Jennifer Lawrence On & Off Screen

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet, image from MyVue

I’m not usually one for celeb watching, however I couldn’t help noticing how incredible Jennifer Lawrence’s style is! On screen she often plays the girl-next-door, wearing practical, sporty clothes as in the Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook. Off screen she is a blond bombshell in the sleekest, figure hugging dresses and chic trousers.


Jennifer’s many glam looks, image from Handbag

Jennifer always keeps things simple, which is the key to her look. She adopts a make-up-free make-up look, barley there foundation, a little bronzer and a pale lip. Long, healthy sun-kissed hair is either left loose and tussled or in a soft up-do. For evening events she keeps away from fussy prints and sticks to bright block colours or chic blacks and navy. Accessories are a no-no, she may choose a delicate pair of earrings but gobstopper rings and statement necklaces aren’t for this girl. The same goes for shoes, either a classic pointed pump or an elegant heeled sandal makes the perfect, chic look. It is hard to choose my favourite look, but the sunshine yellow reflects her upbeat personality and the navy jumpsuit is the epitome of well tailored chic.


As Katniss in the Hunger Games, image from the Telegraph