A Vogue Birthday!

Today is my birthday! So I thought I would share with you some images from Vogue October 1981 the year I was born. I bought the magazine after Fab had bought one for her daughter’s birthday, such a great idea for a gift.

Couldn’t this girl be Freja Beha in Chloe!
The magazine has some pretty hilarious pictures and bazaar stories, and I certainly didn’t realise how obsessed everyone was with fur in the 80’s! But what was really surprising was how similar the fashions were to today!
Have a great day, I have a present to go buy!

Pucci Dreams and the Wise Words of Wendy B

Pucci goodies!

Do you ever have those day dreams, I am sure you do, of what you would buy should money be no object? I have this dream of me wafting around St Tropez head to toe in Emilio Pucci. I just absolutely adore the bright prints and vibrant colours. I did worry when Matthew Williamson left that my Pucci dreams were going with him, but I couldn’t have been more stunned by Peter Dundas, though less vibrant and much more graphic I fell in love all over again. Of course I would never buy Pucci, being rather expensive and only getting worn on holiday not really cost per wear effective!

So when I received a TK Maxx gift voucher for taking part in their styling challenge I heeded the wise words of Wendy B

“I decided that gift cards should never be used on something I would have bought anyway. No ÔÇ£I urgently need a new pair of black pumps for workÔÇØ purchases. Gift cards should be spent on items that would normally be too expensive, or not a good match with my wardrobe, or at risk for water damage on rainy days. WendyB has spoken.”

And so I went all out for some Pucci! I bought an I-will-only-wear-it-once-a-week-per-year-if-I-am-lucky Dundas design graphic print sarong, a these-are-ridiculous-but-I-love-them pair of palazzo pants which need shortening by about half the leg and an it-might-get-ruined-on-the-beach lovely bright, it must be one of Matthew Williamson’s print kaftan. I also bought the cat-eye Lulu Guinness sunglasses I was wearing in the last post.

Matthew Williamson at Pucci S/S 08

Matthew Williamson at Pucci S/S 09

Peter Dundas at Pucci A/W 10

The wise words of Wendy B also rang true in reply to my clog dilemma ‘Don’t go for “versatile” and “practical.” Go for what you LOVE. You will find ways to wear it. Never settle’ right you are Queen B, I know that there is no point stressing over it, I will just get the ones which I see and love, practical or not! Maybe I should have called this post Wendy B’s Pearls of Wisdom!

Have a great week, in clog anticipation,


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How to Wear Clogs and other Important Clog Musings!

Chanel clogs with and without flower
This week I have been on a secret mission, to view a pair of Chanel clogs. The thing is they are being produced in such limited numbers they will never hit the shop floor in the UK. In fact they will never even make the window display. So not only will most people not be able to buy a pair, they probably won’t even get to see them! This brings with it a few problems, yep I am at the top of the pre-order list but I had only seen the clogs on the runway, and guess what? Of course the retail clogs aren’t going to be exactly the same! Even Chanel doesn’t have pictures, only descriptions of each style to be produced. I have my eye on either the plain black leather or the suede black with white poppy flower – both low heel.

The pictures above are the closest I have seen. As they are so limited they are being shipped individually from Paris so even though I have my name down for both styles I won’t actually get to see them both at the same time to compare, I have to chose before then! I have at least been able to now go and view the first pair to arrive, they were a half size to small so I have to wait for my size to come in, but they were in the black leather. What are they like? For something so simple as a pair of clogs they are AMAZING!

A pile of the runway clogs

Anyway, this is where I need your help! The leather will come in first, I can buy these and be happy, or I can not get them and wait for the suede with flowers. But not having seen the suede I can’t say which I prefer and I can’t afford to get both.

On aesthetics alone I would choose the flowers, they were the ones that had me dashing to pre-order right off the runway. But having given it some consideration I am wondering if the plain clogs will be much more versatile. I know the flowers will look amazing with dresses, skirts and shorts but will they be too much with trousers (the peg leg kind I wear)? Also what about winter, will the flowers work with winter wear or will they look daft and too summer? Also practically suede with white flowers are not going to withstand any rain! But the flowers really do make them stand out as an amazing piece of Chanel.

How to wear Clogs:

If money were no object I would also love a pair of the white high heeled ones, worn here by Garance so fab for evening!
Although it pains be to give publicity to Jeff Campbell (and other “designers” who just produce copies yep Sam Eddleman, Jessica Simpson et al), I totally understand that people need a clog fix that won’t break the bank. So my top picks are th J. Campbell high clogs rrp approx ┬ú100, and the Zara low heel rrp approx ┬ú70.

(So sorry I didn’t note now half the image refs for this post as it wasn’t intended to be one- but they include Garance Dor, Vogue, alltheprettybirds.blogspot.com)

I don’t know, come on guys which would you choose?

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Pearl x

People who Wear more Chanel than me #2

I am sure this is one lady who needs no introduction, Caroline Sieber super stylist (she used to be an accountant) and Chanel ambassador. There aren’t many people who I would swap wardrobes with but Caroline is a possible exception, I think it is because we have a similar style – Chanel with everything and a penchant for shorts!

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Double the Denim, Triple the Fun: How to Wear Double Denim

(Wearing leather jacket Matthew Williamson for H&M, denim shirt Primark, jeans Matalan, shoes, brooch and vintage bag Chanel)
Double denim was a huge shock trend appearing on the S/S10 runways, my absolute favorite was Ralph Lauren who totally embraced the trend, closely followed by Chloe’s subtle one look inclusion. It wasn’t however a trend I thought I would be embracing, and yet I found my self pairing my denim (it is chambray actually) shirt with my jeans. It just felt so fresh and so now!
(Since I was breaking out my summer crop sleeve leather jacket I thought I would try out one of the Chanel tattoos, more on these when I try something elaborate!)

Ralph Lauren S/S 10

Chloe, William Rast, D&G all S/S 10

Twenty8Twelve one and two S/S 10, three A/W10

The designers broached the trend from full on pants, shirt, jacket and hat in denim, to more subtle takes such as Twenty8Twelves A/W 10 where the shirt and shorts are broken up with the cardigan and tights. I think the less is more approach is a safe option, try a denim bag with jeans. Alternatively break up the denim by wearing light on top ad dark on the bottom. Or just embrace it full on, its summer (nearly) and time to have some fun. Here are some of my favourite looks.

(Image credits: advancedstyle, blueisinfashionthisyearyear, denimology, denimblog, sartorialist, stylebubble, whoshotbambi)
Will you be trying out this trend?

Key Trends & Pieces A/W 10/11

Just because fashion week is over doesn’t mean you can for get all the A/W 10 shows just yet. I always keep in mind the trends I have seen and pick out all the elements I like, as during the warmer months is the perfect time to snap up winter bargains. Think mid-season sales and eBay bargains – buying out of season is always cheaper. You can also start to assess what you already have in your wardrobe, to wear in different ways or what you need to add to keep your look fresh.
Ann Demulemeester, Givenchy, Alexander Wang

Osman, Balenciaga, Roland Mouret

Stella McCartney, Roland Mouret, Chloe


Philip Lim, Chloe, Isabel Marant

Aviator Jackets

Burberry, House of Holland, Christopher Kane
Big Furry Coats

Gucci, Burberry, Chanel

Alexander Wang, Chris Benz, Gareth Pugh

Midi Full Skirts

Dries van Noten, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs
Huge Mittens

J Mendel, Givenchy, Maxmara

Unusual Tailoring

Vivienne Westwood Red Lable, Roland Mouret, Miu Miu


Etro, Chanel pre-fall, Etro
Have a great weekend,
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