Ways To Wear Vivienne Westwood Sack Boots

I always get asked loads of questions about my Vivienne Westwood Sack boots. The style isn’t as well know as the Pirate boot but it stretches right back to the start of Westwood history too. First seen as part of the Nostalgia of Mud collection (AW 1982/83) on the feet of the ‘Buffalo girls’ worn with oversized skirts and lots of layered knits. Admittedly they sure look unusual and yes they do attract some funny looks. But with their low heel and padded insole they are actually really comfy and easy to wear. As I am short I tend to wear them with more fitted clothes such as a short skirt or shorts with tights, as I feel I need a higher heel to pull off baggy clothes. ┬á However I adore the Buffalo girl look and think they look amazing with a full skirt and loose trousers. They are such fun shoes as you can tied them so many ways, which is the most common question I get asked by fellow Westwood fans… how do you tie these boots? Basically you can tie them any way you want!┬á The original boots were wore pulled up, with the lace tied around the ankle, but you can fold them down, wrap the lace under the sole or around the heel. It is just something you need to sit any play around with. Above I have tied them in some of the easiest ways. Below is Vivienne wearing her own personal pair, she favours them tied around the heel.

Vivienne Westwood wearing her own pair of Sack Boots to meet Cherie Blair (image via Rex)

Vivienne Westwood & Malcome McLaren ‘Nostalgia of Mud’ collection