Trends: Finding the Right Jeans

Jeans for Every Body Shape

ThereÔÇÖs no doubt about it; as one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in most womenÔÇÖs wardrobes, the humble pair of jeans will be a staple commodity for a long time to come. From skinny jeans that can be dressed up or down, to the funky 70s bell bottoms that can still look fabulous, there are plenty of styles of jeans for us to choose from so that our body shape can be complemented and our confidence can soar.
If youÔÇÖre hoping to add a new pair to your wardrobe┬ájeans from George┬áare a great option for value and variety, make sure that you know your body shape and the type of jeans that would suit you, before you go and splash the cash. Jeans when they are the perfect fit are the most amazing staple item, but badly fitting jeans are the worst?
The much-coveted hourglass figure is a fairly easy one to dress. With perfect curves in all the right places, all you have to do is choose a pair of jeans that will show off your fabulous curves while slimming down any lumps and bumps. A wide-leg jean with a mid-rise waist would look ideal, as would a pair of skinny jeans with a pair of gorgeous patent heels.
Women with curvier hips that are wider than their shoulders are considered to be pear-shaped, and should avoid any jeans that are tapered, because this will just draw attention to the hips even more. Instead, opt for a low-rise flare which will help you to balance out the hips and will make you look slimmer and well-balanced. Alternatively, a straight leg jean with a high waist would also create this streamlined effect.
Looking for a pair of jeans that you can sling on and feel fab in? DonÔÇÖt feel like skinny jeans are just for the skinnier ladies. Choose a pair that is at the straight-leg end of the skinny jean spectrum, rather than the super-skinny end and you will look and feel great, too. Choose a darker shade of denim, rather than greys or stonewash, because dark colours are automatically more slimming. The hem of skinny jeans stops at the ankle too, meaning you can show off some killer heels at the same time.
If you have super-long legs, you can definitely carry off the straight-legged jean styles. Or, opt for a little tribute to the 70s, with a pair of flares or bell bottoms. Your long legs will look even longer, so you can show off your fabulous pins in style. The joy of tall, long-legged ladies is they can carry off a plethora of jean cuts too, so if flares arenÔÇÖt your thing, perhaps bootcut or skinny jeans are?
If you have a bit of a boyish frame, i.e. straight up and down, you should choose a cut of jean that will add the illusion of curves, such as bootcut jeans or flares. Add a gorgeous pair of heels or boots and off you go!
Stick to a slim leg jean, or a skinny jean to show off your petite frame. Cropped skinnies would also look awesome.

Choose a pair of jeans that suits your body shape and youÔÇÖll be ready to go wherever your mood takes you!

Curvy Chic: Five Fashions for Fuller Figures

Advertorial Post

If you’re a plus size woman, you know that shopping can sometimes be more frustrating than it is fun. But that doesn’t have to be the case if you know what to look for. Most of the time, the frustration that comes from shopping as a plus size woman originates in not knowing what looks amazing on a plus size frame, rather than there being a lack of options available. There really are a wide variety of options for plus size women. Never miss out on a fashion trend; just keep the following tips in mind and you’ll be able to find an outfit that’s perfect for you.

PicMonkey Collage

Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is one of the most useful fashion accessories for plus size women. Its straight style is great for slimming your hips, and the high waist, when paired correctly with tops, can help slim your tummy. It also helps to elongate your figure, which helps you look taller and sleeker. Add some heels to a pencil skirt, and you are ready to rock!

Faux Sheepskin Jackets

Faux sheepskin jackets can be beautiful and stylish, but they can also help you out if you’re a plus size woman. A sharp jacket can compliment any outfit, and it can help by creating a straight style, which elongates your body, makes you look a bit taller, and covers some common problem areas. Since they come in so many colours, you can wear a faux sheepskin jacket with just about anything, and in the winter months, they come in particularly helpful since they are so warm.

Thick Belt

A thick belt can help cinch in your waist, which gives you a beautiful hourglass figure. This can help you look thinner through the middle, and it also elongates your body. The other thing that’s great about belt’s is that they can be used to break up your body, keep on the natural waist to create an hourglass, wear high on the empireline to elongate legs and drop it low on the hips to create a longer torso.

Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are usually monochromatic, draw attention to the face, and have a loose but complimentary fit. These dresses are not only easy to slip on and comfortable to wear, but they do wonders for the plus size figure. While most plus size women stick to dark colours and black, the shift dress can be worn in just about any colour and still look great. Add a pair of heels and some long earrings to your favourite shift dress, and you’ll be on your way to a classy outfit that elongates your frame and makes you look smaller. I simply adore seeing all these plus size bloggers showing how to wear a shift, so chic.

Jeans That Fit

Make sure you have a pair of jeans that actually fit you. Many plus size women try to wear loose, baggy, or large jeans, but this does not help you at all. In fact, it makes you look larger than you really are because it adds to your figure. Instead, get a pair of jeans that fits snugly but comfortably, and wear them with v-neck tops and heels, if you want to dress it up. This can help elongate your frame. Bootcut jeans are in style right now, and they’re great for plus size women, so find a pair of properly fitted bootcut jeans and show off what you’ve got.

Theses tips, tricks, and styles can help you immensely if you’re a plus size woman. They can elongate your frame, accentuate your hourglass figure, and frame your face beautifully. But the best tool any woman can have when it comes to fashion is confidence. Embrace your shape! There are many beautiful options available for plus size women, and owning your body type with confidence can help you shop with a positive attitude. So get out there and find some amazing outfits!

Guest post from Megan Barnes, a plus size beauty who is passionate about fashion. She often writes about flattering and beautiful looks for every woman.

Winter Coat Rules, Shopping & Wardrobe Reorganising

Out with the summer, in with the winter

I think by now we have figured out that my ‘taking time off to rest’ only resulted in me being bored witless. I can do the stay at home in the warm part, but can’t seem to stop working, well it’s only a few little blog posts not like I’m hauling bricks around a building site. With my first day off I ended up trawling the internet for hours, I mean seriously I now have a mental encyclopedia of all this seasons new stock. Then of course the browsing leads to the obsessing and the obsessing to the erm major buying! Every winter I really do like to have a new coat, no I don’t need a new coat every winter but I just really like to get one. It gets me in the mood for the season and brightens up my old knitwear. Since I will be wearing it pretty much every day it has to be something┬á I am head-over-heels about.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania ‘Rac’ coat

Last year I went for a gorgeous Navy Anglomania ‘Limpish’ coat, which I still very much like but for some reason I have it my head that I need a red coat this season. I initially eyed up this ‘Rac’ coat also Anglomania, the perfect shade of cherry red with big gold buttons. But I wasn’t sure if the length was quite long enough. Hunting around I found this ‘Just-au-corps’ coat, in the same cherry red but with a longer flared hem and the added bonus of a hood. Since it was on it was also on sale, win! It was the last one in red, the gorgeous soft grey is still available, and a size larger than I would usually go for so hoping it will fit ok. The model only seemed to have a thin top on underneath and I like to wear massive jumpers so fingers crossed it will be just right. I really love Yoox, it is a bit like TK Maxx and The Outnet in that it sells past season designer items as discounted prices and you know I love a bargain. The site also accepts Paypal, woop, no more struggling to get that annoying Visa Verify thing to work – have you tried it lately no more passwords now a series of bizarre questions – and nope it still doesn’t work. In fact no need to even move from your sick bed to go get your purse. Now with Paypal your shopping can easily be paid via mobile too, perfect for my eBay addiction. I just don’t see why more online shops don’t use it.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania ‘Just-au-Corps’ coat

When I’m looking for a new winter coat for everyday wear I have a check list I make sure it fits with:

-Must cover the bum (because otherwise it is really a jacket and wont be warm enough, I live in Manchester, its cold up North)

-Must be a style which works with both heels and flats (I’m 5’2 I don’t want my coat trailing in the snow if I have to switch to flats)

-Must be warm (sounds daft but some coats look warm but actually don’t retain the heat so you feel the wind right through it)

-Must have pockets (I mean seriously who designs a coat with no pockets)

-Must fasten (edge-to-edge coats look amazing yes, but really they don’t keep the cold and wet out)

Ok so yes I am a certified old lady these days but coats aren’t cheap so I want to be sure I buy one that is going to last. I have a few coats in classic styles which haven’t dated even though they are years old now. I really liked this Harper’s Bazaar coat edit, helpful if you want some inspiration about what style of coat to go for. I also picked up an amazing shaggy faux-fur jacket in TK Maxx which I can’t wait to wear. This week I’m going to finish off switching my wardrobe over from summer to winter. Hey, if we have to be cold we might as well look chic!

The realisation you will be colour blocking red all season

Any winter must-haves you are lusting after?

What to Wear to a Garden Party, Taking Tips from Kate Middleton

Kate and her Prince stroll the grounds

You don’t need me to tell you how much of an impact Kate Middleton’s style has had over women world over since she wed Prince William. Debates have been divided, but no matter if you think her look is perfectly chic or just a bit boring we can all take a few tips from her.

The one thing Kate is a dab hand at is dressing for garden parties. We might not all be invited to the polo or to stroll the grounds of Buckingham palace but I am sure we will all find ourselves at an outdoor occasion such as weddings, BBQ’s and picnics this summer (my post for wedding guest outfit ideas). The easiest thing to wear to this kind of event is a simple tea-dress, it will be comfortable and elegant – should you need to sit on the grass, whilst also keeping you cool. A light jacket or cardigan is the perfect accompaniment should it get chilly in the evening. Pashmina’s are popular but personally I find them fussy as you constantly have to adjust them to keep in place. Your choice of footwear however is the key to your look, forget the heels either go for a flat sandal or a wedge, there is nothing fun about spending all day with a heel stuck in the turf!

LK Bennett ‘Zella, Belle by Sigerson Morrison ‘Wallis’, Melissa ‘Patchuli’

In the shoe department Kate is famously known for her love of two styles, nude shoes and the wedge. Wedges are the perfect shoes for summer garden parties, they give you the same lift as your heels but will keep you firmly on the ground. Here are three of my top picks. First up is Kate’s personal favourite the LK Bennett ‘Zella’ available in nude and black patent with an espadrille style heel. This is such an easy shoe to wear and will go with any outfit. For girls who like things a bit more edgy the Wallis from Belle by Sigerson Morrison are a great option, they come in red with pink heel trim or blue with green trim. The vibrant colours and pointed toe add a real pop with attitude! These would also look great with a wide leg trouser if dresses aren’t your thing. I just had to include the Melissa ‘Patchuli’ a peep-toe wedge which comes in grey, black and my personal recommendation royal navy. If you aren’t familiar with Melissa shoes, they are all made from bubble-gum scented rubber which means they are waterproof, perfect for damp grass and summer showers. Now all you need is that party invite!

Kate stays chic whilst her friend battles a rogue pashmina

Are you a wedge girl? What are your summer style tips?

(Kate images courtesy of Grazia, shoe images courtesy of

Wedding Belle’s

It is that time of year again isn’t it? The sun comes out and all of a sudden everyone is getting married! There is nothing more exciting than a wedding but we can’t all be Kate Middleton and have Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton run up a few frocks for our friends and family. There will be plenty of photographs being taken and you can’t hide at the back in the official wedding snaps. So you need an outfit. But not just any old outfit, if you are close friends or family of the bride you will be seeing these photo’s for years to come, getting the outfit right is important.

Taking an accent colour from a print dress and mirroring it in the accessories gives a fresh co-ordinated look. It isn’t all about looking good though, if you have a roll in the day such as Maid of Honour or Mother of the Bride you will need to be comfortable and confidant to deal with any last minute dilemmas which may arise. Weddings can be costly too, if you think of the extras such as the hen night – these days they can be anything from a cocktail evening to a weekend spa in Dubai, the wedding itself may not be near to your home so there is the expense of hotels to consider, the wedding gift and beauty treatments. It all adds up so your outfit needs to be affordable too.

A sheer blouse gives depth and interest to a simple outfit. When looking for your wedding outfit there are a few tips you should always bear in mind:
1. Don’t upstage the bride! Yes your outfit can be fabulous but also paired down and classic. Find out what colour the bride will be wearing and avoid it. These days not all brides wear white so do check with her.
2. Same goes for the bridesmaids, if you are not a bridesmaid that is, then try to avoid their dresses colour too.
3. Be comfortable. Weddings can start late morning and last until the early hours, if you are not staying nearby there may not be time to change outfits during the event so make sure those beautiful strappy sandals you have your eye on will be comfortable for ten hours.
4. Spares – the other option to uncomfortable shoes is to carry a back up pair with you but you will need a bigger handbag. Also if you are the Maid of Honour you will want to have a bag roomy enough to carry your own things and also those of the bride. Think make-up, perfume, hair slides, plasters, safety pins be prepared for every eventuality so the bride can stay calm.
5. Hats and fascinators – fabulous wear them, just be sure you are not blocking anyone’s view in the service.

Don’t be afraid to wear black to a wedding, just make it a bit more special like this gold lace trim dress and jacket.With that all in mind it is time to put some real thought into the outfit. I would always recommend a dress with a jacket over it. The wedding service itself is more formal so you want to look smart and lean to the conservative side. Churches can also be draughty even in the height of summer so having a jacket to cover your arms is always a good idea. Wearing a jacket also allows you to transform your look from day to evening. Just because the top layer is more reserved doesn’t mean the dress below has to be, generally the evening reception is more laid back so you can shrug off you jacket and let your hair down. If you find the wedding is going to be on a very hot day or even a beach location a great alternative is to wear a shirt, blouse or cardigan over a dress as a lighter option.

A simple suit is far from plain when embellished with crystals.From experience the most successful wedding outfits are those with subtle yet stunning details. This can be achieved using texture, colour and embellishment. A classic suit is anything but boring when embellished with crystals; a black dress is far from plain with the addition of gold lace edging. If simplicity is more your thing try using colour, a bright cardigan which complements your dress can bring out the details or try monochrome for a bold contrast. You can also add interest to your outfit with texture such as ruffle or bow details, or try layering a sheer shirt over your dress to add depth.

A dress and jacket are the perfect wedding outfit.All the outfits in this post are from Kaleidoscope a home shopping catalogue now available online as well as the traditional print version. They offer a wide range of stylish ladies fashion not just for occasion dresses but day and beach wear too. The site is very easy to navigate and has clear categories should you want to shop by occasion such as for mother of the bride or party dresses. You will find all your needs met from the outfit to shoes and jewellery all at affordable prices for good quality, stylish clothes from sizes UK 10-22.

Monochrome is always chic for any occasion.