Day 2: LFW AW 14 – For Realz

Close up with Mich Dulce

DSC_1241DSC_1242DSC_1243 DSC_1246DSC_1249

┬áDepending on what part of the world you are from you might know Mich for a variety of reasons, artist, musician, actress, milliner. I know Mich as we share a love for Vivienne Westwood clothing and a ton of mutual friends, we first met over shoe admiration and have been buddies ever since. There are a lot of things I like about Mich, one is her combination of technical skill and creativity in her millinery designs, the other is that her fashion house is sustainable. All her hats are made from a banana fiber called T’nalak which is a traditional Filipino fibre which is hand woven by women who are part of a poverty alleviation community. The women receive training so they can learn skills and help support themselves. If you ever needed an excuse to invest in a new hat, I can see no better reason. I adore Mich’s designs from caps with kitten ears, huge bows and draped veils there is something from the most traditional of tastes to the more avant guarde.

Style it, Be it


    This is what Somerset House was basically reduced to over most of Friday and Saturday, not the best weather to be stood out in a queue nor snapping street style. Everyone trooped on though and made the most of it. Extra thanks to the lovelies who braved a brolly free minute for me to shoot them. Things I picked up on were accent pops of colour, be it a fab manicure, statement clutch or ring these little highlights can brighten up any outfit. A great way to introduce colour to a conservative working wardrobe too. These personal little styling touches are what really make an outfit your own and move it away from just a trend. DSC_1274DSC_1292DSC_1294

If  huge dollops of colour are more your thing then why not take some tips from these guys, matching hats and scarves, clashing pinks and reds, a smatter of leopard print and white with cobalt blue, all utterly lush.

DSC_1298DSC_1326 DSC_1350 DSC_1362 DSC_1370


As for me you saw this outfit yesterday as I sulked in the rain! I have to say I’ve not dared look at how the satin leopard courts held up 🙁

I have to say I utterly adore this coat from TK Maxx though, bonkers but brilliant. The huge bag is from there too, both part of the new season Gold Label collection. If you haven’t heard of the Gold Label collection it is a carefully edited range of high end designer clothes and accessories which included runway pieces – but at high street prices!! I dare you to go check it out (lists of stores with the collection are available on their website) and not be amazed.

Share your favorite LFW and personal style looks with us using the tag #StyleItBeIt we’d love to see!


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom hearts TK Maxx for London Fashion Week


Dolce & Gabbana Shop My Closet

When I was doing my undergrad degree my shoe obsession was with Irregular Choice shoes, I thought they had all long gone to the shoe heaven in the sky until I found a dusty old shoe box stuffed under my bed. I dusted it off and lifted off the top to find these shining brightly at me from the gloom, result!

I had only ever worn them once as part of a fairy outfit for Halloween so they are like new, I knew you would want to see such an outfit so here it is to give you all a smile!

This was taken about four years ago now, it was the first year I started my PhD. Yeah a boob-tube and hot pants the joys of being a size 8 and a student all rolled into one.

Anyway, I shan’t be recreating that look anytime soon but it did bring to mind this A/W Dolce & Gabbana collection. We haven’t been this excited about star prints since Chanel S/S 08!

Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2011

Chanel S/S 2008

You know I love a bit of heel-and-sock action, not to mention a good sequin jacket so I have to say those D&G boys have totally jacked my style. I will be getting my starry shoes out again this season that for sure.

Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign A/W 2011

Will you be getting starry eyed this season?


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