Day 3: LFW AW14 – Do Your Thing, Street Style

  Style it, Be it

As I mentioned in my first post this LFW I have been working with TK Maxx, FBloggers UK and Laura from That’s so Yesterday blog. We created the hash tag #StyleItBeIt as we felt it reflected everything we look for in personal style. Anyone can wear something in fashion but its about how you take that trend and make it into something unique to you. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know the key place I shop and they kind of clothes I wear. Even when head-to-toe Viv I add something to personalise the look, styling it in my own way. TK Maxx is a unique kind of store, with a surprisingly different business model. They pride themselves on offering designers and brands at low prices but its much more than that. Its exciting, as you never know what you will find. Whilst they do stock lots of current trends they also aim towards classic pieces which will never date. So you can find the perfect black blazer and skinny jeans but also a luxury designer handbag or crazy runway coat. I really don’t know any other store you could shop at and create such a one-off look unless it was a vintage boutique. Tip: If you don’t have time for a huge rummage and just want to see things quick and easy then check out the TK Maxx online store. If it’s the high end and runway designer gear you are after head straight to the Gold Label collection both online and in store).

Don’t forget to tweet your favorite LFW and personal style looks with us using the tag #StyleItBeIt we’d love to see!┬á


Pastel and rainbow coloured hair has been a huge trend from the last few seasons and yet it is one that can really be made unique, adding other candy coloured accessories creates a sweet as pie look, whilst contrasting with monochrome and a popping fuchsia lip is super edgy.


Another trend I adore are the leaps and bounds glasses have come lately, no longer something to hide behind now they form a firm part of many peoples looks. You have to wear glasses? Then own it, embrace them and make them part of your look. A retro cat-eye frame gets me every time, Betty does it A class. Perfecting the perfect bitch face a la Bee Waits is totally optional 😉


One thing to always remember is that your hair is a big accessory, dying mine recently has made me realise this all the more. No matter if you are an up-do queen, have long bouncy waves or prefer to let your headscarf do the talking ┬áits a very personal part of your image – but one you can still have lots of fun with!


Subtle accessories can also become style signatures, simple tricks like swapping a necklace for a bow-tie something that always makes me think of Jodie now or clashing rings can add instant personalisation (especially if stolen off your friend like Bo here).


It’s a twin thing – twinning or wearing something to compliment your friends outfit is a trend that most of us can track back to junior school, who didn’t want to wear the exact same thing as their best friend? Twinning your look can be so much fun and what better accessory than your bestie, right!


These girls mix up different layers and prints but keep to a black and white base for twin perfection.


Whilst all the guys backstage at Vivienne Westwood chose to wear one of her amazing tartan suits, don’t be afraid to clash up suit patterns either.


If you really want to make a statement try twinning up contrasting colours of the same piece like designers 8Dix with their incredible dollar sign ‘Yee haa’ hats


Don’t be left out in the rain wearing main stream trends the same as everyone else, be unique. Style it, be it.

– Or at least make them stand ten paces behind you 😉


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom hearts TK Maxx for London Fashion Week

LFW SS14: Day 4 Street Style When the Sun Came Out

     DSC_9675DSC_9676DSC_9607DSC_9620DSC_9625DSC_9662 DSC_9627 DSC_9666 DSC_9680

The sun finally came out for London Fashion Week, as did these colourful show goers.



I was especially happy about the whole sun thing.

Also pale coloured tartan is very on trend so you should wear a lot of it, like three items all at once or something…


Wearing TK Maxx gold glitter boots, vintage trousers and shirt, Vivienne Westwood jacket & bag

My magical boots who were looking a bit sad after the torrential rain on Friday night, but seem to have perked up a bit after bouncing some rays. I know I have been going on about these boots all over Instagram (they are amazing and were only ┬ú50 in TK Maxx) but I really am obsessed with them and best of all they are actually really comfy. Yep these were the ‘sensible’ shoes I took down to London with me, go on laugh but they really are practically flats!

Huge thanks to my girl Law for taking the photo’s of me.

Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW


LFW SS14: Day 2 It’s all a bit Coco

The Shows

Even though Le Grand Mademoiselle Coco Chanel died over 40 years ago her influence on fashion is still being felt. Sister by Sibling took on boxy tweed jackets and twin sets fired up in their trade mark bright colours and leopard print. Textile and fashion designer Hellen van Rees has been inspired by Chanel’s fantasy tweed through out her work, this season again she created incredible fuzzy, oversized tweeds worked into minimal garments.


Orla Kiely took us on a journey to what can only be described as a Parisian Safari! If you can imagine a bunch of French girl scouts from the 60’s chasing lions that you just about have it!

DSC_9158 DSC_9161DSC_9125

The chance to get up close and personal with collections is always a pure luxury. The Maiko Takeda headpieces, recently worn by Bjork, look sharp and lethal. On touch however they were surprisingly soft and springy, light as feathers. Between Sophia Webster and Liam Fahy it was a virtual shoe fest, with Webster’s quirky candy shoes revamped this season with even cheekier logos contrasting Fahy’s dark brocade prints and concealed spikes. Nobody could keep their hands, or should I say heads, off my girl Mich Dulce’s millinery, with a colour pallet of cream, black, pale blue and pink her designs appeal to the edgy or prim woman alike. I took great joy in trying on basically everything with ears! Check out my Instagram (@SuperElevated to see)


The Street

Whilst moderately drier today show goers outfits were still suffering from extreme weather fatigue. Nobody really knew what to wear to stay warm and dry but also smart enough to sit FROW. The answer it seemed was to throw on a cosy oversized knit and pile on sparkling bauble jewellery to add some glam.

DSC_8961DSC_8963DSC_8964 DSC_8970 DSC_8972 DSC_8976 DSC_8979 DSC_8982 DSC_8986

As for me I was dressed part Barbie, part fuzzy monkey. In all the show excitement I forgot to get a snap of my own outfit luckily my street style snapper buddy did so I will have a photo for you soon, if you can’t wait check out my social media for blurry selfies!

Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW


LFW SS14: Day 1 Fairy Tales & Handbags

The Shows


For the first time in a long time London Fashion Week was a total wash out, the rain poured relentlessly all day and is forecast to do so all week. With wet hair and dripping umbrellas glamour certainly wasn’t on the cards as we trooped around the show. The designers however must have been very much in tune with the weather as slicked back, wet look hair was the style of choice on the runway. Letting us all feel a tat more chic than soaked! Eudon Choi chose sultry mermaids with damp hair and shimmering skin to high light his stunning collection, monochrome striped contrasted with pale blue and pink florals, headpiece were high in the form of Rorschach patterns and pagodas. We were transported from the Little Mermaid to Cinderella at Kilian Kerner. Walking into the Waldorf to see a voluminous two piece gown in gold and white layers, waiting under the ticking clock. Candy and sweeties were also proving popular with Bora Aksu indulging in sherbert lemons and parma violet colours and Felder Felder introducing boiled sweet wrapper skirts all good enough to eat.


The Street

The word on the street was of course wet, street style opportunities were slim as everyone rushed to take cover from the rain. The main trend spotted today were bags, bold beautiful luxurious bags used as real statement pieces. Surprisingly it was the men who really owned this trend with an array of lust worth clutches and satchels.

DSC_8343 DSC_8349 DSC_8355 DSC_8376 DSC_8430 DSC_8443 DSC_8450 DSC_8453 DSC_8527

On Me


Oh yes here I am looking rather wet (have I used that word enough in this post), but taking the time to enjoy a little Christoper Kane embroidered leather mutual appreciation! Running with the floral trend I wore my latest obsession pansy print bomber jacket and matching iris print tee shirt with a classic black pencil skirt. Following the trend of the day I also finished off my look with this incredible ‘Forever’ bag, colour pop and crazy array of charms on the strap. Everything I wore today was from my beloved TK Maxx except my shoes. As you all know I cover LFW for TK Maxx, a love affair born long ago from my bargain hunting youth. Their A/W ad campaign is all about maximizing your style (#MaxMyStyle) so I thought I would echo this in the street style and trend spot what item people were using as the statement piece to their outfit, today it was most definitely the bags from clutch to tote, back pack to satchel, perspex to fuzzy anything goes so long as it is bold.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW


Street Style Manchester: Nikes vs Chucks

Dzastina and Lucy 17 Essex ASOS

Dzastina & Lucy both 17 from Essex, favourite shop ASOS

James Manchester Versace

James, Manchester, favourite shop Versace

Claire 27 Manchester, Cow

Claire, 27, Manchester, favourite shop Cow Vintage

┬áTrainers have long been a fashion item outside of the gym, however this summer they have really made an impact from Nike’s to All Stars or ‘Chuck’s’ as the cool kids now call them. If you like it loud and proud go for bright Nikes such as these neon Elastico. Or if you like a more laid back cool Converse might be for you, these star printed All Stars are a fabulous update on the classic. How do you wear yours?

Thea 15 Manchester Cow

Thea, 15, Manchester, favourite shop Cow Vintage

Jodie 21 Wirrel Topshop

Jodie, 21, Wirrel, favourite shop Topshop

Sam 15 Manchester Topshop

Sam, 15, Manchester, favourite shop Topshop

Bren 58 Phillipines Selfridges

Bren, 58, Philippines, favourite shop Selfridges

Street Style Manchester: Christine

Christine, Manchester, Vivienne Westwood

Frequent visitors to this blog will have already met Christine. My dear friend always looks utterly fabulous and never conforms to the tired old rules glossy magazines┬á like to spout about what is ‘age appropriate’. Beautiful Italian glasses, comfy Doc Martin boots and lashings of Vivienne Westwood make Christine’s signature look stand out from the crowd, understated chic at it’s best. The dress she is wearing is a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label ‘Gigot’ dress, I have the same dress in different fabrics, a simple white cotton and printed Union Jack. I actually wore my white Gigot on the same day but I doubt anyone would have recognised them as the same dress. I always think it is fascinating to see how different people choose to wear the same things, I always wonder about how designers feel to see their pieces walking down the street!

Street Style Manchester: Happy Monday

Wags, formerly of the Happy Mondays and Black Grape, aged forever young, Manchester, doesnt have favourite shop but is writing a book on phobias

I have been shooting some street style around Manchester for Style.etc magazine and my freelance work and wanted to share some of the images with you in a street style series.

This is Wags, as some of you will recognise  formerly of the bands the Happy Mondays and Black Grape. Wags is a fun guy, really friendly and always up for a chat. I admire his laid back cool look, you can tell he has rock in his blood. Wags was wearing a black suit and white shirt, Clarks desert boots a favourite with Northern rock starts and two coral necklaces. The day I shot this he was helping out his friend on her jewellery stall. We chatted about the book he wants to write on unusual phobias. Wags hates clowns, there was even a song wrote about that, I confessed I find moles hands a bit freaky, they way they look like humans hands, something not right about that.