Outfit: Stuff I’ve Been Wearing


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – white Gigot dress, DIY socks, Tracey trainers all Worlds End; blue Wizard dress, Expensiv belt, DIY socks, Red T-Bar shoes all Gold Label; inset Gigot dress as before, Choas socks, mint green Galo jacket, Silver Piped Courts shoes all Gold Label

Summery – for the odd few days we had sunshine up North


Wearing all Vivienne Westwood – Red Label tartan jacket and Bondage kilt, Lee denim + Angolmania Drunken jeans, VW print socks, Winter tartan bag, Gold Label yellow leather Roman 3-Strap sandals.

Wintery-Summery – for when it has been a bit nippy, which has been most days, where has summer gone? That’s not my crown by the way, it is on display at the Hat Works Museum, Stockport (more on that soon).

These outfits, mixed and matched a bit, have become my current favourites.I am still really loving the iPhone, Instagram, InstaFrames and my Acer tablet (review coming soon) for being able to share my outfits and also enjoy what you are all wearing.

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Trends: New Fashion Accessory the iPhone


I don’t know about you but I’ve really noticed how people are using their iPhones as a an accessory. They now rival clutch bags, bracelets and rings as the hand accessory of choice. I’ve seen some amazing street style shots of the fash-pack all matching their phones to their outfits. The bunny ears cases seem to be really popular. I was due an upgrade in November and had my mind set on upgrading to an iPhone 5, even went into phones4u to get it. But didn’t. I love the iPhones but I’ve had a Blackberry for two years and I’m now scared I will choose the wrong phone! What if I can’t cope with having no buttons, I know I would get used to I’ve had touch screens before but I do really like the BB keypad. I do feel like I am missing out on all the cool iPhone app’s especially Instagram. I had a borrow of my mums iPhone and was really taken in with all the apps, you never can tell until you use it yourself though. I can imagine sending emails with a touch pad being quite slow. The BB Bold looks quite good and it is half buttons half touch screen. Hmm I don’t know, there will probably be a new phone out before I decide!

For everyone already with an iPhone you have to admit there are so many amazing covers and cases out there. The pink one above which is like a mini handbag is incredible. I’ve also seen wacky ones with everything from bottle openers to photo’s of ears!

What phone do you use?

(Credits: Vogue.com, Gastrochic.com, StockholmStreetStyle.com)