Old BookCase Shoe Storage Display


I am still midway with the renovations and awaiting a few more shelves for my walk-in – yep I do have more shoes than I thought. In my bedroom I decided to swap my old chest of draws for a taller styles so was left with a space. I debated having another Billy bookcase but didn’t want to make the room cramped. Instead I decided to evict all the books from this bookcase we had in the hall and bring it in to my bedroom. Since it has glass doors I thought it would be great to display more more ornate shoes whilst keeping them safe from dust. The bookcase was inherited from my Granddad, it still has his cigarette┬á burn on the top. I remember as a child my mum telling him off as he would often leave his cigarette balanced on the top whilst he went off doing things. It doesn’t really match the otherwise white room but I really quite like how it looks, or perhaps that’s just because I like the bookcase, either way I’m happy with it. I am still putting off re-varnishing the wood floors, it wasn’t a fun job the first time I did it.



The ‘before’ shot


Cigarette burn and a cup mark


I also picked up these fun storage boxes from Dunelm, I use my Lush hatboxes to hide away bits and bobs but had filled them up so these will be great for hiding messy make-up and toiletries. I know it will be worth it in the end, but I’d just like to be able to find a pair of socks without having to rummage through ten bin bags first! Hopefully by next week it should be finished, just one last trip to Ikea.

London Fashion Week SS13: Day 4

Filthy Hipster

On the Street

The street style at London Fashion Week just keeps on getting better and better! One thing I really enjoy about being here is getting to meet so many new designers. Just by stopping to talk to someone about their outfit you get to learn a bit about them and I’m always made up to find someone wearing their own design or supporting a designer friend.

Rhianna Philips

Mich Dulce

Jai Bist

Black Score

I also spotted this girl wearing Nova Chiu who I first saw at last season’s ‘Ones to Watch’ show and who happens to be showing tomorrow at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, really looking forward to the show.

On Me

Today I wore a random mix: Jacket, sunglasses and bag TK Maxx; Shoes and skirt Zara; Jumper Alexander Wang; Orange necklace Vivienne Westwood; Silver necklace Jimmy Choo at H&M.

On the Runway

┬áMy show of the day had to be Fashion Shenzhen, a collective of designers from China’s Guangdong province. The two designers which showcased their collection on the runway, Aum and Jixiangzhai (Mascot), both encorporated traditional Chinese dress details with modern cuts, fabric and design.



Other designers of note today have to be Burberry and Christopher Kane, the former a metalic rainbow, the latter taking a minimal stand. That’s if Frankenstein can ever be classed as minimal!

Christopher Kane


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

Rainbows for Everyone: Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Christopher Kane Resort 2012
I just got back from walking my dog in the park. The leaves had fallen in russet tones all over the path and conkers still in their spiked shells scattered the grass. I trampled the crisp leaves in my army boots and Parker as the sun fought to peep through the clouds. Jet and I decided to make for home as the wind picked up, the kind that chills the tip of your nose. How lovely it was, but would you believe it is only the beginning of August! What is going on with our climate when the weather and seasonal changes are happening months too soon?

The September issues are out promising the warmth and comfort of faux fur and knits, but really it is August!!!! So it was to my absolute delight that I was met with Christopher Kane’s Resort collection. Who can resist a huge smile when met with such wonderful rainbow creations. I am sure I would feel much happier about the chill in the air in a soft rainbow sweater, or a metallic silver blazer.

One of the things I adore most about Kane is that he is always happy to talk about the influences for his collections. I haven’t heard yet what he quotes for this collection but it brought to my mind things from childhood. Rainbow Brite! I wonder if he and his sister watched the cartoons when they were growing up. Jill thought the collection reminded her of ‘magic pictures’ or ‘scratch boards’ as she calls them. I am so intrigued to find out.


Rainbow brite and the Colour Kids

Spring Flowers

(Fall 2010 Giuseppe Zanotti for Christopher Kane)

I got so carried away with the Prada stole the other day I forgot to add these shoe images to the post. This is about as close to spring blooms my garden is going to get, if we plant anything the dogs eat it.
I adore Christopher Kane, every season is something radically different, you never know what to expect next. Here are some of my favourite looks and details from the collection.


Three Pairs of Boots

(Wearing: vintage Chanel blazer, snood and trousers Tesco Clothing, ASOS boots, old jumper)
My buddies over at Tesco Clothing sent me a gift voucher for Christmas so I chose these Leopard pants from one of their new brands Amy’s of Paris and this black Snood (which I can’t link you too as they seem to have sold out but they do have this bargainous Fair Isle one). I am also wearing the boots I got off ASOS, which are really gorgeous to look at but the one thing I find with cheap shoes, especially those with high heels, is that they aren’t very comfy. The arch is too high so I had to add padded insoles, but they are fine for evening / sitting at my desk shoes.
From one extreme to the other here is my Christmas present from my mum, although I got them early as she insisted I have a pair of shoes I could actually leave the house in when it was snowing! I like the style much more than the traditional Ugg shape and they are sturdier.

Of course the most exciting pair are the Christopher Kane boots!! Can you believe they got here so fast!!! They left Italy at 9am on the 30th and arrived at my door at 9am the next day, hats off to Luisa Via Roma (and Fed Ex) my new favourite online store!

They are made by Giuseppe Zanotti, whom I had not yet come across in my shoe wardrobe but I have to say I am very impressed. I always worry that with a 5″ heel they will be very uncomfortable (like those bloody block heel Pierre Hardy shoes), but with the hidden platform and well proportioned arch they are extremely comfortable and I will be wearing them daily, not just for special – in fact I am going to wear them every single day they are sooooooooo beautiful!! With the cut out detail I will also be able to wear them in summer bare foot so they are a great investment. The sizing is very good too, I could have gotten the 38.5 which I actually am but always go for a 39 with boots if I can’t try them on to be on the safe side. I am not too sure what I am supposed to do with the laces so will have to go and check out the runway photos!

Best of all they were waiting for me after an awful morning having tests as the hospital (really boring so I won’t go into details, but the reason I look so gaunt in the photo). I didn’t wear those sky scrapers to go in either ha ha, but they are the shoes I would have worn on a normal day so I put them on for the outfit shot – the boots I did wear didn’t go at all (even I have days where I really don’t care what I look like)!

So, so glad I got the Kane’s, and I had to laugh at all your great comments helping me out with my dilemma. My mum sent me a email asking if I had bribed you all, especially Penny Dreadful!

I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Since When Have I been Sensible?

So after the sales dilemma I was in last post, we now have a conclusion. I went to check on the boots one more time and saw that not only were they reduced by another ┬ú100 but they were also down to the last pair. This brought about palpation’s and I knew I had to order them or forever regret it! Maybe they will be too small, high, whatever but I just need to know so I ordered them quick-smart. They are as you may have noticed the Christopher Kane embroidered ankle boots!!! I had purred over them a good few times on Net-a-Porter where I might add they are still close to ┬ú900, but my new Internet angel Luisaviaroma, not only had them cheaper at retail but very kindly slashed the price 60% on sale. They also have free international shipping, but of course posting things from Italy takes a while so I will be getting giddy with excitement until they come. Lets hope they fit. (I also need to add I am paranoid even writing this post in case I jinx something, I really need to get out more)
What do you think, Cinderella shoes for 2011!
Here is another great site to check out for online shopping full of easy to browse categories for the best bargains around!

LFW Update

I have been saving up my LFW favourites to go in one post, but I have been sent some really great videos which I thought you guys would love to see too.

HereÔÇÖs the video from day four at London Fashion Week 2010, featuring exclusive interviews, backstage coverage and beautiful catwalk shows from Holly Fulton, Erdem, Christopher Kane and Roksanda.

I also think you will love J MASKREY’S SPRING / SUMMER 2011 fashion film directd by Jez Tozer. The way the body art is layered over with sheer fabrics looks phenominal.

Right that makes is 15:50 so I am off to watch the Burberry live screening which starts as 16:00 GMT, Hope you are all enjoying London Fashion Week, P x

Christopher Kane & Erdem: some kind of conspiracy?

It seems to me that Erdem and Kane are involved in some kind of conspiracy to get us all wearing floral embroidery, teamed with a bit of leather and lace.

Erdem A/W 2010

Christopher Kane A/W 2010

Christopher Kane A/W 2010

At first I thought, oh no, absolutely not. But now my subconscious is hankering after that black biker jacket with the furry collar and yep all that floral embroidery. This is definitely a plot!