Trends: How to Wear the New Season Now

Its that awkward time in the season when our winter knits are feeling dull and the promise of sunnier climes is almost, just almost in the air. I swear I saw the first spring flowers peeping through the frosty grass this morning. Even though it is icy cold I find myself dreaming about summer, is there any better cure for a wet Monday morning than a little next season escapism? The trends I like best are those I can start wearing now, mixing up the seasons into a trans-seasonal wardrobe:


Celine’s and socks


Mules, Slides, Birkenstocks… are you sensing the theme? I’m not really sure who you can blame for this one from Celine’s fur-lined Birko-wanna-bes to Chloe Sevigny what were once the shoes your dad might wear regaling his time in the 70s are now gracing the feet of those at the hight of fashion. Even Adidas gave a new lease of life to their Slides (pool shoes to you and me), launching their ‘Socks and Slides campaign).┬áMules were a firm favourite, with closed toe, open toe and even platform options for those of us who shrink back at the sight of a flat, were all showcased on the SS14 runways. If you want to recreate this there are some great mule style shoes at┬á┬áand they all have the added practicality of giving you an excellent leg muscle work out at the same time apparently (Shakes head at all this sensibleness).


Adidas ‘Socks and Slides’


You canÔÇÖt help but feel fresh and happy in pastels, and there is a reason for that – in winter they are taken away, hidden, nay banned from every single shop floor. On the runways however over the last few seasons this distinct colour palette dictatorship has been blurred, baby pink was the coat colour for AW13 dontcha know and as it happens black velvet will be totes in fash for SS14. But stop thinking back to your teen 90’s crushes this is no goth revival instead think black mixed in with the pastels. Start now by introducing some pretty lemons, mints and pinks into your manicure Essie and Chanel have a fabulous choice.



Chloe wearing whatever the hell she wants 


How on earth can a humble shirt be a fashion item I hear you ask, well I have to question myself sometimes when I am writing these things. But a key look for SS14 will be teaming a shirt with wide leg pant over the usual summer staple floral frock (don’t worry floral frocks can stay too but only if you wear them with socks and slides right). Thats right this season summer goes androdgenous, in a deliciously chic, office friendly way. You can wear heels or if you really want go wild and team your pastel pedicure and mules with this look, you will ┬ásoon have Vogue knocking on the door!


Sunglasses to Suit Your Mood


Clockwise from top left: vintage Wayfarers, All Saints Cat-eyes, Nichole Farhi Clubmasters. 

I am so glad the sun has finally decided to put in an appearance, it means we can get out our sunglasses! As with most things I’ve acquired a little collection of different styles, I really like to match my sunnies to my outfits. I think by far my favourite styles are big, thick, black frames as they are easy wear and they go with everything. Above is my ‘handbag’ collection, as in the ones I keep stashed in my handbag. They were all cheap, ┬ú20 or under so I don’t have to worry about them getting broken at the bottom of my bag. Last summer the All Saints pair were my staple, such a flattering shape, year before were the Wayfarers. This year I wanted something a bit different and was taken by the Clubmaster style. I was lusting after the Rayban Clubmasters when I found these Nicole Farhi ones. I liked that they had a lower nose bridge and of course that they were only ┬ú20 from TK Maxx. I do think my next buy will be Rayban though, as the cheapy ┬ú5 vintage ones above don’t offer much protection in strong sunlight so I would like a classic pair of Rayban Wayfarers. Red Hot Sunglasses have some amazing ones and I think their prices are very reasonable, they also have an extra large lens Wayfarer design available which I haven’t seen anywhere else.


Clockwise from top left: Nicole Farhi, Celine, J MASKREY

Besides from my everyday sunglasses I also have a few pairs of special ones. These were either expensive so I don’t want them clunking around my bag when I’m not wearing them or they go with specific outfits. The ones above are my D-Frames, they kind of have a ‘geek’ glasses feel to them, nice and chunky. The translucent ones are really only for a bit of fancy as they don’t offer any eye protection, whilst the red Celine ones I feel need balancing out with the right outfit. The J MASKREY ones with the crystal kiss are my absolute favourite sunglasses in the world ever, aren’t they amazing!


Clockwise from top: Gianfranco Ferre, Nike, Miu Miu, vintage Dior

If I want a softer look then I reach for my tortoiseshell sunnies, I have them in a variety of frame shapes from nice big cat-eyes, to oversized honeycombs, delicate gilt trimmed and aviator. One for any occasion really! I tend to wear these with a vintage dress and heels, perfect summer look.


Finally I have these big, bright D&G ones. Not sure what category these would go in! They are great just for a bit of fun and would be the pair to take to sit beside a pool with a cocktail. I also have this sunglasses chain holder from GOGO PHILIP, I’ve got a real habit of tucking my sunglasses over the neck of my tops – inevitably I end up dropping them when I lean over so this is really useful and a little bit cool I think. All I could use now is a beach…


Little Treats

I decided I needed a break from the decorating so headed into town to have a look for some accessories. What I was really after was a lamp. Having exhausted eBay for a quirky retro one I decided to see what I could find in the shops. I saw a few nice ones in Debenhams a parrot is running favourite, but since I am in no rush for it I decided to have a look around. I have found really unique things in the past from TK Maxx so decided to have a look, they also have designer clothes for men (just in case I hadn’t mentioned that). I had absolutely no intention of looking at clothes or accessories, certainly not sunglasses but some how found myself leaving the store with yet another pair!

How could I resist these embellished Karl Lagerfeld ones for ┬ú24.99! They look black but are actually layers of blue and yellow plexi. I also thought it was about time I showed you the treasured Celine’s I picked up the other week. A tip for when buying sunglasses in TK Maxx, as they don’t always have the matching case – sometimes they don’t get sent with cases at all , other times the case’s come in later- at the till ask them to write the brand of the sunglasses on your receipt and that you didn’t get a case. Then if you happen to be in the next time and they do have the matching case you can pick it up so long as you have your receipt. I do have to add though, you are getting so much off the RRP I wouldn’t worry about the case all too much. I also took home two books ‘After a Fashion’ and ‘Vintage Jewellery’ both beautiful coffee table tomes I will enjoy looking through. Especially as the former has lots of Vivienne Westwood images. My favourite scents are Lavender and Violet so I couldn’t resist this delicious Castelbel scented candle, perfect for getting rid of the smell of paint.

Have a great weekend

Simplicity is sometimes more exciting than Drama

Two of my favourite collections from Paris were Chloe and Celine. Again I am somewhat surprised by this, never having been a ‘Chloe Girl’ before. I commented on both houses regarding the S/S collections and still think that both Hannah McGibbon and Phoebie Philo really have this deep understanding for what women want to wear, but also what they will wear it with. There aren’t many looks in the following images which I personally couldn’t recreate from my own wardrobe, with a new belt or styling detail. I think there is quite a skill in creating a collection that women can alreadys see themselves wearing.

Celine A/W 10

Chloe A/W 10

Stella McCartney also has this outlook, I am always surprised by her ability to make me lust after something retro, such as S/S 10 denim skirt and the ski-pants in this collection.

Stella McCartney A/W 10

Not saying that it is only the women who can work this charm, Stefano Pilati has become synonymous with classic, well cut womenswear at YSL.

YSL A/W 10

This season Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton went all prim and proper with classic cut jackest and billowing skirts, paired with elegant kitten heels.

Louis Vuitton A/W 10

So that’s it Fashion Month is over! Now at least we can get back to S/S !

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Fashion Forecast AW 2010

Its that time of year again Fashion Week! I am stuck working so I cant attend but thanks to loads of live streaming and I feel like I am there anyway. So with NY fashion week down and London just getting started I thought I would post my fashion forecast for the A/W collections. To be honest with the weather as it is I would much rather contemplate next A/W looks than this S/S! At the moment there are two stand out trends Prim-Luxe and Trans-seasonal (I hate the magazine trend definitions gothic, graphic they are the same every year), so these are my own terms. Remember you heard it hear first!


Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Vena Cava

Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Proenza Schouler

Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs

Prim-Luxe is all about the straight cut smart suit, the librarian chic dress, the school uniform kilt, brogues and socks but mixed up with luxurious additions. Throw on some fur, leather, sequins and shimmering fabrics, its geek chic gone glam.

Carry on Summer

The feel for this trend is carrying over your summer wardrobe into winter.
Add winter accessories such as last years velvet boots, fur gloves and caplets.

Alexander Wang, Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs

Then there is the new layering. Team you summer staples with your winter ones in ways you never would have thought would work, OTK boots with safari shorts, camel capes with slick grey trousers.

3.1 Philip Lim, Alexander Wang

Or more simply just add a coat! Be a switch from summer blazer to thicker jacket or the addition of kit wear you will get more wear out of your summer peg leg trousers. Or if you’ve been working the double denim last years camel coat will winter it up.

Acne, Acne, 3.1 Philip Lim

Layer up summer dresses, again adding a coat or sweater or just adding socks and a furry bag.

Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler

‘Trans-seasonal’ is definitely the key word for A/W 2010, the boundaries between S/S and A/W are being blurred, which is perfect for the extreme weather conditions we are seeing. It is also perfect for these economic climate with many of us not able to afford new wardrobes every season. It seems the fashion world is catching on, we like to re-wear our clothes!

This trans-season dressing really started filtering through last season with Hannah MacGibbon at Chloe adding summer black, and carrying on the capes introduced in the A/W collection. Phoebie Philo championed summer leather.

Chloe, Chloe, Celine S/S 10

Chloe A/W 09

This summers soft tailoring can be ‘wintered up’ adding boots and a fur scarf, as can the pretty pastel dress adding brogues and a coat.
Chloe, Burberry S/S 10
Last A/W saw the introduction of velvet, leather and fur again (faux please) in a less in more approach, but this A/W sees them all clashed together in a real melting pot of styles.

Fendi, Balenciaga, Matthew Williamson A/W

It comes as no surprise that the designers championing these trans-seasonal trends are those who design classic staple pieces we ladies want to wear. Much as I would love to wear a wardrobe akin to that of Daphnie Guiness full of runway McQueen and Dior, most of us couldn’t turn up to work in that! So Philo, MacGibbon, McCartney all modern working women are giving us what we need, fresh smart looks and ‘keeper’ pieces we can wear for years not seasons. Looks we can easily interpret with the high street and our existing wardrobes. Perhaps with a dash of the extreme with a statement McQueen clutch or Balenciaga heels.
I can’t wait to see what London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks bring to the mix!