Quote: Vivienne Westwood on leggings

“They’re cleaner and more modern than leopard”
Said Vivienne Westwood on her cow print leggings modelled by Naomi Campbell, so true right? I would love a pair right now, and the loose knit sweater top too! Queen Viv however, said this in 1990!! Funny are the ways of fashion!

Karl Largerfeld Quote – a side order of Chanel

So true Karl, so true!
However the more I look at the Lily Allen images for the coco cocoon bag I still cannot decide if I like them or not! Maybe I need to go and touch one, they do look like they would double up nicely as a sleeping bag.
I am working on a couple of bigger posts so bear with my random thoughts for a little while 😉

Chanel Man Bag strike 2?

So I stumbled across a couple more of these David Byun shots – still not sure what the intention is? Men should buy Chanel bags? You should get yourself a hot naked guy to carry your Chanel around for you? Who knows maybe we should just enjoy the images!

Apparently Karl himself is partial to a man-bag, infact all bags:

“They make your life more plesant, make you dream, give you confidance and show your neighbours you are doing well. Everyone can afford a luxury handbag”
Karl Largerfeld

Guess he didn’t see the recession coming! I do like his reasoning though LOL!

(quote from bagbliss.com)