Cinderella Stories

Christian Louboutin


Two designers interpretation of the Cinderella fairy tale for the Harrods windows. Christian Louboutin used cream lace over tulle studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals and applique butterflies (top). Versace went for a modern pointed stiletto in clear PVC, accents of metallic pick used on the heel and the brand logo. Both houses choose court shoes in their design. Accompanying a shimmering full skirted strapless gown. On the street outside a huge clock face is projected, the hands almost at 12 midnight.


Walt Disney (courtesy Disney)

The Cinderella story we are all most familiar with today is likely to be the Walt Disney version, where the handsome Prince rescues Cinderella from her cruel step-mother and awful step-sisters. The presence of the glass slipper is pivotal to the story, had the girl not lost her slipper, the Prince would have had no means of finding her again. The fact that the slippers are crafted from glass makes no sense, a real pair of glass shoes could never be worn, the material would be unmoulding preventing the foot from flexing and of course it would be dangerous, at risk of shattering. Why is the the slipper being made from glass important to the story? The material itself is not at all malleable and┬á prevents the anyone but the true owner from fitting into the shoe – securing the Prince finding it’s rightful owner. The unrealistic nature of the shoe also lends further magic to the fairytale. The tale itself however can be traced back for many years and across many countries. The main theme of the lost shoe is retained however the shoe comes in the form of leather sandals, fur shoes and even gold slippers.

Maison Martin Margiela (courtesy of

Throughout my childhood I often wondered what a real pair of glass slippers would look like. Maison Martin Margiela created a beautiful glass version, purely for show of course. For all practical purposes a material such as transparent perspex would work giving a similar illusion to glass. Only trouble is when you mention a perspex shoe most people will recall the traditional stripper shoe! High fashion has created many stylish variations such as my personal favourite Prada SS10 and the recent reinvention of the Maison Martin Margiela perspex wedge for H&M. So perhaps we can all be modern day Cinderella’s.

Pole dancing shoes (courtesy

Mulberry Wishlist

This photo is from my blog, taken three years ago, how time flies! These pants and top are long gone, but the Mulberry clutch and scarf and still firm favourites in my wardrobe. I admit, I find the term ‘investment buy’ a bit of a cop out we use to justify blowing our budgets, but there is truth in it. I felt in love with this gorgeous raspberry clutch, with it’s gunmetal postman’s lock clasp. The burnt orange scarf complimenting it perfectly. They are easy pieces which I can wear with numerous vintage dresses or a simple shirt and trousers. I still get excited when I pull them out to wear and hope I will do for many years to come!

I think Mulberry has some gorgeous products, we have a lovely shop here in Manchester but the last time I went for a fondle was in Harrods whilst I was in London. They have a nice selection on the Harrods website too, above are my top picks. For a large, everyday bag I really like the Del Ray. The snakeskin is sumptuous and so versatile, I like the black but the greeny-gold would be top choice, it is so unusual.┬á I also like the fun side to the brand this season was all about big furry monsters, very Wild Things. Details like the quirky turtle clasps make such a unique touch, it is cute without loosing elegance. If I was going for another clutch I would choose the Clemmie. In the dusky pink it is such a modern bag, with a great shape too. It is the kind of colour which will modernise a winter wardrobe, imagine the ducky pink with berry’s and browns, so chic. Mulberry have even more fabulous scarves, so many patterns and styles to choose from. You know I am a big fan of an oversized scarf, I wear them all year round. This multicolour on really called out to me, as did the animal print ones especially the zebra.┬á The little friendship bracelets caught my eye too, these would make perfect stocking fillers (hint, hint). The pink with gold peace charm is my favourite, but they also have a key hole charm perfect for a loved one.

I really like to learn about how things are made, this little video shows the construction of a Del Ray bag, I thought it was fascinating.

Are you a Mulberry fan?

Harrods Fairytale Christmas Windows

Nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit more than the lights going up and the windows being transformed into winter wonderlands. Manchester hasn’t had spectacular windows since before the bombing which is a real shame. As a kid it would be a day out to go and see the windows unveiled. So I always try to make it down to London to see the window’s there, this year Harrods created the most magical fairytale windows. The windows were created not only using costumes but real merchandise from the store including clothes, accessories and jewellery. The smaller display windows focused on designer jewellery and watches, many gold and glittering. Cascading diamond necklaces and gob stopper cocktail rings.

Can you guess which tale they all belong too? The Chanel one? No, not a traditional fairytale, but maybe a modern one?

Chanel takes over Harrods

During September Chanel took over Harrods. Gone were the trademark green flags and in their place the double C’s were flying high.

All the windows along Brompton Road were transformed into a little piece of Chanel heaven.

Showcasing the A/W collection.

Chanel also took root in the ground floor hall with a sumptuous beauty parlor. All the products displayed in huge glass jars, like shining boiled sweets.

For one very special day top make-up artist Marian Newman was there doing ‘Tweed Nails’, as a huge Chanel fan you can imagine my excitement and I booked my slot weeks in advance. Marian was absolutely lovely and my nails perfection. I only wish I had worn my tweed jackets so I could have had nails to match!

In the beauty parlor there was a photo-booth where I got to show off my new manicure.

Some special edition beauty products were created for the event too, my favourite was the Kensington lipstick in a Barbie pink.

Couture close up of intricate beading and sequins

Chanel also transformed part of Harrods into Chanel World, entering through a pearl curtain and finding yourself in a maze garden where the trees had Camellia flowers and even the watering can sported the double C’s. From the magical garden you could pass into a number of rooms each with a Chanel theme from Haute Couture, Coco’s play room, the perfume room, step into a giant 2.55 handbag and browse the books in the reading room. Unfortunately photos were not allowed so all I can show you are my sneaky ones taken on my phone.

Chanel clad Teddy’s in the toy room

Chanel dolls scale rue Cambon

Oversized Chanel 2.55 and jacket

Jovial Chanel mannequins

It truly was a wonderful experience, being in the world of Chanel.