Outfit: Luella & Chanel Pretty in Pink

563588_646210228752366_679418915_nToday I’m Wearing: Luella dress from TK Maxx, Luella t-shirt, vintage Chanel fantasy tweed jacket, Michael Perry Cherry shoes from Spartoo Luxury, vintage faux snakeskin bag, John Greed ‘Midnight Orchid’ necklace*.

Is it just me or are these so many Social Media options these days! I have been fully immersed in Instagram since getting my iPhone (and super grateful for its share to Twitter & Facebook function), but I keep getting told off by those of you who shun all forms of Social Media. So I decided I would keep on sharing just my very favourite Instagram snaps on the blog to try and make it fair to those of you without Instagram / those who see the same snap on all my channels! It is hard to please everyone I know, but I do try. Big thanks for all the lovely feedback on my Inspirations series, I hope to make it regular.

This pretty pink outfit is what I wore to see the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty last week at the Lowry. A lovely treat from my gorgeous friends┬á Z & A who spoil me and Mother of Pearl far too much. It was the first night off we had both taken in a long time so it was nice to get dressed up and get swept away for the night. I adore the ballet, the dancing, the costumes, the incredible orchestra, everything about it. It has been many years since I donned a tutu and leotard (must dig out those photos for you) but I did feel a little princess-like in this poufy Luella dress.

You might remember the agonising I did over it when I first found it in TK Maxx reduced from ┬ú600 to around ┬ú200. I didn’t wear pink, certainly didn’t do girly and really couldn’t afford to buy a dress I might never wear. But it had pockets and I love pockets. It also made a rather satisfying swishy sound when I walked. I made myself put it back on the rail and that was that. I went home and thought about it. Thought about it a bit more. Went back for it and alas it was gone.

A few weeks later, I was back in the store and there it was, magically it appeared on the sale rail. I figured that was fate and took it home with me. Some how I now find myself with the exact same dress in orange and  a skirt version of this dress too. Obsessively addictive personality, me? I paired it with other fanciful things and off I went, a fairytale night in a fairytale outfit.

Outfit: Stuff I’ve Been Wearing


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – white Gigot dress, DIY socks, Tracey trainers all Worlds End; blue Wizard dress, Expensiv belt, DIY socks, Red T-Bar shoes all Gold Label; inset Gigot dress as before, Choas socks, mint green Galo jacket, Silver Piped Courts shoes all Gold Label

Summery – for the odd few days we had sunshine up North


Wearing all Vivienne Westwood – Red Label tartan jacket and Bondage kilt, Lee denim + Angolmania Drunken jeans, VW print socks, Winter tartan bag, Gold Label yellow leather Roman 3-Strap sandals.

Wintery-Summery – for when it has been a bit nippy, which has been most days, where has summer gone? That’s not my crown by the way, it is on display at the Hat Works Museum, Stockport (more on that soon).

These outfits, mixed and matched a bit, have become my current favourites.I am still really loving the iPhone, Instagram, InstaFrames and my Acer tablet (review coming soon) for being able to share my outfits and also enjoy what you are all wearing.

Going AWOL

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1. Tartan kilt, Vivienne Westwood Red Label; 2. Scarf sharing in the snow; 3. Vivienne Westwood party shoes; 4. Shoe Exhibition; 5. Red Label suit; 6. Salon print; 7. Alexander Wang boots; 8. Rianna Phillips clutch; 9. Wendy Brandes Little Wolf; 10. Worlds End Alien coat; 11. Window shopping diamonds at www.diamondsandrings.co.uk ; 12. Trying out new beauty products.

Don’t worry I haven’t dropped dead, but I have been really ill and just started a new job the two combined took all my energy! So here is a bit of a cop-out post to prove I am still live and kicking, well just about. With some of the things I have been up too lately.