Lovely New Slippers

EMU ‘Jolie‘ Slippers

I’m ill again, or still ill I suppose. It is frustrating not being able to share outfit photos – believe me it’s not pretty right now, so I have been getting creative over the last week. It has actually been nice to get to write some different types of posts, but don’t worry I will bring out some extra special outfits to make up for it. After the hacking cough I’ve now lost my voice so I’m feeling sorry for myself.

I guess it must be winter then and with it the fun games you get to play on the commute to work… wrestling with people over who want the window open, using your scarf as a gas-mask as yet another person sneezes without a tissue, blerg. On the plus side I really do like winter fashion, I like coats, scarves, gloves and jumpers. But for the most part I prefer winter viewed from my window, whilst I’m wrapped up warm inside. Last year I got myself a pair of EMU sheepskin slippers and wore them pretty much every day since, they even survived two rounds in the washer. After doing the decorating in them, they started to look a bit sorry for themselves so I treated myself to a new pair. I have to say they are such high quality, I’d usually get through about six pairs of regular slippers over a year so they are good cost-per-wear too. I don’t just wear my slipper in the house either I end up running around the garden in them after the dogs and putting washing out and stuff so having a really sturdy pair has become essential. The sheepskin makes them so snug and warm, I don’t know what I would do if I had to go back to plain old slippers now. The only warning I need to give – make sure you don’t get too comfortable and go out without your shoes on, oh yeah I got half way down the path before realising I still had my slippers on once!