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I have taken to wearing two delicate silver necklaces this summer, in a change to my usual huge statement necklaces. The first is the Little Woolf necklace by Wendy Brandes. I bought two, one for me and one for my mum when my dog Simba got sick┬á as a bit of a talisman for all our dogs. The second is my name necklace, the font is ‘On Fire’ (cheeky Hunger Games reference there) which I thought was really unusual! It was a gift from ONecklace, they are a lovely company who ship super fast for free Worldwide. The have lots of different fonts and styles on the website, in gold and sterling silver. I think there is a place in every Sex and the City fan’s heart for a name necklace thanks to Carrie Bradshaw. Of course you don’t have to have your own name, you can have any word or words you choose. I thought the ‘Love’ necklaces as seen on the runway at Lanvin were fantastic. One style I particularly like are the new monogram necklaces which incorporate your initials, like Taylor Swift below. All the name and monogram styles are also available at in ring versions too, they have the double name rings like Lauren Conrad below and also monogram rings, which I think are a nice update on the classic signet ring. I definitely have my eye on a monogram necklace with a long chain next. With prices starting at $31.95 (┬ú21.00) for a sterling silver name necklace I think they are really affordable, they come in pretty presentation boxes too so perfect for gifts. So many people have asked me about both my necklaces since┬á I got them, as much as I love big plastic fun necklaces, I think silver or gold fine jewellery is always that bit more special as it has real meaning to it, plus it will last a life time.

Are you a name necklace fan?

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What the MET Gala 2013 Can Teach Us


┬áCommenting on trussed up celebs isn’t usually my game but I really couldn’t resist with this years MET Gala having a Punk theme. Having a theme for any event doesn’t usually bode well and the stars out last night fell victim trying to live up to it. Unless you are at a fancy dress party don’t change your style for anyone! Let’s have a look eh…

Starting with Dame Viv and date Lily Cole, if anyone had the right to turn up in pins and rips it was Viv but of course she has been there done that. Instead she chose a sumptuous taffeta dress and cape from AW12, voluminous with a dropped waist. Pinned to her breast was a photo of Wiki-leaks’ Bradley Manning. In a sea of tits and legs it was ironically the most punk look of them all.

Lily wore a Westwood gown of course, the design the same as the iconic Olympic dress however the corset of the MET dress crafted from Amazonian wild rubber, a natural material.When I first saw this dress I wasn’t aware of it’s construction, stating on Facebook how I wished it had been made of rubber! The reason this came to mind being the colour of the dress, recalling the colour of the original rubber and latex punk clothing sold at SEX. The photo I found about just shows up the contrast of the corset and skirts.


Both Vivienne and Lily wore Clomper shoes which I was immensely impressed with,Vivienne wore a runway version with ribbon ties and intricate embroidery. Had to LOL at the lady in blue carrying her heels down the staircase, not our Viv she can ride her bike in these baby’s.


Christina Ricci was the only other star to wear Westwood (god knows why, not a bondage suit in sight), her McAndrew tartan gown was incredible, but I think she styled it a little off kilter. I didn’t hate her look but I think she should have worn cobweb or pvc stockings to give it a little edge.

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I think by the far the biggest mistake of the evening befell those choosing evening gloves, both Beyonce and Kim are stunning women but their Givenchy gowns swamped them.

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Katy Perry and Linda Evangelista (Marchesa) look like the went on a journey with Bill and Ted, falling out of the wrong century! I do actually like Katy’s crown and Dolce & Gabbana frock but think the shoes make it frumpy.

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Even when the gowns were that bad, so many of the girls looked like trussed up turkey, overly tanned, hair slick wit gel or stiff with spray. Many translated punk as 80s eye make up, more suited to Halloween.Julianna Moore’s quiff was just ridiculous.┬á Brit chic Cara Delevingne showed how to get it right with soft locks to balance out a smudged, smokey eye. Wanting to stand out from the crowd Jessica Biel donned a fake nose ring and Nichole Richie sported frosted hair – more Rocky Horror Show ladies.


Ok so I can’t leave out Madonna in her Givenchy outfit, yes it is pure Punk in a costumey sense,but if I’d seen someone wearing this on any other occasion I would have given serious hearts to it. The gilt pyramid studs, the tartan, the pop or fuchsia pink heels, even the damn wig. Gah I love it, I shouldn’t but I do and I don’t know why!

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That’s not to say nodding to Punk fashion without looking like a pastiche is impossible, Miley Cyrus (Marc Jacobs), Cary Mulligan (Balenciaga), Alexa Chung (Erdem), Sienna Miller (Burberry) and Donatella Versace (Versace) all looked sleek and chic. I kind of wish Miley had slashed it across the bust, a la Courtney Love in THAT Dior dress. In fact, why they hell wasn’t Love there!!

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The safest option was to flip the V’s to the dress code theme, Rooney Mara (Givenchy), Anna Wintour (Chanel) and Gwen Stefani (Margiela) all stuck to their tried and tested styles and looked fantastic.

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Last but not least, Sarah Jessica Parker who stole the show, from faux-hawk Philip Treacy hat, Giles gown and thigh high Louboutin boot this was not a look for the feint hearted. What might have looked like over kill on anyone else, frankly looked freakin’ fabulous. She’s SJP and she can wear whatever she damn well pleases.

One thing I always wondered about the red carpet, is how celebs get their hair looking so perfect. Apparently they all wear temporary hair extensions! No wonder I could never get my thin locks to look as good. AmericanDreamExtensions.Com are UK specialists in hair extensions I’ve actually got some and have been trying them out, will show you how to in a post soon.

Jennifer Lawrence On & Off Screen

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet, image from MyVue

I’m not usually one for celeb watching, however I couldn’t help noticing how incredible Jennifer Lawrence’s style is! On screen she often plays the girl-next-door, wearing practical, sporty clothes as in the Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. Off screen she is a blond bombshell in the sleekest, figure hugging dresses and chic trousers.


Jennifer’s many glam looks, image from Handbag

Jennifer always keeps things simple, which is the key to her look. She adopts a make-up-free make-up look, barley there foundation, a little bronzer and a pale lip. Long, healthy sun-kissed hair is either left loose and tussled or in a soft up-do. For evening events she keeps away from fussy prints and sticks to bright block colours or chic blacks and navy. Accessories are a no-no, she may choose a delicate pair of earrings but gobstopper rings and statement necklaces aren’t for this girl. The same goes for shoes, either a classic pointed pump or an elegant heeled sandal makes the perfect, chic look. It is hard to choose my favourite look, but the sunshine yellow reflects her upbeat personality and the navy jumpsuit is the epitome of well tailored chic.


As Katniss in the Hunger Games, image from the Telegraph

The Fat and Thin of it?

Kelly Osbourne has never been one to keep her opinions to herself, yet during a recent interview she let rip against arch rival Christina Aguilera.
ÔÇÿShe was a c*** to me,ÔÇÖ said Kelly, ÔÇÿShe called me fat for so many f**king years, so you know what? F**k you, you’re fat too!’
I can understand it if Christina had been taunting Kelly for years that she might want to hit back and feel like Christina was getting a taste of her own medicine. But why is weight so often used as ammunition? And why is it used by other women to attack each other?

I have been at both ends of the weight spectrum like Kelly and Christina and I can tell you it does make a difference to how you are treated. When I was a size 18, don’t forget I am only 5.2″, I was at my biggest. Within 12 months I dropped to a size 6 – which was so unhealthy, then I leveled out at a sensible size 10. This year due to my illness I have gone up to a size 12, which isn’t much, most people wouldn’t notice, but I won’t lie to you it really gets to me. It gets to me because I can’t wear some of my favourite pieces but also because I don’t feel like me. I feel bloated all the time and just uncomfortable in my own skin. I know that once I get my health back on track I will be able to get some exercise and get back in shape, that getting better is the most important thing, of course but still it is upsetting.Previously I had put on weight at uni during my undergrad, eating junk, not exercising, boozing all the time. During that time I had people ask if I were pregnant, some bloke in a bar said ‘you would be quite pretty if you lost some weight’. I couldn’t go and buy whatever I wanted to wear as it didn’t come in my size. When I gave myself a stern talking to and set of on my venture to loose weight it was a hard and lonely process. You would think people, friends, would have been supportive but in fact I was met with quite a lot of the opposite. Jealously I guess, that I was achieving this. So many people ask how I was doing it, like I had some magical formula I was selfishly keeping a secret from them. Honestly? I ate a very low calorie 1000 per day, diet and exercised for 30mins to one hour every single day. Either on my cross trainer or a Mr Motivator DVD. That is it, it took me about a year. It was very, very difficult to summon up such will power. I didn’t go out for a meal once in that entire time, I never ate unless at home so I had total control of my food intake. It took about 6 weeks before I could even notice any weight loss, a reason why many people give up after a few weeks.

These photo’s of me were taken about 14 months apart– in t’olden days where photos came on paper!
So it makes me laugh when people say ‘oh, its alright for you because your thin’ when talking about all manner of topics. Loosing weight didn’t make my life any more perfect, it did make me a lot happier but only because I felt good about myself on the inside. Yet no matter how frustrating not being able to shop at Topshop might have been, it was the sheer nastiness I experienced from other people that hurt the most. Being fat doesn’t make you a bad person and it certainly doesn’t mean you have no feelings!
We often hear how ‘sizeist’ fashion is, but life is sizeist too. Why can’t Christina be a size 14 and be a pop star? Why can’t Kelly loose weight and try her hand at modelling? I don’t have the answers, but I can say that if you are happy then it really doesn’t matter what size you are.

Thoughts? Rants? What do guys have to say?