Outfit: High Street Hotties


Wearing: French Connection Popcorn jumper*, TK Maxx skirt, Vivienne Westwood tartan bag, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon shoes, Jon Richard Mood black and gold pleated necklace*, vintage long jewel necklace.

Oh my gosh an outfit post without the use of Instagram photos! I know, I know, I admit I am pretty proud of myself for managing this too. I crawled under the rails amongst boxes and bin bags to pull out a reasonably appropriate outfit for leaving the house yesterday. Of course the renovations which have now progressed to my bedroom are going to take much longer than originally planned so once again I am left without access to my clothes. My brother is now regretting the offer of storing some of my stuff for me since he can’t get out of his own bed without tripping over boxes of my shoes. It’s funny because so many of my friends have gladly offered to look after my shoes for me…

Anyway I am hoping to have my bedroom back at least in some shape by next week, the rest of the house could go on until Christmas at this rate. My awesome builder/interior designer has gone from constructing me an Ikea Billy bookcase for my shoes to building an entire walk-in wardrobe so it will be worth it in the end. The shoes will finally get to come out of their boxes!

Amidst the chaos my rummaging managed to unearth this outfit for the ever changing weather we are having this week, fully prepared for hot, cold and wet all at the same time. This pink pleated TK Maxx skirt has been a favourite since I first wore it to London Fashion Week way back in Sept 2011 (that photo makes me cringe hated that hair cut and haven’t a cut since). It ended up being quite a nice day but the strong wind – as you will see below where I try and look serious and fail, made it a bit chilly so I took the chance to try out this new French Connection ‘Popcorn’ jumper. I’ve been on the look out for a new cable knit jumper since I got a lot of wear out of my old one last year, I really liked the little side splits on this one giving it a bit more detail. The shoes had their first outing too, pretty but reminded me why I’d gone off wearing Lady Dragon’s, they do pinch a bit. Melissa shoes are great for the rain though as they are waterproof. I feel a bit Minnie Mouse in these with the huge bows, so cute. Paired with these sweet anchor print socks, you know I love socks.

I’ve really had to think a lot about my wardrobe these last couple of weeks, since I had to empty my bedroom I was forced to look at every single item of clothing I owned – no more stuffing things into draws, no more denial about quite how much I have. I guess I can write a full post about that alone, but one thing that came to mind whilst writing this post is that is doesn’t matter where your clothes come from, or how much they cost, there is never any indicator until an item is in your life, just how much – or not, you will wear it.




Outfit: Vivienne Westwood Leopard Dress from ShopStyle + Review


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – Red Label leopard print dress c/o ShopStyle, Melissa Lady Dragon shoes, Accessories lilac bag & gold orb belt.

Today’s outfit post is a little different that usual as I used the shopping site ShopStyle.co.uk to find and purchase this summer outfit. I have been playing around with the site for a while now, so when I was asked to trial the site for review I jumped at the chance. Lets have a look at some outfit snaps, then I will get onto the review, scrolly, scrolly…

DSC_7605  DSC_7617

My aim for this outfit was a to find a dress that would see me through summer, one I could dress up or down. Ok so electric blue leopard print might not be everyone’s idea of versatile, but I can wear this for day with bright accessories like I have here, or add black stockings and stilettos with a little clutch for evening.

This actually wasn’t the first dress I ordered, first I had ordered an Anglomania dress and Melissa shoes, there was a big mix up drama but that wasn’t ShopStyle’s fault it was the vendor site Vestiaire Collective, I bought through. I will leave that for another post as I really want to focus on my positive experience with ShopStyle, what it is and how it works. Basically Shop Style is an online shopping service, it scours the interwebs for items on your behalf, basically allowing you to shop multiple sites at once. All you do is enter your search criteria or select from the bar on the right (See below). I typed in ‘Vivienne Westwood’ then clicked ‘dresses’ and limited my budget to ┬ú100 and under. ShopStyle then showed me a selection of dresses matching my criteria. I would usually look at about ten sites individually which I knew stocked the designer, this meant I just had to look at one site. I was really pleased with the search results, it threw up sites I would usually check Yoox, TheOutNet, ASOS etc and also included some I didn’t even know about. It also allows you to shop by ‘sale’ so you can find things which have been reduced, guarantying a bargain. Once you see an item you like ShopStyle redirects you to the site where the item is for sale so that you can view full details and make a purchase. ShopStyle only directs you through to sites, it is then down to the individual website to deal with your purchase.


It is a social site, so you can ‘heart’ things you like, read trend based articles and browse look books – making the experience even more fun. The only negative I found was that sometimes the items you click on were not available anymore, so I think they need to keep things update more frequently. I got a bit annoyed at one point where everything I seemed to click took me to non existent pages. Other than that it worked really well and saved me a lot of time. I will be using ShopStyle again, they also allow you sign up for tailored sale alerts, so I will get an email when things from my selected searches go on sale. All in all, I think it is a really useful tool. It can also be helpful when you know you want something, but aren’t sure what. You can search ‘Statement necklace’ for example and it will give you a wide range of ideas for inspiration.

All in all, ShopStyle is a great search tool, saving you time and helping you find exactly what you want at the best price.


My frock on the mannequin, image from Yoox.com

Have you used Shop Style? Does this kind of website appeal to you?

A Thought About Valentines Gifts

After having a conversation with my brother regarding the best gift he could get his girlfriend, I got to thinking. Thinking about what really is the perfect Valentines gift. Of course it will depend on the individuals taste and we have all heard the ‘if you really knew me, you would know what gift to get me’ outcry. The thing is it really isn’t all that easy, as you never know just what people are expecting. You can get it almost right, correct model of watch, wrong colour. You could turn up with a reservation at a classy restaurant, when all your other half wanted was a quite night in together.

I suggested to my brother, go for jewellery. Who doesn’t like jewellery? Well quite a lot of people it seems and whilst I will always go for the biggest thing I can find, just as many girls like dainty pieces. So I thought I would have a think about what I would really like as a present, above all the other things I love which includes make-up, jewellery, stationary (yes, stationary), bath products , anything Pomeranian related. The one thing that would capture my heart would be the prince charming who turned up on my door step with a pair of shoes. No that doesn’t include the postman, I have to add!

Even better would be a Valentines themed pair of shoes, think hearts, think red! Such as the red Melissa shoes above, or the red flocked with bow ‘Talking’ design, or even the heart shaped ‘Flip-Flop’ sandals. I have to add the sandals would be even better if accompanied with tickets to a far away beach! One more thing guys, a voucher for us to choose our own shoes will go down just as well. We can dream.

Shoe Saturday: Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Skyscrapers

‘Traffic Stopping Skyscrapers’

I fell head over heels for these new season Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa ‘Skyscraper’ shoes. They have a super high heel with hidden platform and are made from the most unusual flock material. As with all Melissa shoes they are made from a form of plastic, teeny, tiny little fibres make up the flock which feels like a combination of suede and velvet. Once I had stopped stoking my new shoes I did actually try them on. I was surprised to find just how comfortable they were considering the heel height. I think this is due to the fact that they are so soft and padded taking off the pressure you usually get on the ball of the foot. They also have a subtle little gold orb on the heel.

I got my shoes from Spartoo where they are available in black and red, the red are absolutely gorgeous too. They are such a stunning twist on the classic court shoe and will look equally good for day and night. I can’t wait to style them up.


Shoe Saturday: What to Wear in Summer Rain

I just had to show you these shoes I got for my mum from Spartoo, they have a wonderful selection of ladies shoes as I am sure you have heard me mention them before. They also have a great range of Melissa shoes these are called Marine, I thought they would be the perfect thing for an English summer waterproof but also very cool with the lattice design. The pom-pom on the toe is a cute touch too. In fact I like them so much I intend on getting a pair for myself too – shame my mum and I aren’t the same shoe size.

I also really like these ‘Campana Zig-Zag’ and the Campana Costella Adao

I think these styles are the perfect summer alternative to ballerinas and Melissa shoes are so comfy too, what do you think of these lattice styles?

Prince of Wales

Well not so much about the Prince of Wales but his check! Correctly known as Glen plaid, the check was nicknamed the ‘Prince of Wales check’ after the Duke of Windsor (formerly the Price of Wales) who favoured the fabric.

(Wearing D&G t-shirt, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania trousers and shoes)

Anyway its not the fabric so much but the cut of these trousers that makes me love them. As you know Vivienne Westwood often favours royal themes in her work and is a fan of tartans and checks. She is also the most creative person when it comes to playing around with aesthetics, yet keeping them flattering. These drop-crotch trousers have a fitted waist corset waist band, so whilst the outer trousers are baggy and quite masculine the corset waist keeps them fitted, feminine and a bit sexy. I also paired them with this D&G corset print top, to sexy this look up even further I would swap the shoes for Louboutins and a slick of red lippy.

You will have to excuse my odd expressions in these photos, they were taken last week when it was really sunny and these are the only ones I had my eyes open in – must wear sunglasses!

I should be used to it by now, but the weather in the UK never fails to amaze me, from beautiful blue skys to grey thunder storms!


Shoe Saturday: Love Hearts

Because you can really never have too many shoes, I decided to get the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Heart Lady Dragon shoes in black from Spartoo. As you know I already have them in red. The thing I really like about this seasons colours are the rose-gold heart it is such a beautiful touch to the shoe.
I always get asked lots of questions about the Melissa shoes so I will try and answer some in advance of what I ususally get asked!

1. Are the Melissa shoes comfy? Yes, I find they are the Melflex plastic they are made from is very soft and allows the foot to move. The soles are also well padded.

2. Do the pointed toe on this style pinch? I have wide feet, and rheumatoid arthritis so if there is anyone going to have an issue with narrow shoes it is me! Yet, I find this style really comfy, they do not pinch at all.

3. How can they be flexible and still have such a high heel? The heel and inside of the shoe are made just like any other shoe with a metal or strong plastic inner support. It is only the outer – where the leather on regualr shoes – would be which is made form the flexible plastic.

4. Does the plastic breath or make you feet really hot? I have to say I wouldn’t want to be wearing a closed toe pair of Melissa shoes in summer, nor would I wear them with tights when it is hot as this caused me terrible friction and rubbing. However the styles like the Lady Dragon and other ‘opne’ styles let the air get into the shoe and they are absolutely fine in hot weather. Of course in cooler months they are fine to wear, even with tights. They are even more perfect in the rain as they are waterproof!

5. How do you clean them? I simply wipe them with a damp cloth, they are really easy to care for.

6. Do the sizes run true? I think as with all shoes they can vary per style. The Lady Dragons however fit very true to size, if not large. I am usually a UK5.5 but I have this style in a UK5 and on the smallest sling back setting so they could also be worn by some one a half size bigger too.

7. Are they made from latex? No, they are not so if you have an allergy to latax you can still wear them.

If there is anything else you would like to know just ask!