Things for the Alternative Bride

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Don’t be getting the wrong idea, there are no wedding bells for me just yet, however I have been talking to a few people about weddings and how traditions are changing. Rock and Roll Bride is a fabulous blog documenting how creative weddings can be these days, reflecting the couple not just traditions. J MASKREY recently launched her new online store, with it her bridal range. I absolutely love the idea of a bride carrying a box clutch and rocking a pair of glamourous shades instead of a veil! Her crystal encrusted body jewellery would look really pretty but edgy too and who wouldn’t want to walk up the isle in these incredible shoes! Click here to see the full J MASKREY range

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When it comes to wedding gifts I know toasters and crockery are traditional, snooze! Wouldn’t it be lovely to create something which the couple could treasure? I thought a charm bracelet such as the Pandora ones would be a wonderful gift, each guest could choose a charm. Padndora also do leather thong bracelets and necklaces suitable for men so it’s not just a gift for the bride. Click Here for Pandora Charms

Outfit: Wiggle Skirt & a Beehive

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Wearing: J MASKREY Sunglasses and skin jewellery, Iceberg pencil skirt and Sweetie jumper both TK Maxx, vintage Vivienne Westwood elevated platform shoes, fishnet socks Primark.

The sun, the sun!! I have literally been busting at the seems for a bit of sunshine so I could show off my fabulous new glittering treasures! Why did I need to wait for the sun? Well if you are familiar with the designs of J MASKREY you will understand, if not then scroll down the photos then come back up and read on…

Did you see? Only under the sun, or in fact party disco lights can you full appreciate the sparkling beauty of so many crystals! J loves crystals, in fact J pretty much puts crystals on anything you could ever imagine – no wonder I like her so much right! In fact my first ever J MASKREY┬á piece were a pair of crystal encrusted gloves, which I still get immense pleasure out of every year I pull them out. You can see them here in one of my very early blog posts, how did it get to be 4 years ago! How! Time flies and I actually can’t believe I was thin /brave enough to wear hots pants back then too.


J MASKREY skin jewellery is already really famous with it adorning the bodies of celebs such as Rhianna and co, lucky for us she just set up her incredible online store so we can all have a glitter binge too! As soon as I saw the website I wanted absolutely everything immediately! I just wanted to roll around like a kid in a candy store. SUCH PRETTY THINGS! Also some cheeky things like her C’ word clutch bags as toted by Lady Gaga. Anyway, you know I am a bit of a sunglasses addict so how could I not fall head over heels for a pair of crystal encrusted kiss frames. The ‘Sexy D Frame’ sunglasses are a chunky, black ‘geek’ frame, nice big lenses and a Swarovski pucker! The lips are made up of lots of different sized aurora borealis crystals with tiny specks of glitter in between each stone – hows that for attention to detail. They come in a sleek satin finish hard case to keep them safe too. Everyone I’ve showed these sunglasses too have demanded I hand them over to be tried on straight away.

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The other twinkling accessory you can see is one of the skin jewellery designs, the ‘Gold Crystal Flower‘. Literally like a sticker for you skin! You just peel off the backing sheet and apply where ever you choose on the body or on your phone, books whatever you like. They have enough adhesive for around three wears on the skin then you will need a dab of eyelash glue to add the stickiness back. I have really sensitive skin and found no irritation at all, win. I have become obsessed with the skin jewellery, I love tattoo’s and I love jewellery. I think these are so pretty and can’t wait for summer so I can show them off a bit more. Now you might have come across other skin jewellery but I think I can safely say you won’t have seen anything even close to J MASKREY designs. There is so much attention to detail I sat looking at this transfer for a full ten minutes with my jaw grazing the carpet. The most precious Swarovski crystals, pearls and beads glittering away. Absolute works of art each and every one. I don’t know if you can see on the photo’s but the centre stone is a large, 3D faceted crystal!

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What do you think, do you love a bit of sparkle?

J Maskrey at On/Off

With Chanel tattoos body are is back with a bang this season, but no one could ever compete with J. Maskrey’s body art, and then there are the clothes all adorned as an extention of the body. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the show but here the On/Off report:
“J Maskrey mesmerized the audience with a dazzling collection for autumn winter, gaining a standing ovation at the end for her first Fashion Week show in 5 years. Body crystals adorned the models, which perfectly set off the sparkling futuristic, biker chic of the colletion. Dripping in diamonds and exuding glamour, models ascended the runaway slowly, so each item could be viewed like a piece of artwork.

The collection was inspired by a 1930ÔÇÖs black and white movie called The Mask of Fu Man Chu. Fast forward 80 years and the shapes are tight, short and strong- the return of the modern day heroine. Huge fan hair pieces gave models a regal, goddess-like air. “

N.B. Now you can watch the show in all its shimmering glory:

All that Glitters – J Maskrey

Think back a couple of years to the summer you were spending all you time sticking tiny crystals all over your body, remember? They were like jewelled tattoos! Well that was down to the designer, former make-up artist, J. Maskrey! Turns out she decided to stick the crystals all over clothes too, and has been designing gorgeous glittery fashion since 2000. Take a look at these shots for her new collection – I love!

Anyway, what got me thinking about J was that whilst I was hunting for more sneaky peeks of the new Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes, I found that J also did a collaboration. How cute are these clear pumps, I think they would look like you just had lots of crystals covering your feet – so pretty! Seriously though I have to look away from this collection as I am already hankering after those crystal leggings, and the gloves are gorg, and um I would probably need that sweater…