Trends: Cap it Off!

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Look 1:┬á all Vivienne Westwood – Worlds End cap, Gold Label ‘Gaia’ dress, I heart crap beaded clutch, Accessories Cossack boots; All Saints sunglasses from TK Maxx.

Look 2: Leather cap from ebay, Alexander Wang t-shirt and waistcoat, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania skirt, Vivienne Westwood bag, Y3 shoes from TK Maxx, Matalan clutch, vintage jewellery.

One of the most unexpected trends this season has been the baseball cap. Anything from vintage trucker caps to lux leather and embellished styles go. Leaders in the perfect way to wear caps are Rhianna and Rita Or. Riri goes for urban clothing with a grungy style, whilst Rita plays up the hippy girl with floral embellishments and peace emblems. I am a real fan of caps myself, the perfect disguise for messy hair and keeping the sun off your face in a nonchalant way.

PicMonkey Collage

Rhianna images Just Jared, Rita images Telegraph online, all hats 10 Deep at

Going AWOL

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1. Tartan kilt, Vivienne Westwood Red Label; 2. Scarf sharing in the snow; 3. Vivienne Westwood party shoes; 4. Shoe Exhibition; 5. Red Label suit; 6. Salon print; 7. Alexander Wang boots; 8. Rianna Phillips clutch; 9. Wendy Brandes Little Wolf; 10. Worlds End Alien coat; 11. Window shopping diamonds at ; 12. Trying out new beauty products.

Don’t worry I haven’t dropped dead, but I have been really ill and just started a new job the two combined took all my energy! So here is a bit of a cop-out post to prove I am still live and kicking, well just about. With some of the things I have been up too lately.

Sponsored Video: Merino No Finer Feeling

I thought this video was rather interesting, the campaign is sexy, yes? Not usually something you would associate with, erm, wool! You, read that right it’s all about wool. The wool you envisage being knitted by old ladies into unattractive festive jumpers. Knitting itself has however become trendy over the last few years, it has literally appeared in Vogue. Hence the humble ball of wool is following suit. Another preconception with wool is that it is the stuff of which thick jumpers are made from, yet it can also be spun into thin, delicate fabrics which can be soft enough to wear against the skin, no itching honest. In fact Merino is the softest wool available, even better it is a natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre. The Australian farmers who produce the wool have demonstrated for generations how the rural landscape can be managed effectively whilst protecting the environment. They are highly skilled in breeding quality sheep and in shearing, all having high standards of animal welfare.

What does this mean for fashion? Well two things I mainly want to discuss, firstly note the image above. This dress is made from Merino wool. I think it is important to take away the stigma that wool is only used to make cardigans and jumpers. It means that designers can utilise Merino wool in striking creations. One designer to note is Alexander Wang, who is well known for his sport-luxe collections and lesser known for the fact he uses Merino wool to create them! From the delicate, ethereal blush pink capes from AW11 to the tougher, androgynous looks of AW12 shown this week in New York you can see just how versatile a fabric it is. Every piece is luxurious but also very wearable as is true to Wang’s philosophy.

Alexander Wang AW11, AW12

This brings us to my second point, quality. Of course if we are talking about high priced designer clothes we naturally expect high quality, but what about those of us on more of a High Street budget? Well here’s the thing, I know I bang on about this time and time again, but buying wool is an investment. You can still buy a Merino wool sweater on a High Street budget, fact. You might be looking at around ┬ú30-40. Yes, this is slightly more expensive than one for ┬ú10 at your lower end High Street shop but the fact is that I know which one will last you for years rather than months. I am saying this from experience, I have an absolutely ancient wool jumper it is probably almost as old as I am. It was a hand-me-down from my dad! But it still looks brand new, it hasn’t bobbled, lost shape nor has the colour faded. Unlike the cheap polyester and I-have-no-idea-what-else mix jumper I bought just a few months ago which after just the first wash was out of shape, bobbling around the sides and that’s not to mention how static it makes my hair every time I pull it on. We are throwing our money away buying these cheap things and there is nothing fashionable about that.

Post sponsored by Merino

Fashion Forecast AW 2010

Its that time of year again Fashion Week! I am stuck working so I cant attend but thanks to loads of live streaming and I feel like I am there anyway. So with NY fashion week down and London just getting started I thought I would post my fashion forecast for the A/W collections. To be honest with the weather as it is I would much rather contemplate next A/W looks than this S/S! At the moment there are two stand out trends Prim-Luxe and Trans-seasonal (I hate the magazine trend definitions gothic, graphic they are the same every year), so these are my own terms. Remember you heard it hear first!


Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Vena Cava

Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Proenza Schouler

Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs

Prim-Luxe is all about the straight cut smart suit, the librarian chic dress, the school uniform kilt, brogues and socks but mixed up with luxurious additions. Throw on some fur, leather, sequins and shimmering fabrics, its geek chic gone glam.

Carry on Summer

The feel for this trend is carrying over your summer wardrobe into winter.
Add winter accessories such as last years velvet boots, fur gloves and caplets.

Alexander Wang, Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs

Then there is the new layering. Team you summer staples with your winter ones in ways you never would have thought would work, OTK boots with safari shorts, camel capes with slick grey trousers.

3.1 Philip Lim, Alexander Wang

Or more simply just add a coat! Be a switch from summer blazer to thicker jacket or the addition of kit wear you will get more wear out of your summer peg leg trousers. Or if you’ve been working the double denim last years camel coat will winter it up.

Acne, Acne, 3.1 Philip Lim

Layer up summer dresses, again adding a coat or sweater or just adding socks and a furry bag.

Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler

‘Trans-seasonal’ is definitely the key word for A/W 2010, the boundaries between S/S and A/W are being blurred, which is perfect for the extreme weather conditions we are seeing. It is also perfect for these economic climate with many of us not able to afford new wardrobes every season. It seems the fashion world is catching on, we like to re-wear our clothes!

This trans-season dressing really started filtering through last season with Hannah MacGibbon at Chloe adding summer black, and carrying on the capes introduced in the A/W collection. Phoebie Philo championed summer leather.

Chloe, Chloe, Celine S/S 10

Chloe A/W 09

This summers soft tailoring can be ‘wintered up’ adding boots and a fur scarf, as can the pretty pastel dress adding brogues and a coat.
Chloe, Burberry S/S 10
Last A/W saw the introduction of velvet, leather and fur again (faux please) in a less in more approach, but this A/W sees them all clashed together in a real melting pot of styles.

Fendi, Balenciaga, Matthew Williamson A/W

It comes as no surprise that the designers championing these trans-seasonal trends are those who design classic staple pieces we ladies want to wear. Much as I would love to wear a wardrobe akin to that of Daphnie Guiness full of runway McQueen and Dior, most of us couldn’t turn up to work in that! So Philo, MacGibbon, McCartney all modern working women are giving us what we need, fresh smart looks and ‘keeper’ pieces we can wear for years not seasons. Looks we can easily interpret with the high street and our existing wardrobes. Perhaps with a dash of the extreme with a statement McQueen clutch or Balenciaga heels.
I can’t wait to see what London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks bring to the mix!