Outfit: I Am Expensiv

Wearing Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS2007 ‘I am Expensiv’ dress and belt, Vivienne Westwood Union Jack tights and Vivienne Westwood SS 2004 Blue Sky collection ‘Petit-Pied’ lace up shoes, Vivienne Westwood earrings – gift from my gorgeous Mr Griff

I actually wore this with a cardi and a huge old faux-fur coat but it kind of ruined the effect so I sucked it up and froze to death for a few snaps. I think these tights look fab with white, World’s End have some carefree, loose hemmed cotton dresses in right now which look amazing with them. But more about World’s End another time when I have my latest buys to show you. My friend Rich took me on a surprise birthday trip on Tuesday where we also went to visit my Tracey trainers in the Sneaking into Fashion exhibition in Convent Garden. I will share my photos with you soon.

I had a fair few questions about the tights so for anyone else wanting to know about the Union Jack tights you can buy them from World’s End by mail order and in the VW boutiques for ┬ú30. They are very thick, almost like leggings, I’ve had some of my Vivienne Westwood tights for years and I’ve never laddered a pair yet (touch wood), so they are worth the money. They also come in the same print but in bright yellow, green and pink colours.

I guess this will be the last even remotely summery outfit of the year, currently I’m trying to locate a box of scarves and my black wool trousers which have gone missing!

Are you missing summer already or looking forward to wrapping up for winter?