Outfit: Luella & Chanel Pretty in Pink

563588_646210228752366_679418915_nToday I’m Wearing: Luella dress from TK Maxx, Luella t-shirt, vintage Chanel fantasy tweed jacket, Michael Perry Cherry shoes from Spartoo Luxury, vintage faux snakeskin bag, John Greed ‘Midnight Orchid’ necklace*.

Is it just me or are these so many Social Media options these days! I have been fully immersed in Instagram since getting my iPhone (and super grateful for its share to Twitter & Facebook function), but I keep getting told off by those of you who shun all forms of Social Media. So I decided I would keep on sharing just my very favourite Instagram snaps on the blog to try and make it fair to those of you without Instagram / those who see the same snap on all my channels! It is hard to please everyone I know, but I do try. Big thanks for all the lovely feedback on my Inspirations series, I hope to make it regular.

This pretty pink outfit is what I wore to see the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty last week at the Lowry. A lovely treat from my gorgeous friends┬á Z & A who spoil me and Mother of Pearl far too much. It was the first night off we had both taken in a long time so it was nice to get dressed up and get swept away for the night. I adore the ballet, the dancing, the costumes, the incredible orchestra, everything about it. It has been many years since I donned a tutu and leotard (must dig out those photos for you) but I did feel a little princess-like in this poufy Luella dress.

You might remember the agonising I did over it when I first found it in TK Maxx reduced from ┬ú600 to around ┬ú200. I didn’t wear pink, certainly didn’t do girly and really couldn’t afford to buy a dress I might never wear. But it had pockets and I love pockets. It also made a rather satisfying swishy sound when I walked. I made myself put it back on the rail and that was that. I went home and thought about it. Thought about it a bit more. Went back for it and alas it was gone.

A few weeks later, I was back in the store and there it was, magically it appeared on the sale rail. I figured that was fate and took it home with me. Some how I now find myself with the exact same dress in orange and  a skirt version of this dress too. Obsessively addictive personality, me? I paired it with other fanciful things and off I went, a fairytale night in a fairytale outfit.

Little Floral Student

(Wearing: Cos t-shirt, Luella skirt, gift necklace, Primark socks, Chanel shoes)

This is my outfit I choose to be part of Florrie’s Floral Festivities to celebrate her blog birthday (I always forget my own blog birthday until Florrie mentions hers, as mine is just before). You should check out all the wonderful floral entries! This outfit makes me very happy for many reasons. Firstly as this Luella skirt arrived in the post just the other day from my friend Rich who had spotted it in TK Maxx for me. I have to say there aren’t many people who can choose clothes for me but Rich I trust 100%. In fact we first met when he was working at Vivienne Westwood, he always knew exactly what I would love. Now he has qualified as a staff nurse and he is still looking after me.
Secondly the lovely floral necklace was a surprise from the darling Sharon of My Style, she is one of my favourite bloggers always finding the best bargains.

Finally the fact that I am even wearing florals is a fairly new concept to me, having steered well clear for years. I can’t explain why, maybe I thought I wasn’t all that girly! Under the influence of Florrie I have to say I have become quite the convert, shopping trips with her and Emma have swayed my floral thinking. I had to use Florrie’s tweet as my title ‘I am very proud of you my little floral student’

Whats In The Shops Lately?

I’ve gotten into the habit of snapping everything, when I don’t have my camera I have my phone Here are some photos Ive taken whilst out shopping over the last couple of weeks.

Two Weeks Ago

Harvey Nics decided to put huge freaky life size rag dolls all over the place, aren’t they hideous!

Lots of gorgeous shimmery things courtesy of Elie Tahari and DKNY.

Whilst Primark was awash with vibrant floral prints

Our TK Maxx has had a make over and I was so impressed to see it, beautiful flooring, bigger changing rooms but most of all clearly defined sections and clothes neatly in place – not your usual jumble sale-like ruckus! The Gold Label section was huge, with some of my favourite designers.

I loved this PJ style play suit by JPG

Rails of Pucci kaftan’s, all neatly lined up.

Look at all the nice rails and the fancy flooring, quite boutiquey.

Oh wait, what is that?

Only a Chloe cape!

Sheer, iridescent sequin Stella McCartney leggings!

Prada FAIRY print top!!!!!!!! I swear this nearly came home with me despite the fact it was 4 sizes too big (The print would have been lost having it taken in).

Some more Luella pieces!! I found these two skirts, both very pretty but I decided to have a think about it and come back later, they were gone so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

This was only a couple of weeks ago, so today (Saturday) I had to call into town to pick something up. I had mentioned the amazing Pucci to Mrs Fab and went to check them out for her. To my dismay the beautiful TK Maxx was back to its riotous old self, all the Gold Label was randomly around the shop and there was no beachwear insight. Nothing annoys me more than having to search for things, why move your shop around when it was so perfect just the other week??? A member of staff even started to move a rail away when I was looking through it!

Really wound up about all this, I was just storming out of the shop in a rage when something caught my eye. On a rack of Sale Gold Label items I spotted the beautiful, amazing, perfect Luella dress I had tried on when shopping with Florrie and Em (in this post Luella Forever). Its original RRP had been ┬ú550, the TK Maxx price was ┬ú170 but it had been reduced first to ┬ú120 but then further to ┬ú60!!! This I think was fate, so I grabbed it quick smart and scuffled off to the changing room – 15 people queue when half the fitting rooms were empty – not acceptable!! But anyway, I needed to check the size as I remembered the Luella all being really oddly fitting sizes last time. This time the 10 fitted like a 10 and off I skipped with my dress. I had a good rummage to see if I could find any of the other Luella for Florrie but none was to be found.

The sale rails had some really good reductions actually if your after a bargain. What pains me the most is seeing beautiful, delicate pieces lying trashed on the floor. Stunning designer dresses with hundreds of pounds on the price tag need more respect. Where is the sense of letting a ┬ú500 dress get all pulled, them reducing it to ┬ú200, nobody in their right mind will buy that, it is such a waste! A Balenciaga watch with no back on it, countless pairs of scratched sunglasses, scuffed shoes…This really upsets me, it is also bad business.

Judging from the reactions of many customers (yeah I listen into peoples conversations) half the people who shop in TK Maxx are those buying the high street priced pieces and the other half are there for the designer, nobody seems to want to shop for both. I tried explaning to a lady why a Giambattista Valli dress was so expensive, pointed out the workmanship etc, she said but look at this dress I found its only ┬ú10! I am not saying there is anything wrong with not wanting to buy designer clothes, but some people do, perhaps it isn’t wise to mix both in the same shop?

It is obviously acceptable to toss things on the floor in Primark so is that why people do it here? Personally I could never bare to throw anything on the floor no matter how much it cost. When you are only paying ┬ú5 for something I guess you don’t mind so much shaking dust off it? However when you are asking in excess of ┬ú100 for something you need to show why that price is being asked. You need to respect the merchandise so that the customer does too. Women who spend ┬ú500 on a dress don’t want to rummage through junk rails to do so, they go to Selfridges! When you are looking for a cheap bargain you don’t want to have to riffle through all the things not in your budget either. The sunglasses annoy me so much, when you buy a pair if the sales assistant can’t be bothered riffling through huge piles of cases to find you the correst one, you just get any old case – but in Liverpool TK Maxx the glasses are all on tables in their correct cases, its not difficult is it? When I went into the shop right after its make-over the front half had all the designer, all on individual rails per garment type, then at the back of the store all the high street brands, again all sorted by garment type. It was perfect!

I’m not beating up on TK Maxx, I know it is a discount outlet, but I just thought with spending so much money on the shop make-over they were working on improving things like this, it is disappointing as they had it spot on just a few weeks ago, what happened!!

I will come and work for you, I would do it for free, its not difficult, honest! Sort it out!

What are your local TK Maxx’s like? Found any bargain lately? What has caught your eyes this season?