Lucy Locket: The Jewellery People Review


‘Lucy Locket lost her pocket

Kitty Fisher found it;

Not a penny was there in it,

Only ribbon round it’

I’ve always been totally enchanted by lockets, how they can conceal tiny secrets. I have a fondness for charms too, how they can tinkle with the shake of a wrist. The origins of the locket have now been lost but they have been popular all over the work, especially in England during the Victorian era. Is there anything more lovely than being able to keep a loved one so close to your heart be it a photo or lock of hair. So when The Jewellery People asked if I would like to review something I couldn’t resist choosing a locket. They have a wonder collection of sterling silver jewellery including some beautiful lockts from traditional, ornate styles to simple modern minimal ones. I was drawn in by this smooth oval style locket and a long 30″ snake chain. All I can say is that I was delighted with the locket when it arrived, the chain was so glimmery and the locket perfect for running your thumb over as I like to do. I can’t resist playing with my jewellery and wanted the locket to hang low, almost waist length so I could tuck it in my blouse or have it loose. The quality of the presentation box was lovely too, so I am more than happy to recommned. With Christmas coming up I have my eye on some gorgeous gifts for friends and family.

DSC_0542 DSC_0546

Had to include this beauful Lucy Locket illustration, reminds me of Kensington Palace.

lucy_locket_moffat mamalisa dot com

Review: Miu Miu at Sunglasses Shop


The sun has been shining this week, even if the wind is icy cold! This has made me very happy as you saw in my Easter Sunday post I was busting out my new shades Sunglasses Shop who invited me to do a product review. I’ve actually shopped with Sunglasses Shop in the past so was more than happy to feature them on the blog. The first thing that strikes you about the website is the huge range of styles and brands, with something for every budget – the cheapest I could find were ┬ú8, the most expensive ┬ú648! They have a tons of designer sunglasses so there was lots to choose from, I could have sat and got lost in that site for hours, dreaming of sitting on a beach! One thing that made the site so easy to navigate were all the different options for refining your search, by designer, colour, shape, lens technology and price. You can even search by your favourite celebrities style or this seasons trends! This aspect really made the site fun and a real pleasure to shop by. Since I spent all of last year in my cat-eye sunglasses I was keen to invest in another pair with that lens shape but with a different twist.

All I had to do was select ‘womens’ and click ‘cat eyes’ to be presented with a wide selection, then I could choose to refine the search by colour, price, lens type and get this, even by face shape and hair style so I could rest assured my choice would suit me! Very sci-fi! I just think this is such a neat feature as the one thing which makes buying sunglasses online tricky is that you can’t try them on. I have a bit of an addiction to sunglasses so I now know on sight which styles suit me (cat eyes, oversize, aviator) and those which don’t (round lens, small, dainty frames). Armed with this knowledge I put their soft wear to the test, but I couldn’t trick it, each time it came up with styles I knew would look good. For example when I insisted on selecting ’round’ frames, the search threw out only oversized round frames rather than little ‘Lennon’ style ones which I know give me a big round face. So I can really recommend you give this a try.

There were many brands to choose from but the range of Miu Miu sunglasses kept cropping up with styles I really liked.This stunning pair of oversized cat eyes in tortoise shell called Miu Miu 04OS Sunglasses won me over! I liked the vintage style to them and the little details such as the curve on the lens and the gold trim on the arm.


They came the next day, after I had a confirmation email complete with tracking details. Safe and secure in a well padded box, I tore it open to find the trademark Miu Miu pale pink box. Inside this was a hard case in pink velvet and also a soft case in the same sumptuous fabric. Now I am a perfectionist when it comes to presentation and I simply cannot fault Sunglasses Shop or Miu Miu. The packaging and glasses cases are just as beautiful as the glasses they contained. You would imaging such a heavy, rich velvet to be reserved only for the finest couture, but it gives a simple, everyday pleasure to carry it around in your handbag. The sunglasses them self were exactly as imagined and they suit me to a T. I couldn’t be happier with them or the service of Sunglasses Shop and am pleased I can recommend them to you.

Have you visited Sunglasses Shop? What do you think of the Miu Miu’s?

Smashbox Review – Primer’s and O-Glow, O-Plump

To celebrate the opening of Smashbox at Boots, Manchester I took the chance to share with you some of their ‘Hero’ products. I’d never tried Smashbox before but hear good things about their innovative products all the time. The brand was created by brothers Dean and Davis Factor, the great-grandsons of the one and only Max Factor – beauty was in their blood. They set about designing a cosmetics range which would create a photo ready look. Each product is artistically created based upon the view from behind the camera, for a flawless look as perfect as a finished photograph. I tried out four of the brands leading products.

Photo Finish Primer SPF15: One of the products Smashbox is famous for is primer, they don’t just have one but a full range so there is one suitable for everyone.┬á I used the one with SPF 15┬á and Dermaxyl complex which is an advanced peptide treatment to target wrinkles – you can never start too early! The primer is a dry-gel consistency, as soon as it hits the skin it feels velvety soft. Though it looks a peachy shade in the tube it does go on clear, leaving skin with a soft even surface. What really surprised me was that I only used half the amount of foundation I usually do. The primer creates an even surface and a barrier between the skin so you don’t need to use as much foundation. The foundation also glided on with ease and I was left with a smooth, silky finish.

Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer:┬áIf I had to choose I would say this was my favourite product. I always have shadows under my eyes so anything to help is most welcome. I’ve tried plenty of eye products, many ineffective others too potent for my sensitive skin, some making make-up worn on top crease. Like the foundation primer, the eye primer went on smooth and comfortably. The brightening pigments really gave my eyes a lift and helped eye make-up glide on smoothly. My brown eyes seem to really pop. What’s better is that it is reported to go on working with improvement in puffiness, dark circles, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, texture, radiance and skin clarity in 8 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing these results.

O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour:┬áI was wondering what the ‘O’ stood for as I squeezed a blob of this product out of the tube. Oh wow oooooh! It changes colour!! Designed to come out clear and adapt to your skin tone, producing a natural blush. Just like the primers this is a velvety soft product that goes on smoothly, creating a natural rosy glow. I tried this alone over the foundation primer and also on top of make-up and it gave an equally pretty effect.

O-Plump Intuitive Lip Plumper: The lip plumper is also from the ‘O’ range, it applies slightly minty and then develops into a tingly warm feeling as it plumps up lips. Developing with your natural skin colour to give a natural flush. This is strong stuff mind, so if you are suffering from chapped lips I would recommend applying a lip balm first and using O-plump sparingly, this is what I had to do.┬á I think it would make a great gloss to wear over lipstick too.

The final verdict? All these products are designed to be worn under make-up or alone. Here you can see all the products worn with only concealer around the eyes and nose, nothing else. I tried to take the photo in as natural a light as possible but I still think the camera took out some of the colour, in real life I found the blush and the lip colour to be a little more noticeable. What I do think you can see is how bright the eye area looks and how soft and smooth my skin is – it looks like I am wearing powder I think, a real air-brushed effect. The lines on my forehead and and around my eyes appear erased too. I’ve said before how lazy I am when it comes to make-up and for days when I don’t want to wear any these products are perfect for giving a fresh and natural appearance. The two primers I have been wearing under my make-up and I would really recommend them as great bases. Below you can see how the foundation and under eye primers and the O-Glow blush look with make-up on top. I am also wearing Bobbi Brown concealer kit, Extreme Party mascara bronzing powder, Starry night eye-shadow; YSL lipstick; Chanel Mat Lumiere powder.

Smashbox have loads of innovative products, just reading about them you can see the ideas and creativity which has gone into creating them. Other products I would like to try include the Halo colour correcting hydrating powder which contains gold as an ingredient and the Limitless 15 hour wear cream shadows come in a gorgeous array of colours such as rich gold and deep purple.

Are you a Smashbox fan? Which products have you tried / would you like to try?

Beauty: Chanel Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre Long Wearing Eye Shadow Review

Chanel Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre Long Wearing Eye Shadow REVIEW

My gorgeous blogging buddy Rebecca brings you today’s post, she writes the fabulous ‘Be Beautiful’ beauty blog, I always envy how stunning Rebecca’s make up is and she has lots of great tips on her blog. We have both fallen in love with the new Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadow so here is Rebecca to give you the expert view.

Using Chanel Illusion D’Ombre to create a striking smokey eye (learn how to recreate the look)

IÔÇÖll hold my hands up. IÔÇÖm a little bit obsessed with Chanel make up. I say little bit, but I actually have a full on love affair with the brand at present. The beautiful Lisa Eldridge doesnÔÇÖt help matters. I hadnÔÇÖt ever delved into the world of luxury make up until I watched some of her tutorials where she showcases some of the beautiful products from the range. Most recently, I picked up the Coco Rogue En Shine Hydrating Lip Shine in En Vogue (an effortlessly gorgeous coral colour perfect for Summer) after watching one of her Summer tutorials but today IÔÇÖm here to talk about the divine Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre Long Wearing Eye Shadows.

Now although Chanel market these little pots of wonder as eye shadows IÔÇÖd say they are much more of an eye shadow/gel/cream hybrid. This means that once they are dry they donÔÇÖt really budge unless you want them to. IÔÇÖve found that with a primer they last pretty much all day without creasing making them perfect for hot weather (which we still seem to be waiting for) or for a night out.

I have to mention the colour pigmentation with these eye shadows. The colour translates on to the skin exactly how it looks in the pot. You can either use them lightly for a quick wash of colour or you can build them up for a more intense look. Also, they come with a handy little brush which is very useful!

ThereÔÇÖs just something about buying something from the Chanel counter that makes me feel extremely special. Their beautiful embossed double C on all their products in gorgeous chic, black packaging really does make them an indulgence.

When it comes to price, they come in at ┬ú23.00. They are expensive but I really believe that in this particular case, you get what you pay for. IÔÇÖve not found any high street alternative/dupe that comes even close to the colour pay off, intensity or durability of the Illusion DÔÇÖOmbre eye shadows.

Overall, I simply adore them and want the whole collection. Next on my list is Illusoire and with my birthday around the corner fingers crossed IÔÇÖll find it wrapped up for me on the 31st!

Written by: Rebecca of Be Beautiful ÔÇô a beauty blog focusing on product reviews, beauty news and tutorials.

My own Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Mirifique (black) and Illusoire (Lilac-grey)

Summer Blooms

It isn’t going to come as a surprise to hear that I love jewellery, but as I know you have noticed, I go through stages of what type of jewellery I take to wearing. So many people asked me if I didn’t like earrings or if I didn’t in fact have my ears pierced (three in each ear should you wonder). The truth is I just go through phases on what I feel like wearing be it rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches. I have no real answer about why I do this, maybe my brain can’t cope with too much choice! Anyway for the last few months earrings have indeed been my thing, little ones, big one, studs, dangly, clips and pierced, the more the merrier! My ears are sensitive to changing earrings too often however so I tend to keep in one pair of small studs which I sleep in, shower in, everything. Finding such a pair of ‘keeper’ earrings isn’t as simple a task as you might think. First of all they need to be of a pure metal such as silver or gold, costume studs are fine but irritate after a while. Second they need to be comfortable so they don’t spike you when asleep or catching in your hair. They also need to be very well made to take such abuse. See I make life rather complicated!

Timothy Roe, provider of bespoke jewellery, based in West Sussex, kindly sent me these yellow enamel ‘Blossom’ earrings, from the Spinning Jewellery collection. Now I was more than familiar with the prestige jeweller however for the very small sum of ┬ú19 I didn’t expect the superb quality the earrings turned out to be! I mean I thought they would be nice but I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. The weight of the piece, the exquisite details such as the petals cast on the back, the high shine finish and the perfect enameling everything done to perfection. To top all that the earrings arrived in a ribbon tie pouch and a sumptuous purple and gold gift bag. A little piece of luxury.


I really like the idea of the Spinning Jewellery collection which also includes stackable rings. I always mix up earrings and often wear three different studs in each ear so I know I will be going back to Timothy Roe for another visit. The stacking rings are great fun too, they vary in price but the Primo collection is just ┬ú19 each too. Which is affordable enough for you to build up a nice stack, or even wear singles on each finger – ok I have given this way too much thought I know, a shopping splurge is coming on. But when the jewellery is such fine quality you know you are buying something which will last.

Timothy Roe certainly put the Chic in Chichester 😉

Review: Fauve Lingerie

Lingerie Please asked me if I would like to review any of their products, as I have previously enjoyed working with them I happily agreed. I chose this set ‘Mia’ by Fauve. The bras come in either a padded or unpadded style and the knickersoption a thong.This set caught my eye for the pretty black lace with the plum ribbon detailing. The set is beautifully made and has lovely details like the little bow and bead detailing on the front of both the bra and knickers, with one also hidden on the back of the knickers.The lingerie was a good fit, I would say the bra size are slightly on the generous side – fastening on the tightest clip for me. So if you are between sizes I would go for the smaller option. The cup fit was true to size. I find some lace underwear can be uncomfortable, but this was not one of them, the lace was very soft against the skin to wear. Fauve was not a brand I had been familiar with before but it is certainly one I will be coming back to again.

I really love to wear pretty underwear, I always find you feel confident even if you are wearing casual clothes over the top.Lingerie Please has some lovely undies, something to suit all price ranges and my favourite – back seemed stockings, I would really recommend checking them out.Pearl

Review: Pure Collection

(Wearing: Pure Collection Sleeved Wrap, Topshop jeans, Alexander Wang t-shirt, Chanel pearls, Christian Louboutin shoes, vintage clutch)

The Pure Collection asked if I would like to review a product from their summer cover-ups range. I have been a fan of their laid back luxury products for a while now, who can resist pure cashmere and silk?
I decided to go for the Sleeved Wrap in navy, cashmere and silk mix, I could just imagine how soft and cosy it would be on a cool summer evening. When the wrap came I was not disappointed, it was as soft as I had imagined and even more luxurious. I like how it can be styled in different ways: left as a long cardigan, wrapped around the shoulders, tied at the front, you can really play around with it. It will also work well into winter layered up over a thick knit sweater.

I wore it here with a simple look of jeans and t-shirt but it would also work very well with an evening dress. It is available in navy, mineral, and washed indigo all lovely fresh colours for the season. The sizes are S, M, L, I chose medium which I would say is suitable for a UK 10,12,14, depending on how you would like it to fit. I always go for a looser look with draped knitwear as I like to snuggle into it. The length is perfect too, as this style cardigan is shorter at the back , I have found other brands too short but this is just right, hitting the hips. The last thing you want is a draughty back! I think the wrap will look fantastic pinned with a brooch and also nipped in with a belt. It is a great piece to just have around for those moments when you need a extra layer.
The Wrap originally cost £159, which is expensive but when you are buying cashmere this is inevitably the case. I really feel it is worth the investment over wool or acrylic as it will last for years without bobbling or loosing shape. Luckily the summer sale is still on at Pure Collection so the Wrap is only £63. There are many other bargains to be had so I would recommend a look. I am already lusting after the classic round neck sweater. The website also has a good deal of information on the exact type and quality of cashmere used in the products, as well as info on fair trade and ethics which is very reassuring.

Have you ever shopped with Pure Collection? What do you think of the wrap?

Beauty: False Eye-Lash Review

Wearing ‘Glamour’ false eye-lashes

Lingerie Please sent me over some of their Baci false eye-lashes to review, I was really excited to try them, never having done so before. Ok maybe there was one time when I was 18 that I wore a pair of metallic blue and purple ones that made me look ridiculous, but other than that I have never tried them.

I was worried that they would be very faffy to apply or that the glue would irritate my sensitive eyes but I was proved wrong on both accounts. I did have a few problems getting them to stick on at first but a few trusty tweeters helped me out. First wise words were from Anne Louise who told me to apply them after putting on the rest of my make-up. This was a really helpful tip as the box recommended applying the false lashes first and then applying liner and mascara which would have been very messy! I was still having trouble getting them to stick though, I would get one side stuck but then the other side would pop up. Danielle came to my rescue and advised I rub the strip to soften it up a bit before applying the glue, then leaving the glue a bit longer to go tacky for extra sticking power. Thanks to the girls my perseverance payed off and I am now confident with applying them.

I tried out two styles ‘Glamour’ and ‘Starlight’, the Glamour are a more natural look, whilst the Starlight are a fuller style.

Here I am wearing one Starlight lash with no make-up to show you how they look. I think they really open up the eyes and I love how you can go for a more subtle or dramatic effect.
The lashes range from £2.50-£3.00 which I thought was a complete bargain, they are also reusable so even better.
Do you have any expert lash tips?
What do you think of false lashes?

Ruby Lips: Steven Harkin Designs

(Wearing: Dries van Noten jacket, Unique shirt, Topshop jeans, Chanel shoes)

Allow me to introduce you to Lily the ruby red lip shape clutch bag by Steven Harkin.

The bag is made from butter soft Italian leather and lined in black suede. It has a silver clasp and a detachable leather shoulder strap which is fully adjustable. In side is a small zipped pocket and a key fob.

I was delighted to be asked to review one of Steven Harkin Designs bags. Steven and his team of two (Barbara and Jeanette), design and make all the bags in Essex. As you all know I am an avid supporter of things made in England. Steven himself is actually Australian, he spent several years in Italy honing his skills before launching his brand in 2006. All the bags available are quite unique, the designs are wonderfully distinctive as is the use of colour.

The Lily bag (┬ú135) appealed to me because of is shape, from viewing it online I could just imagine how nice it would be tucked under my arm, with the added bonus of being able to transform it into a shoulder bag in seconds. I love a clutch bag and the Lily, as with all Steven Harkin bags is available in a wide array of colours. I couldn’t resist the vibrant red to match my own ruby lips. This is my first Steven Harkin bag but I know it will not be my last, I am already eying up the silver Babs clutch ┬ú65 and I adore the orange Kylie clutch ┬ú99 too. The series of ‘Work’ bags, which spell out the word ‘work’ are ingenious. I make a point of including the prices, as whilst not inexpensive I think for a hand made, semi-bespoke bag the price is exceptionally reasonable. A Steven Harkin bag is something you will treasure for many years to come, a real investment.

You can find out more about Steven Harkin on the website you can even watch a video of Steven making a bag! To view the collection and purchase the bags visit I guarantee you will enjoy seeing all the amazing designs for yourself. Even though they are made here in the UK, there are stockists all around the world.
I hope you enjoy them as much I have,

The Jeanette clutch £135 and Pepe backpack £450

Making My Own Summer: Cath Kidston

Since summer seems to have abandoned us Notherners I thought I would make my own summer. Adding lots of florals and pastels to my outfit really put me in the summer spirt. Cath Kidston tote bags are the perfect anecdote to miserable weather, I mean who wouldn’t be cheery with a bag like this?

I think this would be the perfect bag to take on a picnic, it is really roomy and can be fastened to make it more of a rectangular shape. To be honest though it will most likely end up being a practical everyday bag. With its voluminous main compartment it is great for work, you can fit folders and laptop in there with ease, it also has a couple of pockets for bits and bobs. Being made with Teflon I also don’t need to worry about it’s durability. I will be slinging this beauty over my shoulder all summer.

(Wearing: vintage Chanel blazer, vintage top, Matalan jeans, Vivienne Westwood + Melissa shoes)

Cath Kidston don’t just have a gorgeous new range of tote bags they have pretty summer clothes, lush fabrics and all manner of kitch things from phone cases to jewellery. To me Cath Kidston seems such a fundamentally English brand, one that has been around forever but Cath’s company was only set up in 1993! It all began with Cath selling vintage fabircs and wallpapers until she began to develop her own prints and products featureing them. I like to day dream about having a lovely big kitchen filled with Cath Kidston prints and shabby-chic furnature. My dog Sirius would absolutely love one of the dog beds too, he is partial to a nice bit of plush decor.

What do you think of this floral feaste of a bag?