Trends: Ways to Wear Watches

I’m not a watch person, never have been. I had a Pop-Swatch when I was in High School, more for the fashion accessory of being able to attach the face to my jumper than the purposes of telling the time. It has pretty much been that way ever since, I had a beautiful gold watch similar to the one above but smaller which I wore stacked with two gold bangles and a fist full of gold rings through out my teens and early twenties. Loose fit of course and worn well past the life of the battery. Cherished because it was a gift, little used for it’s actual purpose. The watch above is the only one I have now, I bought it for a couple of dollars in a Target in the US whilst at a conference. Why? Because I appeared a bit rude and distracted pulling out my phone to check the time when running a tight schedule. I wore it stacked up my arm with all sorts of bangles or just with one other slim gold one. Again loose, never fitted, clanking around my wrist. That was over two years ago now and the watch has been sat in my jewellery box ever since. I’ve seen lots of people embrace the watch as accessory, artfully piled high, stacked up, watches upon watches, watches over sleeves, watches worn the wrong way around. They look great, arty even.

But as the winter draws in, the summer days of bare arms are long gone and trying to tug down a sleeve over inch thick bangles starts to seem fussy and impractical. A new trend is emerging, people are now wearing simple watches that perfectly match to their outfits in an elegant, uncomplicated way. The humble watch itself becoming the focus again rather than the armfuls of tinkling gems. Watches still have than status symbol of luxury and I think we are heading back to that time when a classic watch was celebrated for what it was. Victoria Beckham, fan of stacking Hermes cuffs around her watch, has stripped back to a tiny gold chain, best to let her Rolex do the talking. If you needed any more convincing Emanulle Alt, queen of understated dressing, shows  a glint of her simple, leather strap wrist watch as she tucks her hands into a cocooning grey over coat. It is incredibly chic, no?

How do you wear your watch?

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(Emanulle Alt image via

Girl Crush – Emanuelle Alt

(Michael Perry patent boots, Rupert Sanderson ‘Bessie’ heels, Kat Maconie ‘Camilla’ boots)

I have a confession to make, sometimes when I’m out shopping I shop for a tiny Emanuelle Alt who lives in my head. She is the version of me and how I would dress had I been born with an extra 9″ and thin as a rake. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with my body but sometimes there are some trends I love but alas cannot pull off! How I would love to be able to rock a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy t-shirt like Emanuelle, she has the perfect figure and attitude for dressing simply. She always dresses it up with either a statement jacket, think leather or shoulder padded blazer or a killer pair of heels favoring designers Isabel Marant and Balmain. I was just checking out the new season shoes on offer and spotted some gorgeous pairs, for some reason blue is appealing to me. Here are three of my favourite and whilse I’m not sure if they are my own style I think they would be perfect for Emanuelle. I can just imagine her in the Michael Perry patent ankle boots with their rows of tiny buckles. The kitten heel Rupert Sanderson’s are typical of her style, she often favours a black court shoe but the navy detailing adds a nice splash of contrast. I have a pair of Prada kitten heels which are similar to this which I can’t wait to get out again this season although it will be with skirts not skinny’s for me! Finally I chose these midnight blue velvet Kat Maconie boots, they are just so beautiful and the velvet seems so luxurious for winter. They are a little different to what Emanuelle would wear but hey every girl needs to try something new every now and again. As for me I really think shades of blue and navy will be my think for autumn / winter.

Do you ever ‘Shop’ for other people?

(Image of Emanuelle Alt via Stockholm Street Style)