Outfit: Climbing Roses

 Wearing: All Vivienne Westwood, Anglomania dress, Red Label cardi, Gold Label shoes, Japanese license tights.

I took a much needed break from the redecorating today to head into town to find a lamp and have afternoon tea at Sugar Junction with my bessie Rich. My trusty point and click failed on me, Im hoping it will fix so I couldn’t get any photos whilst out. Luckily I took these quick snaps before I went out. It was a right nightmare trying to find something to wear in the packed up box and bag chaos going on in my bedroom right now but I knew what I wanted to wear so that made it a bit easier. I’ve had these tights for a while now and have been wanting to wear them with the red mules – shame they are a bit wrinkled down in the photo’s! I find these shoes do not photograph well, they always look a bit strange but in real life they are seriously cute, probably my favourite shoes at the moment.The pattern is actually printed onto the tights so I will have to be very careful when washing them. I am also wearing my favourite orb pendant, the globe is a real amethyst crystal – if you didn’t know I am very much into natural crystals and their properties.

Any way I didn’t buy a lamp but did see some nice ones which I will keep in mind. I should probably wait until the room is finished before I go wild buying accessories! Ive had success with a little table and chair, clothes rail, curtains and bedding. Not so much luck with cushions, it is really hard getting the right colour buying online two sets have turned up to be a different shade to how they looked on the websites so I may have to get them in store or just put up with the colour. I can’t wait until it is all finished. We’ve had a slight set back after getting B&Q’s own brand paint, being assured it was just as good quality as the branded, only to find it is so thin and watery – more so that what I make up to paint a wash!! Same goes for their own brand paint pads. If I could find the receipt the whole lot would have gone straight back to the shop. I guess I will have to settle for writing an irate letter, so that is really annoying. I’ve also given up trying to switch the side of the bed I sleep on, I just don’t find it comfy, which is odd as it never bothers me in hotels. At the moment my bed is in the middle of the room not up against any of the walls, so Sirius my dog spent last night racing right around the bed like a lunatic, he thought it was great, me not so much after the first few circuits. Simba is now terrified of the bedroom as the curtain pelmet I had leaning against the wall fell across the bed during the night, it didn’t hit him or anything but he wasn’t impressed. Even chucking the thing out into the garden didn’t put his mind at ease. How did I end up with such neurotic pets! They do make me laugh though, you can never be sad with a house full of dogs.