Shoes: New Kicks

Keds ‘Celeb Jersey’

“A Ked.” “A what now?” “Keds.” “Huh???” This was pretty much how my first conversation about Keds went. It would seem the rest of the world have been wearing them for ages. The go-to shoe for a touch of cool with added comfort! But as a heels girl they were lost on me. As it happened I was familiar with the style and once brought to my attention I saw them everywhere. On guys and girls, with skinny jeans and spring dresses. They had my attention so I decided to find out more about this new shoe trend. Turns out it wasn’t a new trend at all. Keds are almost 100 years old. First launched in 1916, their unique soft rubber sole coining the moniker ‘Sneakers’. The simple, low top trainers have been worn by many famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Quite frankly I was sold. Both women after my own heart, fellow lovers of high waist jeans, adding a simple sweater or white shirt to finish off the Keds look. You can’t deny it is is rather chic, in that innocent, girl next door kind of way. I think the beguiling quality of them is to wear them with something you would usually add heels to. These days Keds produce the shoes in many different colours and fabrics yet the original ‘Champion‘ and it’s slightly chunkier sister ‘Celeb‘ are the classic styles. I chose the grey jersey ‘Celeb’, because my love of the fabric holds no bounds. I am looking forward to styling these up ├á la Marilyn or Audrey?┬á├Ç la Pearl!

Marilyn Monroe in ‘Clash By Night’, 1952; Audrey Hepburn in ‘Two for the Road’, 1967.