.

Why: I started this blog in the summer of 2009 with the tag line “A self confessed style obsessive and shopping addict, trying to beat her shopping addiction, distracting herself from online shopping by writing a style and fashion blog!”

I truly suffered from a shopping addiction, which you can read about here in my Guest Post for Make Do Style Blog, I also went through a huge weight loss from size 16/18 to an 6/8 and up to a more balanced 10, which was a huge style journey for me (you can read my first ever post Fashion Pearls of Wisdom here and its follow up Where It All Began here).

In later years the blog still charts my adventures with personal style, but it also reflects my academic interests. I have been in academia for the past ten years, studying art history and archaeology. So how did I end up being involved in fashion? Well that is a bit of a long story, but I am now lucky enough to now research both modern and ancient fashion and the psychological aspects around it. I am sure I will tell you the long story one day!

Vintage: Ah yes vintage, a word slung around so much on the blogosphere it’s hard to know what it really means anymore! I studied Fashion History and I certainly know my stuff however I have better things to do with my time than argue the toss between how we define clothes as ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’. So am I a vintage blogger? I’ve really no idea, all I can tell you is that you will find me wearing a ton of ‘old clothes’ mostly from the 80’s as I love a bit of brash bling. I also collect pieces from certain designers history such as Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, I believe clothes should be worn so yeah you will see me wearing museum worthy pieces too.

Blog Highlights: Interviewing Jeff Banks, Attending the Margaret Howell fashion show, Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW12 Show, Why Charity Shops aren’t cheap – my day with Oxfam

Stick around for fashion updates, the hottest trends, fashion styling tips, vintage shopping and repairing tips, guides to spotting counterfeits , my latest obsessions, purchases and so much more!

STYLEetc Magazine: I have been a features writer and columnist for STYLEetc Magazine:

Introducing the new monthly column by fashion academic and writer Pearl Westwood, here we take a look at a current trend and delve into the past. Discovering that today’s style influences came from decades ago and worlds gone by, it will have you exclaiming Fancy that!

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Disclosure: I very much enjoy working with brands, designers and companies I admire, for me this is a fun part of blogging. I see it as complimentary to by blog, I assure my readers that I would only write about and feature things I genuinely have an interest in and that I am always open about when I am working with a 3rd party. So that it is clear to my readers posts tagged ‘Sponsored post’ or ‘Sponsored link’ indicates when the post has been commissioned by a 3rd party or when specific links have been requested by a 3rd party. I do not use affiliate schemes so I do not receive payment when you click on any links, or make a purchase from a link I might provide. When an item of clothing, accessory or product has been ‘gifted’ to me I will indicate this by including a direct link to the company or product with a star * ( as of 09/06/12) to distinguish from other links or a courteous of ‘c/o’, this seems to be the simplest system of doing things for me. Under UK law I am not obliged to disclose anything (unlike the USA), however I do this out of a courtesy to my readers.

Note: I am happy to share my images with other bloggers, readers and fashion publications so long as you link back to my site. I do ask that for more personal images i.e ones not just of myself wearing an outfit – ones of my home, my friends etc you request my permission first just drop me an email [email protected], I am friendly I promise.