Beauty: MayLash Eye Lash Enhancer Review


If there is one thing I have always hated it is my stubby eyelashes. Because of them I’ve spent my life trialing mascara after mascara and always ending up disappointed. I have tried an eyelash serum before and can’t say I saw greatly impressive results, however I am always game to try a new products so thought I would give MayLash a go after receiving a sample. The product is only recently available in the UK after proving popular in Scandinavia. It promised darker, thicker and fuller lashes in 6-8 weeks.

I admit I wasn’t expecting miracles here, however I can now say, hand on heart I was blown away by this product. I now have long, thick and full lashes and will use this product FOREVER!

The product comes like a clear eyeliner, you just sweep it on the base of lashes before bed and that’s it. I was surprised to notice a difference the very next day. My mascara went on smoother and left my lashes nicely spread out instead of clumping. I would say the MayLash had the effect of applying a conditioner to hair or a serum to skin, it gave it a nourishing effect. I kept on using it and the conditioning effect remained however it wasn’t until a few weeks later I noticed one day my lower lashes looking darker. Over the next week I really started to see the difference in my lashes, they looked so much longer, thicker, darker in colour and even curled. I can actually say for the first time in my life that I have perfect lashes. I have included a before and after photo on my naked lashes below:


I think you can really see the difference however when I am wearing mascara. I’ve been asked a few times now what mascara I am using – it is the same one. Before I would get so frustrated with every mascara I tried but now I realise it was my lashes that were causing me the problems not the mascara. Below are before and afters wearing mascara. From stumpy little lashes to long fluttery ones,I also find I need less coats of mascara now:

IMG_8794 eyes

MayLash’s charms don’t just end there either, you can also use it on eye brows. I’ve had a random bald patch on one brown for ages now and I have to conceal it with pencil which is annoying. But I applied a drop of the MayLash on to the bald patch st night and that too has now gone!

I don’t often make a big deal about beauty products but I cannot recommend MayLash enough, it sounds silly to say but it really has been a life changing product for me. I now find I can just use it once or twice a week to keep my lashes on top form so I think one tube will last a really long time, at least several months. The only snag? It is expensive at ┬ú49 but I’ve spent more that that each month on the latest mascara trying to achieve these kind of lashes so I can honestly say it is well worth the money. MayLash were lovely enough to offer my readers a ┬ú10 off coupon because I told them how much I loved the product and thought you all would to so if you do want to try it you can purchase on the MayLash Website and enter the code pearl10 at check out to get the discount. If you have any questions about MayLash let me know, or have you tried it?

Here is the link to their website

I also talk about MayLash in my current top beauty products video on Youtube: