LFW SS14 Micro Trend: 90’s Jewellery Earcuffs & Chokers

DSC_84391 DSC_87641 DSC_96391 Kilian Kerner ear cuff1

Chokers and earcuffs on the street and runway at Kilian Kerner

With the upsurge of the 90’s Grunge trend it was a no-brainer that other trends of the decade would crop up. Having spend my teenage years stuck wearing Doc Martins and oversized plaid it wasn’t a trend I welcomed. However I seem to have found myself revisiting days of yore, albeit in a more modern way. Earcuffs back in the day were little silver rings, this season they are huge ear covering things, bejewelled and in your face. Chokers are back too, anyone else religiously wear a black velvet ribbon like TV character Blossom? For 2013 leather is the choker of choice with metal facets.

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My own 90’s jewellery foray, earcuffs and rings from Topshop, choker from Charie may, ear & bow hairband Mich Dulce, mohair jumper TK Maxx, Nail varnish Chanel Blue Boy

What do you think about these trends?

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