Incredible TK Maxx Buys – Maison Martin Margiela & Givenchy

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I’ve not really bought much recently, I’ve not really been in the mood. Even the summer sales didn’t really tempt me. Sure if someone said here’s one million dollars I’d say pass me the look books but I’ve not really felt that needy desire. Part having new projects on the go leaving me with less daydreaming time, part undergoing renovations has pretty much beat joy of shopping out of me. As much as the reno’s are driving me crazy, I can’t wait to see the house when it is all done, especially as I decided last week to take the plunge and have a walk-in wardrobe built. I’m sure I will be insanely excited one it is finished but at the moment it just means I have no access to my clothes and shoes for could be the best part of a fortnight, urgh. I am now seeing the flaw in my coping strategy of throwing a few pairs of underwear and three t-shirts in a carrier bag to see me though. Since I can’t work from home at least 2 days this week I will have to go crawl around bin bags and boxes in attempts at constructing an outfit, wish me luck!

In the midst of all this I found myself with a spare half an hour in town and decided to cut through TK Maxx. Without even intending on shopping I inadvertently stumbled upon two amazing finds (isn’t that they way it always goes). The first thing to catch my eye was the Givenchy panther and iris print t-shirt. I’ve been liking Givenchy’s take on prints for the last few seasons, they are quite fun from what I usually see as such a serious brand. Since my Christopher Kane monkey t-shirt is still a firm favourite years later I’ve been looking out for something in a similar vein. Much as I admired the Givenchy panther & iris t-shirts, beautiful with the silky front panel I didn’t want one enough to stump up ┬ú300-400 for one. I couldn’t believe my luck finding one in TK Maxx especially so soon after they were released.

The next thing to catch my eye was this wonderful fuzzy sweater, I loved how soft it was. It looked rather Margiela to me all oversized with deconstructed sleeves. The tag threw me a little as I knew MMM used blank tags but I had only seen them with the four characteristic corner stitches, never the safety pin. After consulting with a few friends and doing a little research I discovered that the four stitches were a more recent move to work as a trademark – MMM had originally set out to be none-branded, the idea of the blank tag was so that you could remove it and thus wear your clothes without being a brand whore. But of course brands sell and so the four stitches, whilst still discrete became the brands trademark. As it has the Staff International manufacturer tag which began production of MMM in 1991 it dates the jumper to 1991-1997, 1997 was when the characteristic numbered tags to distinguish between all the MMM lines came into being. I can’t at the moment say if it is Artisanal ‘D├®fil├® ‘ or Line 1 but I would edge towards Line 1 as it looks more of a RTW piece to me. I hope to find out more about MMM, if you do too here is a great reference. For ┬ú70 and ┬ú30 respectively I really am made up with these finds, beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time.

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What the MET Gala 2013 Can Teach Us


┬áCommenting on trussed up celebs isn’t usually my game but I really couldn’t resist with this years MET Gala having a Punk theme. Having a theme for any event doesn’t usually bode well and the stars out last night fell victim trying to live up to it. Unless you are at a fancy dress party don’t change your style for anyone! Let’s have a look eh…

Starting with Dame Viv and date Lily Cole, if anyone had the right to turn up in pins and rips it was Viv but of course she has been there done that. Instead she chose a sumptuous taffeta dress and cape from AW12, voluminous with a dropped waist. Pinned to her breast was a photo of Wiki-leaks’ Bradley Manning. In a sea of tits and legs it was ironically the most punk look of them all.

Lily wore a Westwood gown of course, the design the same as the iconic Olympic dress however the corset of the MET dress crafted from Amazonian wild rubber, a natural material.When I first saw this dress I wasn’t aware of it’s construction, stating on Facebook how I wished it had been made of rubber! The reason this came to mind being the colour of the dress, recalling the colour of the original rubber and latex punk clothing sold at SEX. The photo I found about just shows up the contrast of the corset and skirts.


Both Vivienne and Lily wore Clomper shoes which I was immensely impressed with,Vivienne wore a runway version with ribbon ties and intricate embroidery. Had to LOL at the lady in blue carrying her heels down the staircase, not our Viv she can ride her bike in these baby’s.


Christina Ricci was the only other star to wear Westwood (god knows why, not a bondage suit in sight), her McAndrew tartan gown was incredible, but I think she styled it a little off kilter. I didn’t hate her look but I think she should have worn cobweb or pvc stockings to give it a little edge.

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I think by the far the biggest mistake of the evening befell those choosing evening gloves, both Beyonce and Kim are stunning women but their Givenchy gowns swamped them.

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Katy Perry and Linda Evangelista (Marchesa) look like the went on a journey with Bill and Ted, falling out of the wrong century! I do actually like Katy’s crown and Dolce & Gabbana frock but think the shoes make it frumpy.

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Even when the gowns were that bad, so many of the girls looked like trussed up turkey, overly tanned, hair slick wit gel or stiff with spray. Many translated punk as 80s eye make up, more suited to Halloween.Julianna Moore’s quiff was just ridiculous.┬á Brit chic Cara Delevingne showed how to get it right with soft locks to balance out a smudged, smokey eye. Wanting to stand out from the crowd Jessica Biel donned a fake nose ring and Nichole Richie sported frosted hair – more Rocky Horror Show ladies.


Ok so I can’t leave out Madonna in her Givenchy outfit, yes it is pure Punk in a costumey sense,but if I’d seen someone wearing this on any other occasion I would have given serious hearts to it. The gilt pyramid studs, the tartan, the pop or fuchsia pink heels, even the damn wig. Gah I love it, I shouldn’t but I do and I don’t know why!

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That’s not to say nodding to Punk fashion without looking like a pastiche is impossible, Miley Cyrus (Marc Jacobs), Cary Mulligan (Balenciaga), Alexa Chung (Erdem), Sienna Miller (Burberry) and Donatella Versace (Versace) all looked sleek and chic. I kind of wish Miley had slashed it across the bust, a la Courtney Love in THAT Dior dress. In fact, why they hell wasn’t Love there!!

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The safest option was to flip the V’s to the dress code theme, Rooney Mara (Givenchy), Anna Wintour (Chanel) and Gwen Stefani (Margiela) all stuck to their tried and tested styles and looked fantastic.

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Last but not least, Sarah Jessica Parker who stole the show, from faux-hawk Philip Treacy hat, Giles gown and thigh high Louboutin boot this was not a look for the feint hearted. What might have looked like over kill on anyone else, frankly looked freakin’ fabulous. She’s SJP and she can wear whatever she damn well pleases.

One thing I always wondered about the red carpet, is how celebs get their hair looking so perfect. Apparently they all wear temporary hair extensions! No wonder I could never get my thin locks to look as good. AmericanDreamExtensions.Com are UK specialists in hair extensions I’ve actually got some and have been trying them out, will show you how to in a post soon.

Cinderella Stories

Christian Louboutin


Two designers interpretation of the Cinderella fairy tale for the Harrods windows. Christian Louboutin used cream lace over tulle studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals and applique butterflies (top). Versace went for a modern pointed stiletto in clear PVC, accents of metallic pick used on the heel and the brand logo. Both houses choose court shoes in their design. Accompanying a shimmering full skirted strapless gown. On the street outside a huge clock face is projected, the hands almost at 12 midnight.


Walt Disney (courtesy Disney)

The Cinderella story we are all most familiar with today is likely to be the Walt Disney version, where the handsome Prince rescues Cinderella from her cruel step-mother and awful step-sisters. The presence of the glass slipper is pivotal to the story, had the girl not lost her slipper, the Prince would have had no means of finding her again. The fact that the slippers are crafted from glass makes no sense, a real pair of glass shoes could never be worn, the material would be unmoulding preventing the foot from flexing and of course it would be dangerous, at risk of shattering. Why is the the slipper being made from glass important to the story? The material itself is not at all malleable and┬á prevents the anyone but the true owner from fitting into the shoe – securing the Prince finding it’s rightful owner. The unrealistic nature of the shoe also lends further magic to the fairytale. The tale itself however can be traced back for many years and across many countries. The main theme of the lost shoe is retained however the shoe comes in the form of leather sandals, fur shoes and even gold slippers.

Maison Martin Margiela (courtesy of

Throughout my childhood I often wondered what a real pair of glass slippers would look like. Maison Martin Margiela created a beautiful glass version, purely for show of course. For all practical purposes a material such as transparent perspex would work giving a similar illusion to glass. Only trouble is when you mention a perspex shoe most people will recall the traditional stripper shoe! High fashion has created many stylish variations such as my personal favourite Prada SS10 and the recent reinvention of the Maison Martin Margiela perspex wedge for H&M. So perhaps we can all be modern day Cinderella’s.

Pole dancing shoes (courtesy