LFW AW13: Day 1

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Street style trend of the day was snug knitwear and cosy hats – shame the sun came out and everyone was boiling!

Celeb Spotting

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The beautiful Kate Nash took her place on the front row at many shows today, she is always ready with a lovely smile. Strutting around the court yard were Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson, Mark-Frances Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky and Victoria Baker-Harber.

 What Pearl WoreIMG_5950IMG_5975IMG_5966IMG_5964IMG_5957

Due to insane weather confusion – S/S in the shops, snowing in Manchester and sunny in London packing for LFW was a bit of a fail! I ended up leaving behind all the gorgeous light and breezy clothes I originally had marked for LFW and stuffing heavy coats and knits into my cases (yes plural). Then spent the entire day being far to hot and wishing for snow, never can win! Luckily I had packed these amazing sunglasses from TK Maxx, they remind me of beetle wings. The rest of my outfit was Vivienne Westwood and my gorgeous Rianna Phillips clutch.

My make up is all Bobbi Brown, who I had the pleasure of joining back stage too…

The Shows

DSC_4927 DSC_4967 DSC_5015 DSC_5017 DSC_5031 DSC_5050 DSC_5072 DSC_5161

Saving the best for last here are my two personal favourite shows of the day, up first was Bora Aksu (first two images). A Gothic-romance of 1920’s skull cap style head wear and floaty dresses, cinched in with intricate corsets. The chiffon capes were otherworldly, I look forward to writing the full review. Next Jena.Theo, a more personal presentation where I got to go backstage with the Bobbi Brown team. The make up look was fresh and dewy with a pop of reddy-pink lipstick to match the footwear of course! The nails were an amazing contrast of black leather-effect polish and bright orange and pink neon. This all made sense when the collection was revealed, a bright and cheerful array of smiley face emblazoned over-sized jumper dresses and striking broken graphic prints in black, orange, yellow and pink. You can also see Irene’s nails from the Bobbi Brown team, she has a version of the mani I showed on my blog last post but shaped the tips into more of a heart shape for Valentines day, cute right!

More tomorrow and don’t forget to pick up The Sunday Telegraph for the Stella magazine this Sunday 😉


 Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

Vivienne Westwood MAN AW13




My personal favourite looks from the Vivienne Westwood MAN AW13 Collection. Absolutely adore the new tartan suits, bold knitwear and oversized capes and tunics. You can see the full collection on Vogue.com. How gorgeous is the snap of Vivienne and Andreas talking their finale walk.


Modern Queen – Bora Aksu SS13

Bora Aksu SS13

‘Modern Queen’

‘For every woman born a princess, destined to become a Queen’. It was evident from the glorious crochet wool crowns that there was a regal undertone to Bora Aksu’s SS13 collection. The designer quotes Marie,Queen of Romania as inspiration for the collection. Her love of Art Deco, botanical gardens and her racy love life. Marie had many admires, she was a beautiful and powerful woman. Such qualities were reflected in the collection, the pale blues, soft greys and fresh whites create romance whilst the mustards golds and corals pack a vibrant punch. Creeping vines in Art Deco shapes add intrigue and depth. To say this was a beautiful collection is an understatement.

Portraits of the original Queen Marie (source 1,2)

For more information about the designer and to shop the collections – Bora Aksu.com

Who Needs Botox? – Fam Irvoll SS13

Fam Irvoll SS13

‘No thank you, Mr Botox’

A group of old ladies, hunched up and shuffling, greet each other with a hug and shuffle off down the run way. The music changes and the Grannies jump into dance to Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m too Sexy’! The cakes, wool balls, knitting needles, pearls, bows, hearts, poodles and cats are all things designer Fam Irvoll brought together to create the perfect, dream world Grandmother. Irvoll famously draws on childhood memories and themes for her collection and this one was no different, a real candyfloss and tea, pastel sweet celebration of the charming old lady. The collection was far from twee with body-con mini skirts adding a glamourous edge and fitted tailoring keeping the silhouette sleek. Frothy dresses in candy colours, adorned with huge corsages would be equally welcome for day or night. The was a deinitively 1950’s undertone to the shapes used. The whimsical shoes, were moccasins given a thick flatform sole and googly eyes, ears and a nose to create cute poodles. Tony & Guy created elegant bouffants amongst the eccentric wigs. Nails by Sharon Ashton were an elegant matt red and pink with 3D baby-blue bows. Echoing the make-up by Jo Sugar for The BodyShop, a pale blue eye with wing-tip liner and a pastel pink or orange-red lip.

You can see the show video at Fam Irvoll.com and see more show images in my FaceBook Album.

Backstage the matt nails with tiny blue bows, image courtesy of Sharon Ashton, @Sharon1nails

Hell’s Angels – Jena Theo SS13

Jena Theo SS13 ‘Hell’s Angels’

With the collection entitled Hell’s Angels and the invite embossed in gold intricate patters intrigue was created before we even took our seat for the presentation. Wonderful storm clouds at sunset were painted around the room creating a dramatic back drop. Angel’s did indeed come down in gossamer silk, shimmering sequins and iridescent beads. Yet they were grounded with twisting patterns of snakes, skulls and insects, invoking what would be found below the damp, cool ground. Splashes or rich ochre and burn umber gave a feeling of energy and the flow of purpose. The use of cow hide and tattoo designs echoed connotations with the earth, with living organisms. The prints, the textures, the cuts combined to make a the perfect urban wardrobe. Chunky, woven leather, cut-out Chelsea boots, balenced out floaty tops over skinny jeans and lent a casual edge to heavily embellished gowns. The female form was celebrated in corseted vests and the use of sheer chiffon. This wasn’t just a beautiful collection, it was a desirable one. A collection you could easily imagine woman wearing in the city let alone in the heavens.


You can view the full collection in my Jena Theo SS13 FaceBook Album

London Fashion Week SS13: Day 4

Filthy Hipster

On the Street

The street style at London Fashion Week just keeps on getting better and better! One thing I really enjoy about being here is getting to meet so many new designers. Just by stopping to talk to someone about their outfit you get to learn a bit about them and I’m always made up to find someone wearing their own design or supporting a designer friend.

Rhianna Philips

Mich Dulce

Jai Bist

Black Score

I also spotted this girl wearing Nova Chiu who I first saw at last season’s ‘Ones to Watch’ show and who happens to be showing tomorrow at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, really looking forward to the show.

On Me

Today I wore a random mix: Jacket, sunglasses and bag TK Maxx; Shoes and skirt Zara; Jumper Alexander Wang; Orange necklace Vivienne Westwood; Silver necklace Jimmy Choo at H&M.

On the Runway

┬áMy show of the day had to be Fashion Shenzhen, a collective of designers from China’s Guangdong province. The two designers which showcased their collection on the runway, Aum and Jixiangzhai (Mascot), both encorporated traditional Chinese dress details with modern cuts, fabric and design.



Other designers of note today have to be Burberry and Christopher Kane, the former a metalic rainbow, the latter taking a minimal stand. That’s if Frankenstein can ever be classed as minimal!

Christopher Kane


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

London Fashion Week SS13: Day3

On the Street

The Street Style for London Fashion Week Day 3 was a beautiful medley of┬á Crayola coloured prints and wondrous patterns. One trend still reigned supreme – Sportswear, baseball caps, bomber jackets, trainers from bright Nike’s to Marant style wedges all dressed up of course not like you are off down the gym! Wooly jumpers were also a key item in acid colours or clashing prints, with Kenzo being the most sighted brand around.

On Me

I fit right in with the trends I had been spotting all day, I guess it was a constant fashion mind set! I wore a vintage 80’s Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren ‘Savages’ jumper, vintage Vivienne Westwood shoes, random vintage necklace eBay, tights and skirt TK Maxx

On the Runway & Backstage

I joined the super-fabulous Sharon (@Sharon1nails), Pebbles and Zaida backstage at Nicole Farhi to see them work their magic. Nails were kept short and clean with a polished sheen to compliment the fresh, nude tones and autumnal prints used in the collection. The designer herself stopped by to get a quick manicure before the show too. You would not believe how chic this lady is, she pulled up to the show driving her drop-top vintage Porche, wearing wooden wedges and wide leg grey trousers, so elegant. Make-up was a dewy glow with sculpted cheekbones and hair a sleek half-pony tail. with a small bouffant on the crown. The details in the collection were awe inspiring, from tiny rivets to hold pleats to rectangular sequins forming a stripe down crisp white trousers.

Today also saw Margaret Howell, Marios Schwab, Matthew Williamson, Paul Smith, Mary Katrantzou and Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Trends so far are wide and varied but one thing which does seem to be constant is a softer, romantic vision for summer.

Vivienne ended her show with her poignant message ‘Climate Revolution’, wearing the dress she first reveled at the Paralympics closing ceremony. Yesterday Vivienne explain how the slogan was kept a secret and was carefully constructed and designed. The dress tied at the neck like a cape and had a 7ft train. Pockets were integrated either side so that her son and husband could place their spears into it and haul it up as a huge banner when Vivienne slipped it off, revealing her slogan to the world. The had asked Vivienne to embody the character Boudica for the ceremony, the warrior queen, that is one thing they certainly got right!

Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

London Fashion Week SS13: Day 1

(Law from That’s so Yesterday)

On The Street

Today London Fashion Week kicked off for the Spring / Summer 2013 season. The vibe was more subtle, like a gentle fashion whisper than usual, which was reflected in the collections and in the people milling around Somerset House. Whether it will last the week or we will have a few booms and bangs is hard to say, what we can be sure of is a ton of exciting new inspiration which can be used now and into next year.

Key street style trends were a mingle of winter and summer fashions, due to this crazy weather we have been inflicted with this summer. Bright, cheerful and pastel colours were still a hit but mixed in with warm tartans and edgy studs. In fact everything was studded from jackets to jewellery. Touches of the sports-Luxe trend were apparent with lots of baseball caps, baseball jackets and trainers be it Nike’s or Isabel Marant Wedges. Neon too showed no sign of going away with flashes seen in jewellery, accessories and footwear. For winter faux-fur will be huge, although for a fresh take try it in loud colours such as emerald green, ruby red and cobalt blue – all mixed together of course!

On The Runway

9am – Opening LFW was Antoni & Alison now celebratig 25 years in the business! The presented ‘New Work’ to symbolise looking forward and not back, in an array of bright colours, a real feast for the eyes.

One of the models with the after the show with the ‘patchwork’ eye shadow

11am – Caroline Charles – Bright, happy, cheerful florals and a delicious use of colour clashing. Charles always presents a charming selection of hats, this season however they were given a subtle 90′ Gothic twist with rosary bead belts and a flash of bare mid-rift.

2pm – Corrie Nielsen – We were transported into a fairy forest, with butterfly beauty and caterpillar cocoon warmth and security. Ethereal, whipped cream gowns with structure and binding shapes.

3pm – Bora Aksu – From fairy land to fairy tales we were delved into a kingdom of crochet crowns and princesses in soft jewel tones. The silhouette is regal but with a soft, romantic tone.

4:30pm – Fam Irvoll – Showing Off-Schedule at Vauxhall Fashion Scout Fam had us all wondering what to expect with her cleverly titled collection ‘No thank you, Mr Botox’. Three old grannies stooped over and staggered down the runway, only to burst into dance to the sounds of ‘I’m to Sexy’ by Right Said Fred! Playful, cheerful and a real celebration of fun and fashion, with lust worthy peplum tops and cartoon printed dresses. Not to forget the doggies loafers!

On Me

So what did I wear to pound the cobbles at Somerset House? I based my outfit around the ‘impulse buy’ shoes you may remember me picking up the other week. Keeping it sleek with a nod to the sporty trend I paired the heeled trainers with a simple black pencil skirt, loose t-shirt and leather baseball cap.

(Leather cap eBay, Clutch bag & Lego keyring both gifts, Alexander Wang T-shirt and waistcoat, Vivienne Westwood pencil skirt, assorted jewellery, shoes from TK Maxx)

This post featured the following hot lady bloggers: 1. Law – That’s so Yesterday, 3. Rebecca – It’s Cohen, 7. Katie –Glass of Fashion, 8. Lois – Bunni Punch

Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

I have tons more photo’s from just this first day so I will be getting stuck into Pinterest and Facebook, will link you up once they are up and of course link back to all the fabulous people I’ve been snapping today! But now I need so beauty sleep before day two of LFW begins.

P.S You can also check out this amazing feature Allie did about me on Wardrobe Oxygen, thanks Allie