Outfit: Current Favourites



Wearing: Markus Lupfer Saint tshirt, M&S jeans, TK Maxx gold glitter boots, nails Chanel Malice



Wearing: vintage Hoola girls shirt from Mooch Sheffield, M&S jeans, Vivienne Westwood red Sunny shoes


Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Anglomainia coat & socks, Ash Jalouse distressed boots, Tibi paisley printed dress



Wearing: shirt & pencil skirt set from Select, Vivienne Westwood argyle shoes


Just a couple of Instagram snaps of my favorite outfits lately – I do have some none iPhone photos to post soon and thanks again for bearing with me through this whole hacking nightmare. The blog will be back with a bang in the new year.

Outfit: Vivienne Westwood Inspirations #1 – Corsets Over Volume


I am often asked what kinds of things inspire my outfits, how I come up with ideas for styling and also what the hell am I wearing! I tend to divide my clothes into two categories: Westwood and everything else. I mix all my clothes up, designer with vintage and high street, Chanel with Zara. Everything except the Westwood. I just think Westwood clothes, no matter which label they are on, compliment each other better. I will occasionally wear a Westwood jacket or pair of shoes with ‘other’ outfits, but in the main I keep them separate. There is no real reason for this other than my own folly, I am just partial to the full on Westwood look.

I obviously wasn’t born with a hard-drive of Vivienne Westwood info, after I first discovered the designer I delved into the history and current brand, learning more and more. One of the things which really added to my love of the brand was they styling. I would go into the shop as much to see the the girls who worked there, styled to perfection, as much as too see the merchandise. This was far too many years than I care to admit too now, but at the time my three favourites all had really distinct looks showing how diverse the brand could be. The beautiful glossy look books produced for each collection really showcased the clothes, in the days before Style.com they were a much longed for glimpse at the runway shows.

In a celebration of Westwood and how I have been inspired by the wonderful styling I will be doing a series of posts featuring outfits based around lookbook images. The first is from Anglomania AW 2009. I have loved this corset to death since I bought it, I have it in plain black too. Dame Viv corsets are a signature of course, but what would you wear a corset belt with? A slim fitted dress perhaps? A blouse and pencil skirt maybe? Least likely a great big, poofy taffeta frock but that was the stamp all over Anglo AW09 and it is one I’ve been a firm fan of myself. The lookbook was quite restrained, using classic burnt orange tights and black heels as a back drop and letting the beautifully shaped garments speak for themselves. Here I decided to play it up a bit more and clash tartans and baubles for fun autumn look.


Details: All Vivienne Westwood – Anglomania dress, Red Label tartan belt, Gold Label yellow leather Bag boots, Japanese license tights, old 90’s pearl drop choker, Pearly Queen 3D Orb, gold diamante bone brooch, AR badge.


Anglomania AW 2009 Lookbook

Outfit: High Street Hotties


Wearing: French Connection Popcorn jumper*, TK Maxx skirt, Vivienne Westwood tartan bag, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon shoes, Jon Richard Mood black and gold pleated necklace*, vintage long jewel necklace.

Oh my gosh an outfit post without the use of Instagram photos! I know, I know, I admit I am pretty proud of myself for managing this too. I crawled under the rails amongst boxes and bin bags to pull out a reasonably appropriate outfit for leaving the house yesterday. Of course the renovations which have now progressed to my bedroom are going to take much longer than originally planned so once again I am left without access to my clothes. My brother is now regretting the offer of storing some of my stuff for me since he can’t get out of his own bed without tripping over boxes of my shoes. It’s funny because so many of my friends have gladly offered to look after my shoes for me…

Anyway I am hoping to have my bedroom back at least in some shape by next week, the rest of the house could go on until Christmas at this rate. My awesome builder/interior designer has gone from constructing me an Ikea Billy bookcase for my shoes to building an entire walk-in wardrobe so it will be worth it in the end. The shoes will finally get to come out of their boxes!

Amidst the chaos my rummaging managed to unearth this outfit for the ever changing weather we are having this week, fully prepared for hot, cold and wet all at the same time. This pink pleated TK Maxx skirt has been a favourite since I first wore it to London Fashion Week way back in Sept 2011 (that photo makes me cringe hated that hair cut and haven’t a cut since). It ended up being quite a nice day but the strong wind – as you will see below where I try and look serious and fail, made it a bit chilly so I took the chance to try out this new French Connection ‘Popcorn’ jumper. I’ve been on the look out for a new cable knit jumper since I got a lot of wear out of my old one last year, I really liked the little side splits on this one giving it a bit more detail. The shoes had their first outing too, pretty but reminded me why I’d gone off wearing Lady Dragon’s, they do pinch a bit. Melissa shoes are great for the rain though as they are waterproof. I feel a bit Minnie Mouse in these with the huge bows, so cute. Paired with these sweet anchor print socks, you know I love socks.

I’ve really had to think a lot about my wardrobe these last couple of weeks, since I had to empty my bedroom I was forced to look at every single item of clothing I owned – no more stuffing things into draws, no more denial about quite how much I have. I guess I can write a full post about that alone, but one thing that came to mind whilst writing this post is that is doesn’t matter where your clothes come from, or how much they cost, there is never any indicator until an item is in your life, just how much – or not, you will wear it.




Outfit: Tartan Corset


Wearing: All Vivienne Westwood – Anglomania gypsy dress, Red Label Waspie tartan corset, Gold Label Animal Toe Courts; Agent Provocateur Snakes & Ladders stockings; Wendy Brandes Little Woolf necklace; Nicole Farhi sunglasses.

This is what I wore yesterday on what must have been the hottest day so far, needless to say I was roasting in a corset but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. I really like how floaty and romantic this dress is but the material is actually quite heavy and they dress doesn’t have much shape so needs a belt at the very least. I resuced this dress from TK Maxx’s reject rail, god know what happened to it but it looked like someone had tried chewing the underside of one sleeve, then colouring on it with a red marker! You can’t see the damage once it’s on and I figured nobody was going to be inspecting my armpit so I took it home. It was reduced to something silly like ┬ú20, I couldn’t leave it there could I.

How to Wear Vintage and Look Current


Following way 2: Vintage 80s dress and belt, with vintage inspired Vivienne Westwood t-bar shoes, Chanel boucle jacket and brooch, Wendy Brandes Little Woolfe necklace and ONecklace name necklace.

Something I get asked quite a lot is how to wear vintage pieces and still look current and on trend. I had a think about how I wear my vintage and came up with three easy ways to wear vintage:

1. Just wear one vintage piece – the easiest way to work vintage into your wardrobe is to start small. Try adding a vintage necklace or blouse to one of your regular outfits.

2. Wear with modern pieces in vintage influenced styles – designer and the high street both are full of things inspired by past decades. You can use these as a guide to finding and wearing original vintage clothes. If you like the current 1920s influenced trends of drop waists, long necklaces and heavy beading; start looking at original 20s pieces and the styles should look familiar.

3. Look for vintage pieces which haven’t dated– there are some designs which can be decades old yet wouldn’t look out of place today. Think of classic trench coats, black pencil skirts and white button up shirts. These items may be tweaked with each seasons whims but the basic forms will stay the same.


Following way 3: Vintage Chanel jacket in a blazer style which isn’t recognisable to a specific date, with Topshop jeans, Stella McCartney blouse, Prada shoes


Following way 1: This Vintage Vivienne Westwood jacket is quite a 90’s statement so I wear it alone with modern pieces- Anglomania blouse and silk trousers, Gold Label shoes, Nichole Farhi sunglasses


Following way 3: Classic vintage Burberry trench coat’s never date, worn with Vivienne Westwood Red Label dress and Vivienne Westwood pink suede boots.

Outfit: Stuff I’ve Been Wearing


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – white Gigot dress, DIY socks, Tracey trainers all Worlds End; blue Wizard dress, Expensiv belt, DIY socks, Red T-Bar shoes all Gold Label; inset Gigot dress as before, Choas socks, mint green Galo jacket, Silver Piped Courts shoes all Gold Label

Summery – for the odd few days we had sunshine up North


Wearing all Vivienne Westwood – Red Label tartan jacket and Bondage kilt, Lee denim + Angolmania Drunken jeans, VW print socks, Winter tartan bag, Gold Label yellow leather Roman 3-Strap sandals.

Wintery-Summery – for when it has been a bit nippy, which has been most days, where has summer gone? That’s not my crown by the way, it is on display at the Hat Works Museum, Stockport (more on that soon).

These outfits, mixed and matched a bit, have become my current favourites.I am still really loving the iPhone, Instagram, InstaFrames and my Acer tablet (review coming soon) for being able to share my outfits and also enjoy what you are all wearing.

Outfit: Crini & Pearls

DSC_7524 DSC_7540 DSC_7553 DSC_7555

Wearing Vivienne Westwood – Anglomania ‘Monday’ dress, ‘Mini Crini’, Gold Label ‘Winter’ Newspaper print boots, Orb Pearl choker

Summery, full skirted, frivolity!

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to get some dry weather and wear these boots, they have to be one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever. Who else can read Shakespeare from their feet whilst waiting for the train! The medium height stiletto heel is surprisingly very comfortable too. I need to find some replacement laces which are longer, as you can see these barely reach the first two holes.

Outfit: Pirate Squiggle Ahoy

DSC_7556 DSC_7579 DSC_7587DSC_7563

Wearing:┬á all Vivienne Westwood – Worlds End Squiggle sash, John Bull hat (thanks to Jason for the hat), vintage Elevated Court shoes, Anglomania jumpsuit, Amethyst orb, pearl orb.

Celebrating Squiggle print today with my new Squiggle sash / scarf and oversized squiggle print jumpsuit they did on the Anglomania line a few years back. I don’t think there is a nicer silhouette than the elevated heel, these shoes are perfection. Ben just posted some info on the new Squiggle items on the Worlds End Blog if you are interested in having a piece for yourself

What Would I Wear to A Summer Wedding?

PicMonkey Collage1

Anglomania ‘Resurrection’ dress, Elevated Tea Garden Court Shoes, Cupid Tiara, Animalier bag; Links of London ‘Hope’ bracelet, ‘Love Notes heart & arrow’ earrings; Breitling ‘Transocean’ watch

I get asked a lot of fashion related questions, one that pops up quite often is ‘What would you wear for a wedding?’. I never really get if they mean what would I recommended they wear for a wedding, or what would I personally wear, because lets face it it would be quite different! Since I like to indulge in some virtual shopping, lets play dress up on my own behalf! To be honest I have worn for weddings past things I would usually wear with the addition of sticking something on my head. Nice frock, pair of heels and the opportunity to wear a hat, what’s not to love! I am in two minds about the whole rewearing for things for big occasions. Personally I’d rather not be wearing the same dress for two weddings, vain perhaps, but I would like my friends to think I made an effort for their big day. In reality I doubt anyone actually notice what the guest are wearing. With that in mind though I would wear the same dress for two big events such as one at a wedding, then at a big party etc. I wouldn’t wear the exact same outfit though,I’d change main accessories to create a different look.

Whilst perusing the new season offerings this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania ‘Resurrection’ dress really caught my eye. It is bold enough to make a statement itself – that print will pop against black accessories. But it is also simple enough with the monochrome pallet to let bold accessories do the talking. Here I have paired it with brightly printed heels and an attention seeking clutch bag, both Vivienne Westood. With all that going on, I would keep the rest of the accessories low key and classic. These stunning Links of London pieces would be perfect, the little heart earrings and pretty bracelet. I really like the idea of wearing a watch and bracelet together, Breitling Watches do some incredible styles – yes I know they cost a fortune but this is my dream list right! As for the head gear, since this is a pretty full on look I think I would skip the traditional hat and go for this Vivienne Westwood Cupid horn tiara, a bit of fancy nestled in a perfectly coiffed up-do.

Images: Vivienne Westwood.co.uk and Christopher Warton Goldsmith

Outfit: Squiggle Pirate Scarf

DSC_7492 (2)

Wearing: Vivienne Westwood – Worlds End Squiggle Sash, Composite Jersey Square t-shirt (Personally I think that’s a lame name so I’ve been referring to it as the New Propaganda Tee), Anglomania Skirt, Gold Orb belt, Accessories Label Brocade Squiggle 3-Strap court shoes; Agent Provocateur socks.

Finally a proper outfit post, I know, I know. I just don’t think I have been wearing anything of particular interest lately with the rotten weather. I mean how many photos of my coat do people really want to see! It has been a lovely, bright Bank Holiday weekend so I took the chance to snap some photos. The tee and scarf are new it at Worlds End, I had chance to pay an ultra quick visit whilst working in London last week. This is the yellow and red sash / scarf, they also do duck egg blue with gold squiggle (scroll on down for a piccie). The square t-shirt has one of the best prints I have ever seen, it is a composite of many popular Westwood prints which have appeared over the years including Blow Me Up and Liberty. They are all different depending on where the cloth was cut. I don’t think either of these items will be around for long so I would get Worlds End on the blower ASAP if you are interested. I have more photo’s of both items over on my Instagram @SuperElevated.

I am feeling pretty bummed about this skirt, it’s been my ‘go-to’ easy item for the past few years, but now its gotten a bit stretched out and last time I wore it the hem totally fell down. In a rush I used iron on bonding web to stick it back up, as you can see it was a bit of a botch job. So I am now on the look out for a replacement. I do have a fab Iceberg one but it is very tight and calf length, making it a true wiggle skirt and a bit difficult to walk in, but it looks damn good with heels!


Sneaky peek at Worlds End