Warm in Winter: Plus Size Coats to Flatter Every Full-Figured Woman

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Finding the perfect coat can be a tough task for the fuller figured lady, but a little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to picking the perfect design. Certain styles are designed to hide or accentuate different parts of the body, and allow the wearer to make the most of their assets. Whether you are blessed with an hourglass figure or wish to balance out a top-heavy frame, the following guide will ensure you look your best in any weather, and only draw attention to the parts of the body you want to show off.

A16703_F0100Cape style coat from Navabi

Pretty Pear Shapes

Pear shapes are defined by shoulders that are narrower than the hips, but a little clever styling can transform this shape into a perfect hourglass. Shoulder pads, Sherlock style capes, and fur collars will help to create width in the top half of the body, and adding a belt in a contrasting colour will draw in the waistline creating the perfect silhouette. Chunky knit scarves are also a must for pear-shaped ladies, and coats with a hood or attached cape are a fantastic choice. Empire line coats and those with a peplum detail are also a fabulous option for pear shapes, and there is a wide selection available at navabi.co.uk.

Buxom Beauties

Big breasts are at the top of every teenage girl’s wish list, but those with cleavage to spare know they can be a nightmare when it comes to clothing. The trick is to draw attention down and away from your chest, so a low-cut single breasted style will elongate your frame and create a more elegant shape. Steer clear of anything that adds inches to your top half such as double breasted necklines, pockets, fur collars, or ruffles, and don’t even think about a poncho or cape, unless you like resembling a circus tent. There are many blogs available online that cater specifically to curvy ladies, and offer invaluable advice on dressing for every occasion.

Classic Styles for Every Body Type

Some styles are universal and look good on every shape, and you can’t go wrong with a classic trench coat. This design can easily be dressed up with some killer heels and statement jewellery, or keep it simple in some Uggs and a cosy scarf. Any coat that features a wraparound design and belt is also a good option, and bold prints such as hound’s-tooth and leopard print will increase the wow factor. The correct underwear can also make a big difference to your silhouette, and you should already be familiar with the benefits of tummy control knickers and minimiser bras.

The best dressed celebrities are often the ones with the most talented stylists, and not those that simply have a perfect body. The right clothes can transform a woman’s figure in a matter of seconds, and finding the correct fit is just as important with outerwear. A curvy figure is something that should be embraced and not covered up, and the aforementioned styles will help you make the most of your assets and ensure you look your very best this winter.

Guest post by Carol Wright, fashion enthusiast. She takes pleasure in sharing her insights with other women.

Autumn / Winter 2013 Wish List!

PicMonkey Collage2

Rick Owens runway via Style.com, Rick Owens tunic, Michale Kors leggings, Eugina Kim bobble hat – all from Net-a-Porter.com, Sheepskin boots from UGG Australia.

Like most people I tend to have to ‘versions’ of my wardrobe, the going out fancy and they staying at home scruffy. Because of my dogs I go for comfort when I’m at home, slouchy sweaters, plaid shirts, leggings and Ugg boots. Up North we are starting to feel the chill in the air during the evenings signaling autumn will be here soon, all the new season stock is starting to arrive in the shops too. I won’t go on about how ridiculous the retail fashion cycle is but as I am sure you know finding winter clothes when you actually need them is never easy, you always need to be one step ahead. For me there are always two winter essentials, new boots and a new coat. Last years Cardi UGG Australia boots took a bit of a hammering so this year I really wanted something more sturdy, but still soft and flexible enough to be comfortable wearing around the house. I chose these pale grey Baily Button Triplet from UGG Australia which will go well with my winter staple colours of black and grey. In my mind I look like I just stomped off a Rick Owens runway, in reality I look like I forgot to get dressed, but hey at least I will be warm as I sit hidden under an oversized hoodie.


As for my respectable-adult-leaving-the-house-look you all know I have to be drooling over the new season Vivienne Westwood. I haven’t seen much of the new collections in store yet but this Gold Label runway look basically sums up how I want my AW13 to be, torn silk skirts, oversized knit sweaters, clompy boots and capes. For the office the smart new Harris coat in baby pink is calling to me, as is this incredible printed pencil skirt. I love a good statement necklace and this chunky collar with semi-precious stones is divine. My current tartan everyday bag is starting to look a bit abused so I also have my eye on a nice roomy new one, this embossed tartan tote is rather lust worthy.

PicMonkey Collage

All images / products Vivienne Westwood.co.uk


Whatcha got, whatcha got, lemme see, lemme see, sniff, sniff, sniff!!! Han approves of new shoes so long as he gets to jump around in the tissue paper.

Trends: Ways to Wear Watches

I’m not a watch person, never have been. I had a Pop-Swatch when I was in High School, more for the fashion accessory of being able to attach the face to my jumper than the purposes of telling the time. It has pretty much been that way ever since, I had a beautiful gold watch similar to the one above but smaller which I wore stacked with two gold bangles and a fist full of gold rings through out my teens and early twenties. Loose fit of course and worn well past the life of the battery. Cherished because it was a gift, little used for it’s actual purpose. The watch above is the only one I have now, I bought it for a couple of dollars in a Target in the US whilst at a conference. Why? Because I appeared a bit rude and distracted pulling out my phone to check the time when running a tight schedule. I wore it stacked up my arm with all sorts of bangles or just with one other slim gold one. Again loose, never fitted, clanking around my wrist. That was over two years ago now and the watch has been sat in my jewellery box ever since. I’ve seen lots of people embrace the watch as accessory, artfully piled high, stacked up, watches upon watches, watches over sleeves, watches worn the wrong way around. They look great, arty even.

But as the winter draws in, the summer days of bare arms are long gone and trying to tug down a sleeve over inch thick bangles starts to seem fussy and impractical. A new trend is emerging, people are now wearing simple watches that perfectly match to their outfits in an elegant, uncomplicated way. The humble watch itself becoming the focus again rather than the armfuls of tinkling gems. Watches still have than status symbol of luxury and I think we are heading back to that time when a classic watch was celebrated for what it was. Victoria Beckham, fan of stacking Hermes cuffs around her watch, has stripped back to a tiny gold chain, best to let her Rolex do the talking. If you needed any more convincing Emanulle Alt, queen of understated dressing, shows  a glint of her simple, leather strap wrist watch as she tucks her hands into a cocooning grey over coat. It is incredibly chic, no?

How do you wear your watch?

For more wrist watch inspiration take a look at my Pinterest board

(Emanulle Alt image via Sixfeetfromtheedge.com)

Winter Coat Rules, Shopping & Wardrobe Reorganising

Out with the summer, in with the winter

I think by now we have figured out that my ‘taking time off to rest’ only resulted in me being bored witless. I can do the stay at home in the warm part, but can’t seem to stop working, well it’s only a few little blog posts not like I’m hauling bricks around a building site. With my first day off I ended up trawling the internet for hours, I mean seriously I now have a mental encyclopedia of all this seasons new stock. Then of course the browsing leads to the obsessing and the obsessing to the erm major buying! Every winter I really do like to have a new coat, no I don’t need a new coat every winter but I just really like to get one. It gets me in the mood for the season and brightens up my old knitwear. Since I will be wearing it pretty much every day it has to be something┬á I am head-over-heels about.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania ‘Rac’ coat

Last year I went for a gorgeous Navy Anglomania ‘Limpish’ coat, which I still very much like but for some reason I have it my head that I need a red coat this season. I initially eyed up this ‘Rac’ coat also Anglomania, the perfect shade of cherry red with big gold buttons. But I wasn’t sure if the length was quite long enough. Hunting around I found this ‘Just-au-corps’ coat, in the same cherry red but with a longer flared hem and the added bonus of a hood. Since it was on Yoox.com it was also on sale, win! It was the last one in red, the gorgeous soft grey is still available, and a size larger than I would usually go for so hoping it will fit ok. The model only seemed to have a thin top on underneath and I like to wear massive jumpers so fingers crossed it will be just right. I really love Yoox, it is a bit like TK Maxx and The Outnet in that it sells past season designer items as discounted prices and you know I love a bargain. The site also accepts Paypal, woop, no more struggling to get that annoying Visa Verify thing to work – have you tried it lately no more passwords now a series of bizarre questions – and nope it still doesn’t work. In fact no need to even move from your sick bed to go get your purse. Now with Paypal your shopping can easily be paid via mobile too, perfect for my eBay addiction. I just don’t see why more online shops don’t use it.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania ‘Just-au-Corps’ coat

When I’m looking for a new winter coat for everyday wear I have a check list I make sure it fits with:

-Must cover the bum (because otherwise it is really a jacket and wont be warm enough, I live in Manchester, its cold up North)

-Must be a style which works with both heels and flats (I’m 5’2 I don’t want my coat trailing in the snow if I have to switch to flats)

-Must be warm (sounds daft but some coats look warm but actually don’t retain the heat so you feel the wind right through it)

-Must have pockets (I mean seriously who designs a coat with no pockets)

-Must fasten (edge-to-edge coats look amazing yes, but really they don’t keep the cold and wet out)

Ok so yes I am a certified old lady these days but coats aren’t cheap so I want to be sure I buy one that is going to last. I have a few coats in classic styles which haven’t dated even though they are years old now. I really liked this Harper’s Bazaar coat edit, helpful if you want some inspiration about what style of coat to go for. I also picked up an amazing shaggy faux-fur jacket in TK Maxx which I can’t wait to wear. This week I’m going to finish off switching my wardrobe over from summer to winter. Hey, if we have to be cold we might as well look chic!

The realisation you will be colour blocking red all season

Any winter must-haves you are lusting after?

What’s Hot for Autumn Winter 2012

Bling, bling, gorgeous things! I went to check out what Harvey Nichols had in store for A/W 12 and I have to say it had me wishing it was December already. Looking at all the wonderful party dress – jewel colours of emerald and topaz, had me longing for the party season to get into swing, just add your dancing shoes. Whilst the array of thick, colourful knits made ‘Christmas jumpers’ cool again. The ever so popular YSL ‘Arty’ rings are back in fabulous new styles and colour, gob-stopper cocktail rings are the perfect addition to your party look. Isabel Marant once again reigns as queen of casual Parisian chic pairing Navajo knits with flirty white dresses and tasseled wedge boots. For me the one thing which screams ‘this season’ are the dark florals, wear them in knitted dresses from McQ by Alexander McQueen and Just Cavalli or Alexander McQueen’s satin clutch to feel instantly up to date. What am I lusting after? If I can only choose one thing it would have to be something with the Givenchy Rottweiler print, beautifully wild.

Menswear echoed ladies wear with the popularity of prints, anything from colourful birds to rich paisleys and even a splash of leopard print will add depth to deep tartans and flannels. Deep plums and all shades of blue feature heavily. What really caught my eye was the attention to detail this season, giving a real sense of luxury. Alexander McQueen ‘holster’ shirts, velvet lapels and the Christian Louboutin leopard print studded iPad case add lust worth interest.

Harvey Nic’s are offering a fantastic selection of new designers this season including Ashley B, Kenzo, Lanvin sunglasses, Faith Connection, Mason Scotch, Cut 25, 2nd Day and Temperley for Barbour.

In the beauty department there is the brand new Bobbi Brown make-up studio an the exclusive Florabotanica by Balenciaga. I know it’s early to be talking about Christmas but there were lots of lush things if you have gifts in mind, the new compact sets from Benefit in their quirky book styles, perfumes from Penhaligons and the new Blackberry and Bay scent range from Jo Malone.

We had a fun time trying out the new handbags, here Anna-Louise and Siobhan from Style etc Magazine, model the Victoria Beckham ‘Harper’ and Givenchy ‘Rottweiler’ bags. Whilst we all couldn’t resist giving the new sunglasses from Celine and Prada a whirl.

It is safe to say I’m all ready for the new season, how about you?

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