What To Wear on a Night out In a Casino


I blame Sharon Stone. You really couldn’t convince me that anyone instilled the glamour of casinos more than she alongside DeNero┬á in the Hollywood blockbuster Casino. Whether she was blowing on dice, counting her bling. shimmering past the slots or plotting to bring down the mob she did it in pure, unadulterated glam. Which brings me back to the point, if you are going to go out to a casino, you better be dressed to give Sharon a run for her money – or chips! You don’t just find the high tables in Las Vegas these days with most big cities hosting super casinos. They are more like high class entertainment centres with wonderful cabaret and cocktail bars, the opportunity to take a flutter no longer the sole focus. Her character Ginger is all about full on fabulous, to rock the look you need to think full length gowns, sequins, faux-fur and the shiniest jewels. Hair should be swept up in a chic up-do and make up smouldering.


The only other actress who comes close is Eva Green as she seduces her way around the gaming table alongside Daniel Craig in Casino Royal. This is one of my favourite Bond films and Eva is perfect as Vesper Lynd. Eva’s character is more subtle than Sharon’s but still incredibly chic and all about the glamour. Try this look if you aren’t a sequin kinda girl, just keep the dress long and elegant, hair soft and make up sultry. Net-a-Porter is the place to go for a dramatic statement gown, and check out Swarovski for the most eye catching crystal jewellery – unless you win big that is and can splash the cash on Chopard diamonds! The only manicure you need for the occasion is OPI’s The Man with the Golden Gun.


Of course if living up the high life isn’t really your thing you can still take part in the fun without having to resort to bingo with your nan. With the advent of online casinos like JackpotCity.co.uk/mobile-casino you can chill out at home with your friends, make it a girly night in and wear whatever the heck you like -just like onesie poster girl Cara Delevigne! Hey you can even use cupcakes instead of chips – although that might be too high a stake to gamble!

(Images from: wiki-cinie.com, britmovie.co.uk, yahoo.co.uk)

Wedding Belle’s

It is that time of year again isn’t it? The sun comes out and all of a sudden everyone is getting married! There is nothing more exciting than a wedding but we can’t all be Kate Middleton and have Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton run up a few frocks for our friends and family. There will be plenty of photographs being taken and you can’t hide at the back in the official wedding snaps. So you need an outfit. But not just any old outfit, if you are close friends or family of the bride you will be seeing these photo’s for years to come, getting the outfit right is important.

Taking an accent colour from a print dress and mirroring it in the accessories gives a fresh co-ordinated look. It isn’t all about looking good though, if you have a roll in the day such as Maid of Honour or Mother of the Bride you will need to be comfortable and confidant to deal with any last minute dilemmas which may arise. Weddings can be costly too, if you think of the extras such as the hen night – these days they can be anything from a cocktail evening to a weekend spa in Dubai, the wedding itself may not be near to your home so there is the expense of hotels to consider, the wedding gift and beauty treatments. It all adds up so your outfit needs to be affordable too.

A sheer blouse gives depth and interest to a simple outfit. When looking for your wedding outfit there are a few tips you should always bear in mind:
1. Don’t upstage the bride! Yes your outfit can be fabulous but also paired down and classic. Find out what colour the bride will be wearing and avoid it. These days not all brides wear white so do check with her.
2. Same goes for the bridesmaids, if you are not a bridesmaid that is, then try to avoid their dresses colour too.
3. Be comfortable. Weddings can start late morning and last until the early hours, if you are not staying nearby there may not be time to change outfits during the event so make sure those beautiful strappy sandals you have your eye on will be comfortable for ten hours.
4. Spares – the other option to uncomfortable shoes is to carry a back up pair with you but you will need a bigger handbag. Also if you are the Maid of Honour you will want to have a bag roomy enough to carry your own things and also those of the bride. Think make-up, perfume, hair slides, plasters, safety pins be prepared for every eventuality so the bride can stay calm.
5. Hats and fascinators – fabulous wear them, just be sure you are not blocking anyone’s view in the service.

Don’t be afraid to wear black to a wedding, just make it a bit more special like this gold lace trim dress and jacket.With that all in mind it is time to put some real thought into the outfit. I would always recommend a dress with a jacket over it. The wedding service itself is more formal so you want to look smart and lean to the conservative side. Churches can also be draughty even in the height of summer so having a jacket to cover your arms is always a good idea. Wearing a jacket also allows you to transform your look from day to evening. Just because the top layer is more reserved doesn’t mean the dress below has to be, generally the evening reception is more laid back so you can shrug off you jacket and let your hair down. If you find the wedding is going to be on a very hot day or even a beach location a great alternative is to wear a shirt, blouse or cardigan over a dress as a lighter option.

A simple suit is far from plain when embellished with crystals.From experience the most successful wedding outfits are those with subtle yet stunning details. This can be achieved using texture, colour and embellishment. A classic suit is anything but boring when embellished with crystals; a black dress is far from plain with the addition of gold lace edging. If simplicity is more your thing try using colour, a bright cardigan which complements your dress can bring out the details or try monochrome for a bold contrast. You can also add interest to your outfit with texture such as ruffle or bow details, or try layering a sheer shirt over your dress to add depth.

A dress and jacket are the perfect wedding outfit.All the outfits in this post are from Kaleidoscope a home shopping catalogue now available online as well as the traditional print version. They offer a wide range of stylish ladies fashion not just for occasion dresses but day and beach wear too. The site is very easy to navigate and has clear categories should you want to shop by occasion such as for mother of the bride or party dresses. You will find all your needs met from the outfit to shoes and jewellery all at affordable prices for good quality, stylish clothes from sizes UK 10-22.

Monochrome is always chic for any occasion.