Outfit: Bargain Jimmy Choo’s and other things


Today I’m Wearing: Jimmy Choo boots, Maxmara Cardigan, Fendi clutch, Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress

These are my Jimmy Choo boots, I’ve had them for years and they still have to be one of the best bargains I’ve scored. They were reduced from ┬ú750 to ┬ú49 in the sale! The cardi-coat and clutch are beloved old treasures too, whilst the green dress is new. It always feels good to get out old favourites and love them as much as you did when you first got them. For similar tan heeled boots I love these by Pare Gabia.


Old BookCase Shoe Storage Display


I am still midway with the renovations and awaiting a few more shelves for my walk-in – yep I do have more shoes than I thought. In my bedroom I decided to swap my old chest of draws for a taller styles so was left with a space. I debated having another Billy bookcase but didn’t want to make the room cramped. Instead I decided to evict all the books from this bookcase we had in the hall and bring it in to my bedroom. Since it has glass doors I thought it would be great to display more more ornate shoes whilst keeping them safe from dust. The bookcase was inherited from my Granddad, it still has his cigarette┬á burn on the top. I remember as a child my mum telling him off as he would often leave his cigarette balanced on the top whilst he went off doing things. It doesn’t really match the otherwise white room but I really quite like how it looks, or perhaps that’s just because I like the bookcase, either way I’m happy with it. I am still putting off re-varnishing the wood floors, it wasn’t a fun job the first time I did it.



The ‘before’ shot


Cigarette burn and a cup mark


I also picked up these fun storage boxes from Dunelm, I use my Lush hatboxes to hide away bits and bobs but had filled them up so these will be great for hiding messy make-up and toiletries. I know it will be worth it in the end, but I’d just like to be able to find a pair of socks without having to rummage through ten bin bags first! Hopefully by next week it should be finished, just one last trip to Ikea.

Outfit: Stelllllllllllla


I wore this Stella McCartney all-in-one to a conference last week, I bought it earlier in the year and couldn’t wait to wear it. Cinched in with Fendi B belt, polka dot tights and patent Dior heels. These are one of my oldest pairs of designer shoes and they have really lasted me, they need a reheel now but other than that remain looking new. I couldn’t resist the little bow with the C and D initial charms. Every time I wear anything Stella I it reminds me of this:

Outfit: Uniqlo Heattech + 100 Giveaways

 (Wearing Uniqlo HEATTECH polo-neck and leggings, Marc Jacobs jumper, Vivienne Westwood skirt, Guess shoes, Fendi Clutch, vintage belt, Roberto Cavalli H&M ring)

Because the folk at Uniqlo are very nice and also because they believe in their product so much they have decided to giveaway 100, yes 100 items of HEATTECH clothing away to my readers!

If you have no idea what HEATTECH is well it’s a really great concept, clothes which retain the heat but without the bulky layers of traditional thermals. The designs are also really on trend and fun, ranging from lace trim leggings to vibrant print bobble hats. You can take a closer look online to see the full range and learn about how HEATTECH works. So, does it work? I hear you ask, well in a word yes. I’ve been living in these leggings which are so comfy paired with Keds and an old baggy plaid shirt. I layered up this outfit here to purposely show you just how fine the HEATTECH is, you could invisibly wear the leggings under trousers when it gets really cold. What else I was impressed about was that if you get hot the HEATTECH doesn’t cling or go all sweaty, it really breathes, leaving you comfortable at all times. What can I say I’m sold.

So if you would like to try out HEATTECH four yourself, for FREE no is your chance! All yo have to do is send me an email to:

fashionpearlsofwisdom at googglemail dot com

and the first 100 will receive a code which they can take into Uniqlo and exchange for a free item! Easy as that. There are a few T&C’s which are outlined below. The main thing to note is that they code can only be used in the Oxford Street, London store by the 18th Nov 2012 – so if you can’t make it down there by then please don’t take a code which someone else could use.

You can also interact on Twitter with the #HEATTECH tag and on their Facebook Page


Giveaway T&C’s
1. codes issued are redeemable at Uniqlo 311 Oxford Street ONLY
2. Each code entitles the participant to one item of HEATTECH clothing only.
3. Codes can be redeemed until 18th November 2012 ONLY.
4. Offer only valid until stocks last.
5. Uniqlo (UK) Ltd maintain the right to withdraw this offer at any time for any reason without notice.
6. Uniqlo HEATTECH clothing will be distributed randomly based on size and gender of successful campaign participant. Participant’ HEATTECH samples can only be redeemed from valid in store redemption points. Participants cannot swap their given item with any stock on the shop floor, and cannot exchange their sample once redemption in compete. Nor can the sample be refunded for any monetary value in any Uniqlo (UK) Ltd store.

Have you tried HEATTECH before? What do you think of the concept?

The Colour of the Season

(Wearing: vintage dress and necklace, vintage Burberry trench, Fendi clutch and shoes)

I bought this vintage dress around October (didn’t wear it then for fear of being mistake for a pumpkin) and had yet to wear it until now. I really love it with the grey tights and brown accessories. If you have even looked at a glossy mag this year I am sure you will have seen they proclaiming orange as the colour of the season, though I am yet to see many people in the street embracing it I have to say.

I also realised I was yet to show you a close up of my vintage necklace which has some kind of mask on a turquoise pendant. Another random eBay buy.

As it has gone quite cool and windy I threw on my vintage Burberry trench, fresh back from the dry cleaners. I knew it was in safe hands when the gentleman said ‘this is in very good condition for such an old Burberry’. After I had convinced myself the last two things I got dry cleaned were shrunk (I did wonder if I had just got fat) I changed dry cleaners and can recommend Granada Dry cleaners. They also remove and re-sew buttons (the last cleaners I went to handed me a blunt, dirty, pair of scissors and suggested I cut off the buttons myself… ON A CHANEL JACKET, I ran away).

What do you think of wearing orange this season?

Any one else have dry cleaner phobia?

What a Carrie On!

(Wearing: Lanvin blouse, Vera Wang shrug, Dries van Noten pants, Westwood belt, Chanel sandals, Fendi clutch, F21 ring)
Last night I went to see Sex and the City 2, but firstly I need to get something off my chest:
To all the film reviewers and general other people who feel the need to give their opinions. If you are not a SATC fan, or if you are devoid of a sense of humour, then this film was not made for you!
It was made for all the SATC fans, who have followed the life of the four girls, likely going through the same life long dramas. We love the friendships, the gossip, the stories, the fashion and the sex, but most of all we like it because it is ENTERTAINMENT.
You do not need to explain to us that the outfits are unrealistic, that the storyline is unbelievable and possibly a bit offensive, we know that. The film was a romp, I mean it opened with Liza Minnelli for F’s sake. It was meant to be 2.5hrs worth of fun and it was!
So I suggest you take your reviews and stick them …., you obviously didn’t see what I saw last night. Hundreds of girls and guys all dressed up in their fabulous outfits, out with their friends celebrating basically what SATC is all about – fun and friendship. Exactly what we DO need in a recession.

Love this ring, even if it does make my skin green!

Jacket Vivienne Westwood – when I bought this a few years ago it always got me some odd looks due to the huge shoulders which were so not in fashion then, but that’s why I loved it as it was so original, damn you Balmainia for taking the special away.

Last night was also rather special for me due to what I got to wear. The blouse and shrug were actually from Carries wardrobe on the series! I also have the an authenticity certificate signed by Patricia Field!! My friends and I can’t decide if we saw Carrie wear it, if we saw it hung in her closet or if we just imagined it because it is so typically Carrie, but the task is now on to re-watch the box set all over again. Which surprisingly is taking far longer than you would think.

Lanvin runway top and Vera Wang shrug from Carries SATC wardrobe – I prefer to wear the Lanvin back to front

And the girls wore Westwood!
At the premiere and in the opening scene – Kim’s premiere look stole the show, so Hollywood glamour. I adore Miranda’s orange dress.
How fabulous was Carries totally impractical Souk dress! Was it just me or did anyone else think Sam looked 100 times better than Miley?

Toooo fab!!!!!
So did you go and see it? What did you all think?
Pearl x

Pink Ruffles

(Wearing vintage pink blouse, Chanel brooch, 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts, Fendi clutch, Michael Kors shoes)

Just a quick outfit post, this is the pink ruffle blouse I bought on a vintage shopping expedition with fellow blogger Florrie. Just right for a smart summer work look. Also saying good bye to the Kors shoes, I didn’t make it out of the house in them, just too big 🙁 but on the brightside my mum loves them! My Pom Sirius saying Hi too. I have been extreamly busy lately but I will try and catch up and vist eveyones blogs soon.

Pearl x

Fashion Forecast AW 2010

Its that time of year again Fashion Week! I am stuck working so I cant attend but thanks to loads of live streaming and Style.com I feel like I am there anyway. So with NY fashion week down and London just getting started I thought I would post my fashion forecast for the A/W collections. To be honest with the weather as it is I would much rather contemplate next A/W looks than this S/S! At the moment there are two stand out trends Prim-Luxe and Trans-seasonal (I hate the magazine trend definitions gothic, graphic they are the same every year), so these are my own terms. Remember you heard it hear first!


Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Vena Cava

Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Proenza Schouler

Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs

Prim-Luxe is all about the straight cut smart suit, the librarian chic dress, the school uniform kilt, brogues and socks but mixed up with luxurious additions. Throw on some fur, leather, sequins and shimmering fabrics, its geek chic gone glam.

Carry on Summer

The feel for this trend is carrying over your summer wardrobe into winter.
Add winter accessories such as last years velvet boots, fur gloves and caplets.

Alexander Wang, Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs

Then there is the new layering. Team you summer staples with your winter ones in ways you never would have thought would work, OTK boots with safari shorts, camel capes with slick grey trousers.

3.1 Philip Lim, Alexander Wang

Or more simply just add a coat! Be a switch from summer blazer to thicker jacket or the addition of kit wear you will get more wear out of your summer peg leg trousers. Or if you’ve been working the double denim last years camel coat will winter it up.

Acne, Acne, 3.1 Philip Lim

Layer up summer dresses, again adding a coat or sweater or just adding socks and a furry bag.

Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler

‘Trans-seasonal’ is definitely the key word for A/W 2010, the boundaries between S/S and A/W are being blurred, which is perfect for the extreme weather conditions we are seeing. It is also perfect for these economic climate with many of us not able to afford new wardrobes every season. It seems the fashion world is catching on, we like to re-wear our clothes!

This trans-season dressing really started filtering through last season with Hannah MacGibbon at Chloe adding summer black, and carrying on the capes introduced in the A/W collection. Phoebie Philo championed summer leather.

Chloe, Chloe, Celine S/S 10

Chloe A/W 09

This summers soft tailoring can be ‘wintered up’ adding boots and a fur scarf, as can the pretty pastel dress adding brogues and a coat.
Chloe, Burberry S/S 10
Last A/W saw the introduction of velvet, leather and fur again (faux please) in a less in more approach, but this A/W sees them all clashed together in a real melting pot of styles.

Fendi, Balenciaga, Matthew Williamson A/W

It comes as no surprise that the designers championing these trans-seasonal trends are those who design classic staple pieces we ladies want to wear. Much as I would love to wear a wardrobe akin to that of Daphnie Guiness full of runway McQueen and Dior, most of us couldn’t turn up to work in that! So Philo, MacGibbon, McCartney all modern working women are giving us what we need, fresh smart looks and ‘keeper’ pieces we can wear for years not seasons. Looks we can easily interpret with the high street and our existing wardrobes. Perhaps with a dash of the extreme with a statement McQueen clutch or Balenciaga heels.
I can’t wait to see what London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks bring to the mix!