Mini Makeover: Updating the Home for Winter

I am really getting into the Winter spirit. The mornings are starting to have that crisp feeling, the Autumn leaves are covering the ground and it is time to wrap up warm. I’ve pulled out my winter coats and still need to go scrabbling around to locate the box my scarves are in. My light and breezy bedroom didn’t feel quite right not reflecting this. With its tropical pinks and turquoise it just seemed, well, a bit too summery. So I though I would give it a mini-makeover.┬á I pulled out my big faux-fur throws, a mink one for the bed and a cream one for my chair.┬á I had a gift voucher for Achica which I had been saving and decided to treat myself to these gorgeous cushions by May Lean. I’ve mentioned Achica before I think, it is one of those members only sale sites, all you have to do is sign up with you email and then you can shop all the amazing sale goods at your leisure. Unlike other sale sites this one isn’t just for apparel but home wear, wall art, beauty, travel, food and drink and all sorts of luxury items. The only slight disadvantage is that┬á products are only sent out after the sale ends (7-20 days depending on the specific sale), so I had to wait 3 weeks from ordering until delivery. But since I was saving more than 50% I thought that was worth it, I mean seriously how much of a rush can you really be in for cushions? Worth baring in mind when buying gifts though. If you are looking for expensive home wear on the cheap I can really recommend it and if you just fancy a browse it is worth a look too, right now they have Tom Ford sunglasses and Elkin jewellery I am eying up for Christmas presents. I also like the fact that they get in brands and items I wouldn’t usually see shopping the high street. If you are stuck for inspiration they have a very good Pinterest page too, lots of lust-worthy home wear boards. I love having the London skyline twinkling at me.

Have you ever shopped with Achica? Do you upadate your home as well as your wardrobe?

Sirius’ New Bed

Alternatively entitled The Princess and the Pea! You might remember me moaning about my dog Sirius’ gross old bed which was making my newly redecorated bedroom look messy. I tried buying him a new one, granted it was a bit smaller but otherwise identical. He wouldn’t even sit in it. So I washed his old bed – which he had to scent mark to make up for the fresh Lenor scent. I gave up and took to giving it a sly squirt of Febreeze every time I walked past it, much to the dogs annoyance.

┬áWhen Bags of Love asked if I wanted to review one of their products I initially thought I would go for a canvas print. I have had them made before and think they are perfect to brighten up any room. Taking a look around the website however I discovered they offered a huge choice of personalised products including handbags, make-up cases, silk scarves, soft furnishings, iPhone cases and trinket boxes. In fact I couldn’t think of anything they didn’t sell, which will be perfect for Christmas presents. Especially as I have become a photography geek!

But when I spotted the personalised dog beds I couldn’t resist. They are available in a range of sizes from small to XL so no reason you couldn’t have one for cats too. All you do is upload your photograph, choose the size and select a choice of trim for the edges, I chose the colour Coal with the Paw print design. Just a couple of days later the bed arrived in a snazzy silver parcel – so perfect for gifts. The fabric is wipe-clean, fully washable and hard wearing, the bed itself very soft and comfortable – I know this because I had to lay on it whilst all the dogs bounced all over me.

The bed looks really nice in my bedroom, much more stylish than a regular dog bed. Sirius’ really likes it too, he jumped right onto it, dragging his favourite ‘baby’ with him. On the first night I was woken up by some mysterious kerfuffle in the middle of the night. I looked down from the bed to see Sirius asleep on the floor, mysterious… and there was Simba (the big baby who will only sleep right next to me in my bed) all curled up with a bone in Sirius’ new bed ha ha! It definitely has the Pomeranian seal of approval and I can’t fault the excellent service and easy to use website, so I can really recommend the gorgeous gifts from Bags of Love.

Something to woof about!

Have you ever had a photograph made into a gift?

A Little Vivienne Westwood Decor!

How cool is this! Huge thank you to David at Onlinefire for letting me have the oversized blow-up they used for the Royal Mail Great British Fashion promotion. I’m absolutely made up with it! I guess you could make something similar if you had a large colour photocopy made of one of the stamps.

The Excitement of Closet Organising and Bedside Tables

Yeah, yeah I lied in the title, there really isn’t anything all that exciting about what I did this weekend. But I do get a strangely comforting and satisfying feeling when it comes to organising stuff. When I say stuff I mean clothes, there is a box full of old receipts and bills under my bed which I am going to take no pleasure in sorting out. Yet I was jumping up and down like a loon when I found these super slim hangers in Dunelm for just ┬ú2.50 a pack. I have been after some for ages but they are always really expensive. Promising to ‘double my hanging space’ I loaded up my trolly with them and sat happily sorting out my wardrobe as the torrential rain poured down outside. I admit it felt more like a November afternoon that one in June! Did they double my hanging space, well the may have done but I ran out of the clippy skirt hangers half way through, even so I think I gained at least a third of space and everything looks super neat. You can see in the photo below how many more items per inch I have compared to the old hangers on the right.

I also spotted a perfect bedside table. I had originally wanted a Lloyd Loom one to match my wicker chair but most vintage ones I found online wouldn’t post. I have always liked mirrored furniture and this was the perfect size. It nearly killed me dragging the damn thing up the stairs, only to find the bottom panel smashed when I took it out of the box. There was a bit of drama over this but to cut a long story short the manager at Dunelm was really helpful and got me another one. I still need a new lamp, I’ve got my eye on a Parrot one but figured it might get reduced now the sales are on so I’m going to hold out for that.

Anyone else have these hangers?

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Bedroom Ideas

Decorating Snapshots

Bedroom Ideas

Here are just a few images I’ve had sat on my desktop for inspiration whilst redecorating. I knew what I wanted really, just simple white and clean with plenty of soft furnishings in different textures to create warmth. I used colour to separate areas – lilac and mauve on the bed and fuchsia in the little office area. My main aim was to keep it uncluttered and let the clothes do the talking, it is more of a dressing room with a bed shoved in the middle than an actual bedroom. But I like to be able to see all my clothes and accessories, I’m still dreaming of a room where I can have all my shoes out on display but have had to make do with just a few pairs for now. I think I will go back to the old Polaroid idea of having photo’s on the front of the boxes though, I used to do that and but it lapsed.

I’ve also posted some of my favourite celebrity closets on my Tumblr Fashion Pearls of Wisdom Extra – no I didn’t Pin anything, geez who has time for yet another social media!

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Decorating Snapshots

Before I show you the finished room here are some snaps I took on my Blackberry along the way:

The chaos begins! Sorting out all the junk I have managed to amass. Moving the huge desk down into the office freed up a massive space. Once I’d decided what clothes were staying, out of season things were packed away into suitcases and dust covers to be stored on top of the wardrobe and under the bed. I packed up an ‘essentials’ bag so I had everything on hand I might need whilst the rest was packed safely away.

The amount of carrier bags and tags I found was just plain silly, why keep those?? No sane reason LOL. So I sorted out and kept all the tags with spare buttons and kept ten or so carrier bags surely enough to fulfill anyone’s needs. My empty wardrobe, a sight which still turns my stomach!

The excitement of my clothes rail arriving, ┬ú40 from Tesco Direct, bargain since it is totally sturdy and doubles my hanging space. It has extender rods at each end – these could be stabler and a rack below. The painting begins with banishing the wooden wall, it always reminded me of a coffin. Then to tackle the purple walls, four coats of paint to cover that!

I took a trip to Debenhams home department, they had some really great things I loved the ceramic pigeons and parrot lamps. I was going to get them but decided to buy online so I didn’t have to struggle home with them. When I went to order the sale had ended and the price put back up so I decided to pass on the principle of the matter.

My dresser top had become stained from make-up spillages so I wanted a tray to keep all my loose bits in,┬á I found this gorgeous dish on ebay. I like to tie ribbon around old shoe boxes to create attractive keepsake boxes – anything to hide the clutter. Aqua Mist is my new Febreeze, love the scent of this one. Sliced onions soak up the paint fumes, essential when using Gloss paint.

Finally I white-washed my pine shelves and furniture, it is a really easy thing to do. Simply water down some emulsion paint, use a brush to cover the surface, use an old rag to rub the wash into the grain of the wood, then use a dry cloth to ‘buff’ the surface to give you a smooth and streak free finish.

Being sick in the middle of decorating, isn’t the best way to get it done quickly. It must be over a month now, but I’m used to things taking me ages to do. It’s still not finished I haven’t touched up the varnish on the floor and I still need to find a bedside cabinet. But I decided it is going to have to be a work in progress! In the end I got everything I needed online (apart from the obligatory trip to buy paint). Matalan was fantastic for soft furnishings and where I found all my bedding and cushions. My rail, storage boxes and curtains came from Tesco Direct. I’m so disappointed with the curtains, I specifically bought lined ones as my last pair had let in too much light. These some how seem to amplify the light, its like sleeping in a light box. Also one of my storage boxes came with a broken lid. For all the effort it would have taken to get a new lid I didn’t bother returning them. My vintage chair, table and rugs came from ebay because I was so bored of trying to navigate impossible websites (that means you Next), things being out of stock, crazy long delivery times and not being able to find everything in the same shop. As we are sorting out the house with the aim of moving I didn’t want to splash out on anything fancy so kept everything simple. I really wanted to get some kind of shelving or something for all my shoes but thought they would be safer kept in their boxes until after we move – with the absolute essential requirement of a walk in closet! Finished photo’s to follow!